How to Keep Love Alive

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Rams rush in where angels fear to tread, especially in sex and romance. Their brave exploits and outrageous antics can scare a mate or sweetheart away. A little chase, a lively debate and a good challenge will motivate this daredevil lover to pursue you like there's no tomorrow.

For Aries sake and your own, be slow, steady and cautious. And remind Aries that there is a time and a place for everything. Tell them they don't have to be everything and everywhere at once. And play up your facial features. Play up your beautiful eyes, luscious lips and silky hair when in the company of the Ram. They won't ever leave your side, provided you play by his or her rules.

Keep any jealousy (if you're the jealous type) under control. However, Taurus appreciates a little possessiveness as long as it's flattering and not overly dramatic. Emotional public dramas are another big turn-off and will have your sexy Taurus seeking someone new, fast!

The more space, privacy and loyalty you extend to Taurus, the more likely your relationship will last. And never forget birthdays, romantic (candles, music and flowers) dinners and your very first date. If you want to keep your Bull forever: Turn the phone off, choose a romantic and secluded setting where you won't be disturbed, since Taurus tends to be a very vocal lover. And don't ever rush Taurus, period! Enjoy a slow and delicious encounter. It could last forever!

Always be on the go, keep up appearances and be an "equal" combination of "book and street" smarts with Gemini. This sign needs a versatile lover. Someone who will grant Gemini the freedom do what he or she pleases.

Gemini’s feel most comfortable while in the company of groups, parties and large gatherings. To keep your Gemini interested: Mix your relationship up! Mix and mingle with other couples and try to create a loving home environment. Gemini will love coming home to you after all that socializing!

Remind Gemini that you also need occasional time with them, so plan some surprise evenings filled with entertainment, intimate conversation and special surprises. Have a weekend for just the two of you and by all means wear something especially sexy and provocative. Your friends will understand. Show Gemini the true meaning of the word balance and chances are good that he or she will conclude you're a "keeper".

Cancer does everything in his or her power to make the relationship (with you) everything you want it to be and think it "should" be. Big mistake, Cancer! Remember that relationships are for two, not one. Avoid being domineering, apathetic and overly emotional.

Involve Cancer in all important decisions that affect you as a couple. Cancer will adore you provided you remain consistent, loyal and honest. Cancer has a reputation as a man/woman of mystery. To keep this sign happy: Keep the home fires burning and never let them forget how sexy and smart they really are!

Ready to commit to Cancer: Take them near water (moonlight beach, bubble bath, Jacuzzi etc), wine and dine them, be old fashioned about romance and serve them breakfast in bed. It's the little things that matter most to Cancer. Cancer is looking for someone who loves the idea of a secure, committed and comfortable home life.

Leo is a fixed sign and resists change (ending toxic relationships) because they assume their way is the right way, for now anyway. Leo needs to understand the value of his or her partner’s ideas, comments and suggestions. Remind Leo that a relationship is not for one person.

Be stylish and sexy, and having a great sense of humor won't hurt. Leo will stay with a partner who is clever in business and has innovative ideas. And remember: You can never give too much attention or too many compliments to sexy Leo.

Leo also loves their lover to dress for success, sex or whatever the mood calls for. Keeping up appearances is important for this sign. It shows them how much you care. If you find yourself having problems with the Lion, try to be more adaptable and understanding.

You are naturally practical and grounded. This helps anyone involved with you to feel secure. Yet, there can be moments when love is anything but practical. Virgo must learn to throw "caution to the wind" once in a while and be daring and fearless with their love, because this fuels their inner need for adventure. The right partner will share many things in common with a Virgo.

Let Virgo help you improve your life: quit a bad habit, cultivate an interesting hobby, learn foreign language or read erotic books. This sign is really looking for someone to "make over". And it won't hurt if you understand that beneath that cool exterior, there is a hot fantasy life just waiting to be unleashed. BOTTOM LINE: Look for the hot fantasy beneath that cool surface and fulfill it, now!

Decisiveness is not your strong point, Libra. You can be a pain in the you know what for a partner who loves you madly and most deeply when you endlessly weigh the pros and cons of every little detail of your relationship. When a decision in necessary, especially one that affects your love life, make a deadline and please stick with it.

It's a good idea for your lover to be strong, attractive, and decisive. If looking to keep Libra forever: Set a sensual and romantic scene, know exactly what you want and allow Libra to provide it for you.

DOES LIBRA LOVE ME? It will be a test of Libras regard for you by asking subtle questions. If they REQUEST your company and they display a SINCERE interest in your day, you can pretty much rest assured that Libra does love you (and could be "the one" for you!)

Mastering his or her chosen field, than helping others do the same, is a major personal goal for all Scorpios. Ruled by Pluto (planet of transformation), it's easy to see why these mysterious lovers seek a specific type of lover.

Seducing a Scorpio is a power game. Scorpio also loves a good mystery, so don't tell them everything. The best way to love and be loved by Scorpio is to keep him or her guessing about you, offering subtle but SINCERE hints along the way.

Scorpio can see through deception quite EASILY, especially in sex, love and relationships. Let them know they are the man or woman of your dreams and mean it. Be sincere, loyal and interesting in order to convince Scorpio that you are a "keeper".

SPECIAL TIP FOR SCORPIO: Your lover will adore you when they sense you're thinking as two (you as a couple) as opposed to one (just you). Show that you are capable of being vulnerable with a partner. This is your hardest challenge and the only way to true and lasting love.

In general, Sagittarius (not all of course) men and women are considered to be the "Players of the zodiac". One dating Sagittarius will find it most challenging and endlessly difficult to try and them pin down. Be aware they are known for being the "love them and leave them" types.

A smart and talented sign, Sagittarius are most interested in lovers from ethnic backgrounds, foreign countries and lovers met in spiritual pursuits or at related groups of interest. This sign will be your "personal cheering section" if you can capture the elusive Sagittarius heart.

Sagittarius often fuses humor and sarcasm as a defense mechanism. But you can't laugh off everything, especially love, sex and commitment, Sagittarius. This sign must learn to live by a new set of rules when involved with a partner (you).

IF YOU'RE THAT INTERESTED: Let Sagittarius know that he or she has inspired you to "be all you can be". Then the two of you should work out, have sex, feed the animals and discuss your future vacation plans together.

Capricorns tend to think of love and sex as part of a game plan for the future. You don't mean to boss and nudge your partner, but you can end up doing a good job at acting out unconsciously if you are an unhappy Goat. Remember Capricorn: Your partner’s point of view is just as valid as your own. Try not to forget this or be or prepared to pay the price.

GET CAPRICORNS ATTENTION: Your seduction strategy is to join them in their many pursuits, then hook them with love on the road. This is a sign that mixes business with pleasure. And they will let you know quickly if there is a mutual attraction between you two.
Convince Capricorn that you are an asset to his or her life. Work out together and remember the "couple who plays together stays together".

TIP FOR CAPRICORN MEN AND WOMEN: Realize that your partner isn’t always going to be 100 % perfect.

Bright and talented Aquarians often live as though they have their "head in the clouds" and their minds seem to be forever drifting. Aquarius rules "different" things and the far out and eccentric lifestyle will appeal to this signs versatile nature. They are most attracted to these types of lovers. It will be a clear test of his or her devotion for you. The key will be if he or she displays a sincere interest in your day, your passions and most of all you (the good, the bad, and the ugly).

Passion begins in the mind, so a good conversation is a great start. Aquarius is an inventive sign that believes love is an "ultimate playground" without rules.

Find ways to make love transcendental, a mind blowing and unique experience. Plan surprises, unpredictable encounters in unusual or "out of the way" places. Be ready to try anything (food, sex, travel, movies or perhaps a sexy trick for the bedroom only) at least once and you will have met a lover for life.

KEEP AQUARIUS HOOKED: Be the opposite of a possessive personality type. Have tolerance for people of all ages, race and colors. Admire people for who they are and don't publicly criticize anyone. Try anything once to show your devotion to Aquarius. And give them space when they need it.

Pisces take a spiritual, soulful and very serious approach to their love relationships. Shared goals, strong chemistry and compatible values will be a powerful way of cementing a loving bond with Pisces.

Pisces is the sign of fantasy and imagination. Pisces looks for lovers who will take care of them. And the attentive Pisces lover will return the favor and then some. Expect to be spoiled rotten by attentive, mysterious and romantic Pisces.

Pisces is a dreamy soul-mate who can "psych out" your deepest desires without even mentioning them. Talk about intuition! This sweet and most sensitive spirit can read your thoughts, mind and pick up instinctively on your creative capabilities.

Use your imagination for setting the ultimate ambiance for love. A dramatic and creative presentation will bring out the sensual, tender and appreciative side of your tender Pisces lover. Don't let Pisces swim away!

One last tip to remember about Pisces: Pisces will fall for just about any sad story or tragic event. It wouldn't hurt if you had a personal trauma, or small problem for Pisces to fix.

If expressed properly, this sign will tend to let you cry on his or her shoulder. Remember that Pisces needs to be needed. Giving Pisces the best that you've got tends to keep this rather elusive and mysterious sign hopelessly optimistic and eager to commit to you.

Aries May Forecast

Attention Aries, make the most of this month, especially with regards to your career and any and all serious love relationships. With Jupiter moving into Taurus on June 4th, make sure you get all of your business and romantic affairs wrapped up by the end of May. This is a lucky time for you Aries, so take advantage of Jupiter (Luck) and the expansion it brings, not only in your career but your love life as well. You can solidify all important relationships under this lucky Jupiter transit. Oddly, it might seem as though - at times - your romantic life is being controlled by forces beyond your control. Don't worry, Aries, just go with whatever comes your way. Saturn (Lessons) in your 7th House (Marriage) demands that you extricate yourself from situations and relationships that might be causing more harm than good or that have outlived their purpose. If you find yourself encountering any resistance from others, make sure to listen to what they say to you. There could be a tendency for others to misunderstand where you're coming from anytime Saturn is in your 7th House, so make sure you take the time to spell out what you want exactly so there is no room for misunderstandings with love interests and relationships.
Some Aries might be seriously considering making major life changes this month, if they haven't done so already. This year has been eye opening so far and in May (this month); you will know instinctively where to go from here. Expect compliments on your appearance and regarding your performance on the job. You are making a great impression on VIPs, friends and those who matter most. The Sun's transit into Taurus can make you come across as a little needy which is so unlike you! Be aware of coming across as overly needy with a partner; especially with Mars, Uranus and Jupiter giving you the stamina to have things your way. Just remember to tone down sarcasm and thinking that you have all the answers.
The signs of Taurus, Libra and Leo will play active roles in your month. A Taurus can teach you things about yourself while a Libra could make you feel more secure. You will also find the company of a Leo to delight you. Expect to encounter laughter and good times with these signs throughout May, Aries.

Taurus May Forecast

Happy Birthday, Taurus! This month is a standout month for you! On May 3rd, there is a New Moon in your sign which is a great time to make future plans. In addition to the New Moon in your sign, you have the added bonus of Venus (love) and Mercury (Communication) entering your sign as well, midmonth. You will find this month to be a welcome relief after the past month. You have the ability to get what you want and who you want this month, Taurus. So if you're pursuing a love, working on something creative, dealing with long standing family issues or if anything is not working to your satisfaction, this month brings a chance to change the foundations of anything that isn't working and replace them with ones that do work. Yes, Taurus you can have what you want this month. Make sure you really want it though. Pursue any and all passions you have in May. Any creative projects will take off so make sure to indulge your creative side during May. 
The Full Moon on May 17 falls in your House of marriage, serious relationships and major commitments. This Full Moon will be huge in terms of your love life. You will have all the necessary information you need to know regarding a marriage, possible marriage and where you stand in these particular areas of your life. Scorpio is an intensely emotional sign and the passion of Scorpio runs very deep.You could feel that this Moon brings about intense feelings with regards to your career, a marriage or a possible marriage. Secrets and confidential matters could find their way your attention on this date so pay strict attention to gut instincts when it comes to your sex life and possible hidden information. You will find the answers to anything that has been kept hidden from view. It's looking like this will a day for of insights about your future with a love on this date. The 7th House also represents the law so pay attention when driving and be overly aware of rules and regulations. Better safe than sorry, Taurus! 
The signs of Gemini, Virgo and a Sagittarius will play important roles in your month. With a Gemini, there will be sudden stops and starts but you can learn a great deal from this person. You could also make a friend/partner for life. With a Virgo, you could feel a strong attachment to the past, present and future. A Virgo can help ground you this month, Taurus. You could feel possessive of a Virgo. With a Sagittarius, there will be a friendship and strong bond. You grow much closer to a Sagittarius during this month and seriously think about what friendship and love really mean to you.  

Gemini May Forecast

The passionate energy last month flows into this month until May 11th, when Mars enters Taurus and your 12th House of self imposed isolation. "Nothing worth having is free and easy", Gemini. Make that your motto and you can find May helpful in terms of figuring out who you really are, what you really want and accept the fact that you might be changing your mind frequently. The times are changing and you might be seeing things differently this month, coming to conclusions regarding who you want to spend your free time with. With a cluster of planets in your 12th House, some private matters could come to light and some serious feelings of love could come to your immediate attention. You could feel passionate and there might even be some serious romantic declarations could overtake you.

Mercury (Communication), Mars (Sexuality/Drive/Passion) and Venus (Love) enter the sign of Taurus which is your 12th House of secrets.There is potential with this placement to be actively involved in a relationship that is secretive by nature. You might be spending time in seclusion by yourself or with a secret love interest. Anytime Venus and Mars travel together, love and chemistry follow. The 12th House activates secrets and with the personal planets in your 12th House this month, when it comes to love, romance and dating, make sure you understand your motives and make certain that your family or religious beliefs aren't influencing you in some way. Don't be swayed by relatives and religious beliefs as this could become conflicting and change the entire romantic landscape of your current love life. There is an element of secrecy to your love life this month and if you need some time alone to figure things out, make sure you are honest about your true intentions. It would be a great idea this month to take some time and get your romantic affairs in order because next month, you will need all the energy you can muster as it will be a fast paced month.

A New Moon in Taurus on May 3 brings about an audience in which allows you to showcase your talents. Your career is front and center but you might feel internally conflicted between speaking out versus saying nothing. There will be five planets in Aries on this date, so feel free to get pending issues off your chest. On May 17, a Full Moon in Scorpio brings about developments with your career. You might be dealing with a VIP or important assignment. Either way, career issues will be clarified on this date. The signs of Taurus, Leo and an Aquarius will play active and important roles in your life this month.

Cancer May Forecast

The emphasis this month will focus on socializing, partnerships and ongoing romantic involvements. There is luck associated through partnerships, both social and romantic. May should be about exploration, adventure and being outgoing for best results. Try to focus less on career - when possible. Make the most of any and all social invitations.

This is not a month to turn down any offers as you never know who, where or when you could meet the right contact, Cancer. There will be an element of coincidence and a synchronicity to your month where love and certain friendships are concerned. A New Moon falls on May 3rd in the sign of Taurus. This New Moon puts you in a position of power and brings about sudden prestige. People will suddenly appreciate you and what you do for others. It might feel as though it's about time.

You will be attractive on this date and others will let you know. A Taurus, Virgo and a Capricorn will play roles in dispersing flirtatious compliments your way while a Pisces and a Libra might want to get even more serious with you. Venus and Mars are travelling together this month 5/15 - 6/9 in your 11th House of friendships. This placement can help the friendships you have reach a new level of understanding or you and a friend could get romantically involved. Whatever happens will bring happiness and you will have your way in love this month so take advantage of this prosperous month, Capricorn.

The Full Moon falls in the sign of Scorpio on May 17th. This is the most intense Full Moon and you might be feeling overly emotional on this day. Make sure that you don't take others innocent remarks seriously. An Aries and a Libra could be involved. Mark the 17th as a day to remember, Cancer. You might find yourself questioning the sanity of the world as emotions and events surprise, shock and astound you. A Pisces will be your loyal friend and trusted confidante. 

Leo May Forecast

This is an excellent month for all fixed signs. The fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Fixed signs don't tend to give up easily. This month, Leo, brings about room for career advancement that should thrill you. Mark May 11th on your calendar as Mars in Taurus impacts your professional life and there are gains and progress in these areas. The action begins on May 3rd with a New Moon in Taurus. This Moon brings about news of a potential job if you're unemployed or could bring about positive news or progress in your professional life. A Full Moon in Scorpio on May 17th could bring about news connected to where you live, brings news about a parent or child and this Moon could find you in an overly emotional and sentimental mood, Leo. You might ask yourself "Why is it that everyone has an opinion on how I live my life?" this month.

During the Suns visit to the sign of Taurus, you might notice friends and associates being overly intrusive about your privacy. You could be quizzed and drilled about what you do and who you are doing it with. Questions about loyalty will emerge during this month. You could be questioning the loyalty of a friend, lover or a close partner. Yes, they seem so sweet, trustful and sexy initially, but you will come to find a sense of boredom and trouble associated with some friendships and perhaps a romantic relationship. Something as simple as one bad choice made will prove costly in more ways than one.

If you are looking for fun and games this month, look to a Taurus, another Leo, Scorpio and an Aquarius. You are looking good on the 9th & 10th.   

Virgo May Forecast

Have you noticed a significant change in one key area of your life lately? Does it have to do with a particular romantic involvement? This month brings about new beginnings and a renewed interest in romance, fun and games. All Virgos have experienced some relationships highs and lows during Saturn's transit to Libra. You might have felt pressure in money matters but this month will seem like a welcome relief. June is your month, career wise, so you can expect to see expansion and prosperity in these areas during mid month and especially in June. In May, The Suns transit into the compatible sign of Taurus brings potential to bond closer, especially with a love, but avoid discussing your private affairs with anyone except the person involved.

People might seem nosey this month and might prefer to hear about you and focus less on themselves. Be aware of the need for discretion, Virgo. The New Moon in Taurus on the 3rd brings about opportunities for long distance travel, education, writing and the law. You can benefit in all of these areas during the New Moon. On May 17th, a Full Moon in Scorpio can bring any previously hidden matters to light. This Moon falls in your 3rd House of communications, relatives and short trips. You will find this Moon to give you enormous insight as Scorpio is a highly intuitive sign so whatever you feel on this day could be felt deeply. Don't take anything too personally. If you don't like what you find, than make the steps to fix whatever bothers you.

On May 11, Mars enters Taurus and brings about opportunities to meet new prospects in love and business so take your pick, Virgo. The possibility of a new relationship developing this month is quite high while those coupled Virgos will rediscover the chemistry that initially brought them together. The signs of Taurus, Scorpio and an Aquarius could play surprising roles. With a Taurus, you might experience some discord but ultimately you resolve any issues that might develop. With Scorpio, there might be some surprise beginnings and unexpected endings. With an Aquarius, you will feel in sync and could find this person to be invaluable as a friend and even more. Your best days for love are:  5/11 & 5/12. Call another Virgo on the 17th.  

Libra May Forecast

After the activity of April, May could feel calm, breezy and easy going for you, Libra. 2011 has brought about major change on a massive scale. All Libras, singled or coupled, will have love foremost on his or her mind on and might want to completely restructure their love life and what love means to them at a deep/core level. There will be some rethinking and some redesigning in terms of where your personal life and most intimate one on one relationship are headed and you might not feel satisfied in one relationship. With Saturn in your sign this year, you tend to be overly focused on your romantic life and possibly feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders. While Saturn is sometimes referred to as lessons learned the hard way and pending doom and gloom, there is an upside to this planet and what it wants you to do - where the basic structures of every area of your life are concerned, Libra. Are they solid?  The idea of Saturn is to show you where you might need to improve or where you might need to work harder, no matter how difficult things might be already. This planet wants you to learn and rethink your attitudes about love and life. If you feel good about things, you are on the right track.  Any past decisions you made or might be regretting were all most likely for the best. It's time to change the old ways of doing things with a new attitude and a fierceness that might seem unfamiliar to you, Libra. Come next summer, you might be seeing that tough times only made you stronger or that in retrospect, you made choices that were right for you. Remember that Saturn rewards maturity, discipline and hard work, Libra.
Mars enters Taurus (your 8th House) on May 11th and then on May 15, your ruling planet, Venus, enters your 8th House. You could be dealing with money you share with another or irritations like insurance and taxes. The 8th House is a House of mystery so be advised there could be some unusual activity in your daily affairs this month. Strange and unexplained phenomena could take place and you could find yourself more involved in esoteric studies or reading more on esoteric topics. The New Moon in Taurus on the 3rd brings about potential love interests for single Libra while the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 17th creates even more intimacy with an ongoing love. Tone down any criticisms this month, personally, professionally and socially for best results, Libra. A Gemini and a Sagittarius could play outstanding roles in your month.

Scorpio May Forecast

This month is going to be a lot calmer that the intensity of April, Scorpio. There will be less conflict and your ability to understand others will be more heightened and easier to comprehend. On May 11th, Mars enters your 7th House of Taurus and this brings about the ability to finish what you began and also bestows upon you a heightened sensuality thanks to Taurus. The sexuality of Scorpio and the sensuality of Taurus make single Scorpio more attractive to the opposite/same sex and can bring about a new relationship for single Scorpio. The New Moon in Taurus on May 3rd brings about a meeting of the minds with someone new and intriguing. Coupled Scorpios can expect to get even closer this month. You could be working on a creative project with one you love or if you're single. You could also hear excellent news regarding your career on the 3rd, Scorpio!
In addition to Mars, Mercury will enter Taurus as well and this assists you with the way you ultimately express yourself, both with written and spoken word and in person. This month, your way with words could captivate a new love and open the door for an honest dialogue with those who need to hear from you. There might be some unresolved issues from your past that might continue to come up and you might be finally ready and able to express yourself and politely walk away.
The Full Moon in your sign on the 17th should be a time when secrets, long buried will come to your attention. You might be feeling low on energy and whatever you learn could surprise you. You might be surprised at how accurate your intuition is on this date. Next month, Jupiter will enter your 7th House of true love and serious business relationships. Get ready for the unexpected. Events will transpire that will thrill you and could involve true love and a career promotion that is unprecedented. The signs of Taurus, Virgo and a Gemini will play unusual roles in your life this month, Scorpio.  
With a Taurus, a stranger could become a friend for life. This person brings out your wild side and you could find love with a Taurus. With a Virgo, you might find that love is always found in the very last place you go looking for it. A Virgo will make you think twice this month, in a good way, Scorpio. With a Gemini, you might see and read things you would prefer not to see or read. Keep any opinions to yourself and be adaptable whenever you deal with a Gemini.  


Sagittarius May Forecast

Ruled by the planet Jupiter, you are fortunate in love and sex matters, whether you see it or not is another story. How you deal with love might need to be reexamined this month. There is always a deep need for freedom with your sign whether you're in love, lust or alone. You crave the thrill of the chase. You have innovative ideas about how love and relationships should be. Big mistake, Sagittarius. This is where problems can and will arise. This might be a month to seriously think about your actions as opposed to blaming everything on anyone but yourself. The Sun moves into your 7th House on the 21st, so take this month to prepare for love that could change your life. The signs of Gemini, Virgo and a Sagittarius will play important personal roles.
This is a good month to say "Yes" and be prepared to go over miscommunications, both personal and professional over and over until you get them straight and everyone is on the same page. The New Moon in Taurus on May 3rd impacts your free time and how you choose to spend it while the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 17th will bring about something that has been kept hidden in your life. This could involve a past relationship, an unresolved issue that escalates to a boiling point or it could involve some issue connected to you and a serious need for some privacy. With the Full Moon in your 12th House, you can expect to feel secluded or somehow sequestered on this date. There could be a friend or love interest involved with you on this day, but either way, there is distance from others and this Full Moon will carry an enormous impact where secrets and the past are involved. The signs of Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius will play strong roles. With a Taurus, you could feel a strong bond that gets intensified over time. You might feel possessive where a Taurus is involved. With a Scorpio, you might be feeling confined or somehow controlled in some odd way. There could be initial frustrations followed by profuse apologies and make up sessions with a Scorpio. There could also be concern about money when dealing with a Scorpio. With an Aquarius you might be tempted to make a big change and there might be a temporary delay in making plans with this friend. You and Aquarius appreciate one another this month and can get much closer. This person/individual can become a friend for life under the Suns transit of Taurus.  

Capricorn May Forecast

If you have made any hasty decisions in your love life during the past year, friendly Mars enters Taurus this month and can transform the love landscape of your future, Capricorn. Mars in Taurus will insist that you apologize wherever you feel mistakes were made.This is an ideal month to reexamine past behaviors. You might be feeling nostalgic, restless and perhaps out of sync with others. Realize that this is only temporary. A New Moon in Taurus on the 3rd could bring about a surge of business and personal contacts. A Full Moon in Scorpio on the 17th impacts your life in an uplifting and positive way. Pay attention to what transpires mid-month, Capricorn, and you will have an idea of how next month will play out for you. Here is a hint: It's going to get even better. Love will grow closer, single or coupled, and there is a smoothness and a willingness to just drop any controlling behaviors and just "go with the flow". You and a partner recognize the chemistry between you and love could feel magical or somehow renewed.
Between May 15 and June 9, Venus and Mercury will be travelling together and enhancing your sex appeal and personality quite outrageously. Single Capricorns can meet the love of his or her life this month while married Capricorns bond closer under the Taurus transit. There is a beauty to Capricorn to this month that will be noticeable to the public. Capricorn will be charming, alluring and can expect to find a level of satisfaction where his or her love and  private life are involved.
A Gemini and a Sagittarius will play roles this month. A Gemini can make you think and rethink how you feel about serious commitment. A Sagittarius will be your loyal confidant through thick and thin. You trust a Sagittarius, Capricorn.

Aquarius May Forecast

This month would be an ideal time to get some time and distance between those you love and any serious relationships. May is a time for you to redefine what love and family really mean to you at a core level. Sometimes, you tend to confuse the two and serious mistakes can be made. This month, with a little time off and a lot of tender loving care, you will be back to your outgoing, positive nature. All fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) are experiencing lessons in areas similar to you and can relate. You might want to reach out to any of these friendly signs as they can make you feel better about future prospects and creative ventures. Lately, you have been forced to come to terms with certain truths that might have been to painful to confront. This is a great time to process the past and decide where you ultimately go from here. There could be a new addition to your home life or you might hear news about a parent or friend who might be coming for an extended visit. A New Moon in Taurus on May 3rd will impact your personal and home life while a Full Moon in Scorpio on May 17th can really intensify your emotions but brings about great news related to your career. This Moon will have a double effect on you as well as the other signs but you will be feeling unusually restless and emotional, even for you, on the 17th.

Mars enters Taurus on May 11 and this brings about issues relating to your family and home life. Just avoid a tendency to be stubborn as you might come across this way to others who might need more from you right now than you might realize, Aquarius.
The signs of Aries, Libra and Leo will play outstanding roles in your life this month. An Aries could be a relative or a new friend. This person will win you over with his or her charm. A Libra could want more than you might be able or willing to give. Have patience with a Libra this month, Aquarius. A Leo might seem like a good choice for you. The more time you spend together, the closer you get. What begins as irritating could end in the perfect partnership for both of you.

Pisces May Forecast

The Suns transit through Taurus impacts your 3rd House of communication, relatives and a way with words, both written and spoken, Pisces. On May 3rd, a New Moon in Taurus brings about opportunities and contracts for your career and in possible creative ventures. Now that Neptune has gone direct in your sign, you will be able to notice the attention you receive from superiors and VIPs. You can negotiate a better contract for yourself this month, Pisces, so don't hesitate to ask for more money if you feel anyone is short changing you! There are those who are willing to pay you top dollar for your services so make sure all parties walk away satisfied when it comes to signing or negotiating any business contracts.
On May 17th, a Full Moon in the intense sign of Scorpio will brings news regarding higher education, publishing, overseas travel and news about research you might be investigating. There will be movement in all areas of Scorpio (8th House) so mark May 17th as a standout day for you. On the flip side you could find the moods of others to be bothersome as you will feel a heightened sense of intuition. You will know what is taking place without having any confirmation so watch out for the 17th, Pisces. Sometimes you get overly sensitive to the moods and thoughts of others and can pick up on others feelings without even wanting to.
This month, the signs of Leo, Libra and an Aquarius will figure in your daily routines. There could be collaboration, creative endeavor or obligations you have to these individuals and your ability to read the intuition of these signs will be remarkable in May.
This month offers a chance for deepening commitments and is ideal for spending with free time with the one you love. A relationship gets closer this month and could grow even more serious. Single Pisces will have more insight into what they expect from a partner and there will be offers from more than one person - if you are single. Coupled Pisces will find May to be a month to remember. Mutual compatibility and shared interests will keep this romance going for a long time to come.