Pisces Monthly Forecast


The Sun transits your 6th House of health, wellness, repair and maintenance issues, Pisces. In addition, Mercury (sometimes referred to as a trickster) turns retrograde in your opposite sign of Virgo and your 7th House of marriage, legalities and seriously committed business relationships beginning 8/2 and remaining in your 7th House until 8/26. Since this retrograde affects both business and love life, make sure you communicate clearly in all serious relationships, Pisces. Don't let Mercury make you careless with your choice of words and have careless remarks come back to bite you. The chances for misunderstandings during this time are extremely high for everyone this month, so repeat yourself twice if you need to and make sure that your basic desires and needs are understood loud and clear by all. A Gemini and a Virgo could play key roles.

On 8/3, Mars enters Cancer and your 5th House creating a strong sense of personal chemistry to already existing relationships. Attraction will be intense and there could be a strong sense of loyalty involved as well. You will feel loved and cared for by those that really matter most, Pisces. Your daily work routine should also show signs of improvement this month. Take all new offers at a slow and steady pace. In other words, you might want to dive into a professional offer but you might not have all the information necessary. Slow down and don't jump into anything new, career wise, unless it involves people from your past or those you know well. There could be some financial concerns to address but you have the wherewithal to navigate your way through a challenging time and turn it around to suit you. Exercise some patience and thoroughly study all contracts and offers before signing on the dotted line.

8/28 New Moon in Virgo and your 7th House could bring about a change in your romantic status. If single, you and a new love could be taking your relationship to the next level while coupled Pisces could deepen their commitment to one another. This is a day to circle on your calendar, Pisces. You will know exactly where you stand in love and should be feeling much more secure regarding where you stand in this area.

8/13 Full Moon in Aquarius occurs in your 12th House. An old issue could resurface around this time. You could also receive news or confront an issue from the past that still continues to linger. Strong and emotionally charged feelings could come to the surface and you might find this to be a highly dramatic day. This could involve love, friendship or your career. Whatever it is, Pisces, you can handle it. Listen to the advice of a Taurus and a Scorpio. Face your fears and you will have nothing to fear and give yourself props in the process.

Aquarius Monthly Forecast


The Sun transits your 7th House and gives you the trump card in all of your personal and professional endeavors but not exactly the way you want them, Aquarius. Don't allow false pride to extinguish any close relationship ties today, be they family, career, love and/or friendships. Realize that people are looking to you for answers and will find you appealing, talented and equipped when it comes to solutions to their pressing problems which might become yours if not careful. You desire a soulful connection and could be seeking it this month as the Sun transits your opposite sign of Leo. Realize that your energies could be low this month. Compared to June and July, August should have a slower feel to it. You won't be as pressed for time and your routines become more streamlined. The only caveat begins on 8/2, when Mercury turns retrograde in the sign of Virgo and your 8th House of power and persuasion until 8/26. On 8/3, Mars enters Cancer for an extended stay until 9/18. This transit could find you taking a second look at your co-workers, employees and your daily routines. You could notice that your intuition deepens considerably during this time and you will be able to gain additional insights into your co-workers and yourself. The 6th House is all about your health and wellness. It also shows you HOW to optimize everyday routines in your life. There will be plenty of activity to your daily work life during this transit so expect to see results of your hard work beginning to manifest during these dates.FYI: avoid criticism at all costs during this month as you might find yourself critiquing yourself and others unfairly. This is a great month for self-analysis and focusing on creative projects but at the end of the day avoid taking overly critical approaches in these areas for best results, Aquarius.

8/28 New Moon in Virgo helps with career prospects as Venus is in close conjunction with this Moon suggesting that any news you receive will lift your spirits immensely. With Venus (Love) in Leo for most of the month, women will be helpful in your career prospects. Additionally, Jupiter forms a wide angle suggesting that news you receive on this date should bring expansion and a sense of accomplishment to your life. On 8/26, Mercury will no longer be retrograde and you can expect to feel a sense of relief as the month winds down. A Leo and a Capricorn could play supportive roles.

8/13 Full Moon in Aquarius in your sign should bring some highly personal and confidential matter to your immediate attention. Make sure you have all the information you need before you jump to any conclusions on this day. Don't believe everything you hear on this date, Aquarius. There could be something occurring behind closed doors which will prevent you from getting the entire picture. Sit tight and wait for more information before you jump to conclusions about anyone or anything. A Sagittarius and a Pisces could play unusual roles.

Capricorn Monthly Forecast

The Suns transit in Leo enters your 8th House of power and control. You could be changing the terms of a career matter for a new and improved one or you could receive news that initially seems daunting but will pave the way for the dream life you so desperately seek. You need to adjust your attitude if you feel intense emotions as this comes with the 8th House as do many other areas and properties. Realize you can channel this energy wisely by making sure those in power witness your executive abilities and make certain that your love finds you attractive, which will be effortless since you ARE the whole package! There is a detached nature surrounding you now that is actually working in your favor, in love and in other relationships, Capricorn.

Expect to possess resounding sex appeal and you will notice a unique emotional intensity in the air, especially in romance and in those around you. Mercury retrogrades Virgo on 8/2 - 8/26 and is in your 9th House of foreign countries and foreign people. Mars enters your 7th House of Cancer on 8/3, setting the stage for intense face time, deep conversations and life changing commitments with a love. This month might seem to have a slower pace. Take advantage of time off or request some as those in power will be made aware of your talents and skills especially in artistic, creative and romantic affairs. An Aries, Gemini and a Sagittarius will encourage you to relax and you should listen to them, Capricorn.

You are not defined by your career, your family or who you love. You are defined by the way you treat others. Gossip and past secrets could come out when and where you least expect, so avoid participating in gossip, scandals or behavior that could be viewed as unsavory. An Aries, Leo and a Sagittarius could play roles in these discoveries so make the most of gossip by ignoring in it or avoiding it entirely as what you have said could very well come back to haunt you. Realize, Capricorn that others might find themselves misunderstanding where you are coming from at times, with the only exception being Aquarius who always knows exactly how you feel. The more you adopt a kinder and gentler approach, the easier your life can be. The signs of Cancer, Capricorn and an Aquarius play important roles in your month. Adopt a positive attitude when it comes to your finances, and try to see the best in everyone you come into contact with for best results, Capricorn.

8/28 New Moon in Virgo could present an opportunity to travel with a partner. This could occur suddenly and involve long distance travels.

8/13 Full Moon in Aquarius brings news related to finances. A Cancer and another Capricorn could play roles.

Sagittarius Monthly Forecast


The Suns transit in the sign of Leo is all about your 9th House of faraway people/places, higher education and your world views, Sagittarius. With Jupiter in Taurus until the 30th, Mercury retrograde until 8/26 and Mars entering the emotional sign of Cancer on 8/3, expect August to be a hectic and sometimes chaotic month. The month begins with Mercury, the planet of expression and communication retrograding the sign of Virgo (your career House) then resuming direct motion in the sign of Leo on 8/26. You might need to closely examine all offers thrown your way and study the fine print carefully. This is not a good month to commit yourself to many projects simultaneously or to take on new career assignments as agreements made under this transit are not always durable and made to last. People can change their minds and so can you during this period by reviewing your past performance, revising your skills and keeping a low profile during the Retrograde period which lasts 8/2 -8/26. On 8/3, Mars enters Cancer and this is a long transit as it will last from 8/3 - 9/18. This occurs in your 8th House of power. But since Cancer rules the home, you might notice some chaos in your domestic life. Being the natural optimist you are, you should be able to find ways to work through your disagreements with your mother, father, roommates and any other family members.

Remember that the 8th House is where you will have the most energy and motivation. Mars brings up a stronger sex drive, as the 8th House also rules sex. Utilize the power of Mars wisely during this transit. Venus in Leo affects your 9th House and someone from or at a distance could play a major role in love this month. You could find sudden luck through love with someone in another country, at a distance or possibly out of state. Expect the possibilities of visitors - some unexpected, a chaotic house at times and unexpected aggressive action at your residence. Mars in Cancer and Jupiter in Taurus will give you the energy to get through your daily routines quickly and you could find yourself re-checking the fine print on certain documents, reviewing something or someone from your past and releasing burdens that are not yours to carry in the first place, Sagittarius. All in all, a good month to figure out what you need from love and prioritizing in your career. Remember, though, with Mercury retrograde, try and keep a low profile at your place of business or you will have to revisit an assignment you don't want to look at, AGAIN.

8/28 New Moon in Virgo is a day to mark on your calendar. Hope and wishes are aligned and you get what you desire through the assistance of the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Your career really takes off on this date and you will see light where previously you might have had doubt.

8/13 Full Moon in Aquarius can bring people from the past back into your life. You could also receive some news that involves your income or finances. Double check bank statements and keep a close watch on your checkbook as mistakes can be made by others.

Scorpio Monthly Forecast


The Suns transit in Leo occupies your 10th House of public standing and authority figures. This could be a powerful career month for you Scorpios. You will be showcased where your career and love life are concerned. New faces, places and people you meet this month will interface with you in ways you only dreamed about in the past. Open your mind to reinvention and think of new ways of doing the same old thing. You might be surprised to find out how easy this can be and you might accidentally find out how truly empowered you have become. In love, something new is developing, even if you do not see it yet. A new love could enter the scene and leave you speechless. Expect a Cancer, Scorpio or a Pisces to steal your heart and capture your undivided attention. You have much to look forward to, so focus and stay centered. Also, make sure you are kind, polite and show respect to authority figures, people in positions of power, and influential people who will be reviewing your work, Scorpio. These people will be observing you and your capabilities. Make sure you stay proactive and give the best you've GOT to your career this month. On 8/2, Mercury retrogrades in Virgo and your 11th House of friends, hopes and your personal wishes.
Expect delays in these areas and try to bite the bullet during this trying time when you might feel helpless. The good news is Venus (Love) spends most of the month in Leo, which not only brings the possibility of an office love affair, it also boosts your status and prestige. Be aware that others might be criticizing some of your ideas but you are a powerful sign and just when others think you have given up, you return with a vengeance and rise to the top. Jupiter turns retrograde on 8/30, so take a slow and measured approach to love, family life and all affairs of the heart. You could find yourself in a reflective mood where love, your career and the overall direction your life is headed until this planet resumes direct motion on Christmas Eve 12/25/11.
Single Scorpios should be seeing results in his or her love life while coupled Scorpios are contemplating a major life change, perhaps even in marital status. Only you know what that means, Scorpio. Once Venus enters Virgo on 8/21 - 9/14, potential romantic partners will notice and let you know it. A serious relationship could be developing and you could meet someone through your job and through neighbors and friends. Jupiter will also retrograde in Taurus on 8/30 until 12/25, so this could make you rethink someone or someplace from your past. As the month winds down and the Sun transits Virgo, you have more romantic and business offers than you know what to do with. An Aries, Leo and a Sagittarius could be involved.
8/28 New Moon in Virgo finds luck and prosperity through friends, groups to which you belong and possibly through your career.
8/13 Full Moon in Aquarius could bring news about where you live and your close circle of friends, your love and family members. There could be a surprise phone call and some news about your home life could be sudden and highly unexpected, Scorpio. A Taurus and a Libra could have a surprise in store.

Libra Monthly Forecast


The Sun in Leo occupies your 11th House of your deepest hopes, wishes and friendships. This is also the House of past loves, so don't be surprised if someone from your past wants to rekindle a connection this month, Libra. The 11th House is all about your friendships, groups to which you belong, social activities and your hopes/wishes.

With Saturn in your sign, this year could find many Libras reflecting on their pasts and wondering if his or her relationship has gone south. This placement of Saturn in Libra in your sign DEMANDS that you put in that extra effort, make sure your relationship with family members, especially your children and father, are on track. You might find August to be a month to remember, Libra. So put on that beautiful smile of yours and try your hardest to keep your life and friendships as stable as possible. Since Mercury will be in your 12th House, the past and secrets you keep to yourself could continue to create delays.
Those Libra experiencing strange aches and pains should make sure to schedule doctor or dental appointments as soon as you feel something might not be quite right with your health. Get second opinions this month wherever you are unsure about a diagnosis, opinion, friendship or even a relationship. Having Mercury in the 12th House could bring up some issues, doubts or insecurities from the past and feel like an uncomfortable place for such an easy going sign like yours, Libra. If you have any travel planned, do it after the 26th as there will be fewer hassles to contend with. The positive side to Mercury retrograde is that it is contingent based on what House it occupies. In the 12th House, you could notice people from the past taking a sudden and unexpected interest in your life.
During the rest of this transit, which lasts from 8/2 - 8/26, you could be doing some serious soul searching and you might need to confront some painful truths that you have possibly been avoiding. On 8/3, Mars enters Cancer and your Career House until 9/18. This could bring about a raise or promotion or even a new job that brings in more income. It might not be your first choice but small steps taken now could lead to achieving your dreams. Just exercise your patience and graciousness, even under fire or what you perceive to be. Venus, your ruling planet will occupy two signs this month, Leo and Virgo. Venus in your 3rd House and 4th House finds you concerned with your home, siblings and neighbors during this transit. If single, you might meet someone where the chemistry in undeniable through your relatives, friends or groups you associate with. Women will be especially helpful to you, Libra. If coupled, once Venus enters Virgo on 8/21, you might feel the need to retreat to a quiet place with the one you love most. A Sagittarius and a Pisces could be involved.
8/28 New Moon in Virgo is a power day for you when you get what YOU want. Venus is closely conjunct to this Moon. At the very least, you get some type of positive news for the efforts you have exerted and hard works pays off. A small contribution on your end goes a very long way throughout the month but especially on this day, Libra.
8/13 Full Moon in Aquarius brings about conflicting information your way. Don't ignore that intuition, Libra. If something feels WRONG, chances are that you are RIGHT! An Aries and a Leo might be involved.

Virgo Monthly Forecast


The Sun in Leo transits your 12th House of secrets, seclusion and your best kept hidden talents, Virgo. It's time to consider an exit strategy and step out of the limelight, especially between 8/2 - 8/26. After the 26th, feel free to slowly step back into the world you remember. You know the one where sane people reside? The month starts off with the Sun in your 12th House of secrets, and then on 8/2, Mercury goes retrograde in your sign and could create some tension and misunderstandings. You could find others around you in a mood to argue about almost everything.

Avoid crowds, irritability and avert impatience. Create a sense of independence without alienating those closest to you. If you feel trapped or stuck in any situation, take a time out and meditate even for a few minutes. You could find that it is in these moments of solitude that you have your most inspirational ideas and you can make final decisions about who you are and what you really want. It's not about anyone but YOU facing your deepest fears, Virgo. Lavish some SERIOUS attention on yourself first and then cheer others up - only after you have taken some personal time, Virgo. On 8/3, Mars enters Cancer and your 11th House of friends, hopes and your personal wishes and will remain there until 9/18. This transit is certain to upgrade your social activities and suddenly, despite Mercury, you will be in demand as your phone rings off the hook. You receive multiple invitations and friends will surprise you in unexpected but beneficial and helpful ways

8/28 New Moon in Virgo in your 1st House of good looks, personality and sex appeal brings about news regarding your career. Overseas travel and higher education could all be involved.

8/13 Full Moon in Aquarius finds you in a frisky mood, Virgo. You might take a risk that ultimately pays off. Be bold and aggressive. Ask those closest to you those questions you have been to afraid to ask, Virgo. Another Virgo and a Gemini will play roles in your activities this month. You will find the company of another Virgo to be delightful while your relationship with a Gemini could be best described as consistently inconsistent. You might be offended by the spoken and written words of a Gemini, Virgo.

Leo Monthly Forecast for August 2011


The Sun transits through your 1st House of charisma, personality and good looks this month, Leo. You could make serious gains (career, friendships and love) if you put forth the effort and dedication needed to accomplish your goals. Whenever the Sun falls in your 1st House, it is considered a high cycle time for you, so wrap up loose ends and focus on the things you want most, Leo. That might be tricky however, as Mercury goes retrograde this month causing all current negotiations, business, love and communications to suddenly slow down 8/2 - 8/26.

In love, if coupled, there could be a change in marital status, but for all Leos your love life should be showing marked signs of improvement and excitement. You will dazzle the opposite/same sex this month and will be seen as one with all the answers. You will also be repeatedly told how attractive you are. You might be surprised to find that with a little effort, the rewards will be better than you ever expected. That's right, Leo. You won't have to work too hard this month and whatever you desire could manifest itself quite effortlessly, courtesy of Venus in your sign for most of the month.

On 8/3, Mars enters Cancer, and your 12th House of self-undoing. Relationships from your past could be haunting you on some level or a situation or event from the past could be affecting you more than you thought. You might find yourself digging deep into your subconscious when it comes to past relationships, current ones, family affairs and/or the subject of children. Be advised during this transit that you might have to confront some issues.

This transit lasts from 8/2 - 9/18, so prepare for some strange and unusual occurrences where the 12th House is involved. Demanding people will be front and center this month and you could fall prey to Mercury retrograde, so make sure people understand exactly what you are saying and vice versa. The chance for misunderstandings is very strong all month long but especially between 8/2 and 8/28 when Mercury retrogrades Virgo. If you should encounter any resistance from friends or loved ones, charm them with your sex appeal and unmistakable sense of humor. Yes, Leo, you are the life of any party, whether it's at your home or your place of business. Another Leo could play a major role this month.

8/28 New Moon is in Virgo and your 2nd House of possessions. You could be offered a fantastic opportunity to bring in more money on this day. The signs of Aries, Libra and a Sagittarius can play important roles.

8/13 Full Moon in Aquarius brings news about a relationship. This Full Moon falls in your opposite sign of Aquarius, so the issues of marriage, the law, divorce and seriously committed partnerships will be in the spotlight. Expect to be making a commitment one way or another whether it's getting married, moving in together or breaking up. This Moon will highlight these areas and you will know where you stand in all important relationships. You might feel low on energy, Leo, but get plenty of rest and adapt your positive nature to whatever transpires on this day.

Cancer Monthly Forecast


The Sun in Leo transits your 2nd House of income and possessions this month, Cancer. Prepare for a slower month in August after a hectic July. Money could be a bone of contention this month, especially money that you share with another. Jupiter in Taurus is assisting those Cancers who have been working diligently on creative projects. The 2nd House is all about expenses, money, possessions and how you control them or conversely how they control you, Cancer. There could be a tendency to be ultra sensitive concerning security and you may be testy when expenses start to accrue and bills or financial emergencies come into your life suddenly and without warning. Best advice: Sit tight and watch your budget for the moment. On 8/2, Mercury retrogrades in the sign of Virgo (3rd House) and Leo (2nd House) and won't resume direct until 8/26, so pay attention to these areas for delays and possibly some confusion. Additionally, on 8/3, Mars enters your sign for an extended stay until 9/18.

Mars is like a jolt of energy. It will grant you the ability to pursue projects with a passion. Mercury wants you to slow down while Mars wants you to speed up and get tasks accomplished on a fast track. You could feel conflicted about lying low versus giving your all. Relax, Cancer. Having Mars in your sign deepens your sexuality and brings forth a sexual energy and passion for intimacy. Single Cancers could find a new relationship that is sexually based and enjoyable (friends with benefits?) while coupled Cancers will rekindle that spark that originally brought them together. Realize, Cancer, that there could be some controversy whenever Mars transits your sign. What you say and do can and will be held against you, so choose your romantic partners with care and make sure you know who you're dealing with, especially in matters of love.

You could be extremely successful in the field of sales and your life could become public sooner than you might realize. There is fame, fortune and notoriety headed your way. Ask yourself if this is something you really want. It might be time to close the door on the past.

8/28 New Moon in Virgo fine tunes your ability to communicate as Mercury resumes direct motion in Virgo and bestows mental clarity, alertness and the ability to make your point and persuade others to your way of thinking. Another Cancer, Scorpio and a Pisces could play a role in the month's activities.

8/13 Full Moon in Aquarius could highlight the topic of shared resources. The 8th House is a power House to expect the issues of taxes, insurance and mortgages to come up. Do your research, Cancer. There could be some information being deliberately withheld from you.

Gemini Monthly Forecast


The Suns transit in the sign of Leo falls in your 3rd House of communications, Gemini. Be advised that tensions are building as Mercury is retrograde this month until 8/26. Your interactions with those around you could be off kilter and you might question the information coming at you. You may also analyze or question your own communication abilities. Keep all and any conversations and observations with others light hearted and humorous for best results. You could notice that those closest to you are feeling stuck, lost or just plain confused. Try to be the voice of reason and avoid any strongly voiced opinions you have that might be misconstrued by those closest to you.

The signs of another Gemini and a Sagittarius will play key roles in your month, Gemini. Just focus on doing own thing and you should be fine. Realize that others are irritable and might be offended by your words, actions and opinions on matters you normally can laugh about. Knowledge is power, Gemini.

8/28 New Moon in Virgo finds recently stressed out Gemini hearing good news about his or her career. You might experience expansion in areas where you previously felt frozen. Good news is on the way, Gemini. Just be as practical about your finances as you possibly can be.

8/13 Full Moon in Aquarius could have you rethinking your values and how you see the world. There could be reflection and the realization that opinions you once held regarding others are subject to change. A Taurus could or a Pisces could influence you in a good way.

Taurus Monthly Forecast


The Suns Transit of Leo impacts your 4th House of home, family, where you currently reside and where you might be living in the future, Taurus. Expect your home life to occupy much of your time and attention this month. Some say the 4th House is also about endings, so there could be a possible ending involving a family member or a domestic relationship this month. In addition, Mercury retrogrades the sign of Virgo and can bring about confusion, delays and massive misunderstandings between you and others. The past could play a big role in your life this month, Taurus. You might be struggling with wanting to be in two places at once. There are lessons to be learned from a domestic adjustment or family issues. You are known for your resilience and persistence, so it would be to your advantage to accept what comes your way and ultimately make the best of what you might perceive to be an iffy situation.

You might be feeling impatient with the Full Moon on 8/13 in the sign of Aquarius and notice the moods of those around you seeming somewhat unstable. Avoid regrets and step boldly into the future, Taurus. Another Taurus, Libra and a Scorpio would love to join you and vice versa. An Aries might request more time with you. Despite any family or neighborhood drama, this month will put you on the fast track in love and career. With Jupiter (luck, expansion) in your sign until the 30th, you hold powerful cards, so play them wisely for best results, Taurus. Jupiter won't return until 12/25.

8/28 New Moon in Virgo brings about opportunities for a serious commitment in an ongoing romance. It may manifest in marriage or a partner moving in, but you will see positive developments on this day in your love life.

8/13 Full Moon in Aquarius brings positive news about your career. Taurus seeking a more satisfying career could land a new position or possibly get additional perks or promotion on this day. This also may be a day when you notice the moods of others to be quite emotional or volatile.

Aries Monthly Forecast


The Sun transit through the sign of Leo impacts your 5th House of fun, sex, children and creativity, Aries. During August, Venus will be in Leo, your 5th House. Relationships enter a brand new phase of fun, excitement and surprises, good ones, Aries. The areas of love, sex and children will play prominent roles in your life as Venus transits your 5th House until the 26th when it enters Virgo. Additionally, Mercury goes retrograde this month in the sign of Virgo (8/2) and will move back into the sign of Leo before it returns direct on 8/26 in the sign of Virgo (your 6th House). During this month take extra precautions with your computer, make sure that important career projects are wrapped up and take extra care with travel as Mercury retrograde is notorious for travel hassles and transportation delays. This is NOT a good month to initiate new projects, Aries. You should be feeling more secure in August when it comes to the areas of love, creativity and your children.

Career wise, this is a month to slow down as you could have delays and frustrations with co-workers, daily routines and your health and wellness. If you get news regarding these areas or if any obstacles should come up in these areas, fortunately you will be motivated and have the wherewithal to rectify any past wrongs and get to the heart of any pressing concerns and there WILL be some, (professionally) Aries. You might have questions for the mutable signs of Gemini and Virgo. These signs could stir up some strong feelings on your end or you could be confused or find yourself feeling restless by the actions of these individuals. Slow down this month, especially with Mercury retrograding your 6th House of health and daily routines, then entering your 5th House of fun and entertainment. You will be in your element with love; however, career could be an area that is frought with delays, some initial confusion and more interactions with co-workers than normal.
A Sagittarius and a Pisces could play roles in your life this month. With a Sagittarius, you will learn and educate yourself about important issues. With a Pisces, you may tend to sulk or have feelings of nostalgia. This could be someone from your past, either a relative or a friend.
The New Moon falls on 8/28 in the sign of Virgo. You might notice co-workers and employees demanding much of your undivided time and energy on this day and throughout the month. This day is perfect for launching those new projects and moving full steam ahead as Mercury will also leave Virgo and resume direct motion. This should feel like a welcome relief, Aries.
The Full Moon falls on 8/13 in the sign of Aquarius. Expect to hear positive news this day regarding a project you have been working diligently on.