Capricorn Monthly


September is a big month for you, Capricorn. It's a big month for your career, love life and your future plans. Pluto turns direct in your sign this month on 9/16. When planets turn direct, they tend to function at maximum levels, more so than planets that are in retrograde motion do. This month encourages you to make those big moves you have been secretly contemplating. The month begins with Venus (Love) in Virgo and your 5th House of children, love affairs and your natural talents. Expect events in these areas to benefit you. The best times for professional and romantic opportunities arrive this month between 9/14 - 10/9 when Venus (Love) travels through Libra and your 10th House of public recognition.
You will find women to be of assistance to you and you could find that your daily life runs more smoothly and with with less stress and tension during this time, Capricorn. Your daily routines run smoothly and your bosses take note of your work and you interact with coworkers more evenly. It's an excellent month for career progress. Love is also on the forefront of your mind throughout the month.Just make sure you are looking at your love life realistically. It is characteristic of this placement to act now and think later. There is also a possibility of meeting a potential love interest or the chance of an office romance with this placement. Be cautious and think long and hard before you dive into something that could prove embarrassing in the long run. Also, make sure you are in love with someone as opposed to being in love with love. You will be feeling the love for someone very special so make sure you remain on your best behavior and avoid office flirtations for best results.
On 9/18, Mars (Drive) enters Leo and your 8th House of power, insurance and topics considered X rated. This transit lasts until 11/11 and could find you suddenly immersed in subjects you normally would avoid or think are on the fringe. An interest in metaphysics could play a role as could the areas of finance such as insurance, taxes and mortgages. These areas will be of prime importance and can become hot topics throughout this month and lasting until November. A Taurus and a Scorpio could play roles in these areas.
New Moon: September 27 in Libra and your 10th House of career could brings news regarding new career opportunities, if that is what you seek, Capricorn. New doors are opening to you that were previously shut. You might land a dream job or find that you have more opportunities to expand professionally from all the hard work of the past year. This should be a great day for you. Just make sure that you have built solid structures in your career and you haven't taken any shortcuts. The past will catch up with the present and any shortcuts you might have taken could come back to haunt you on this day if you haven't been playing your career cards in a fair and just way. Libra demands fairness and brings justice to those who have earned it the hard way, through trials and tribulations. A Cancer and another Capricorn could be involved.
Full Moon: September 12 in Pisces heightens your intuition and brings about a softening of your personality. You will seem less intense emotionally and this will be attractive to those with whom you spend the majority of your time. You could hear news regarding a family member or a sibling on this date. The news is all positive, Capricorn
Lucky colors: Various shades of reds
Most compatible signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius


Pisces September

The Sun transits Virgo, your 7th House of marriage and serious relationships both personal and professional during September, Pisces. The month begins with Venus (Love) in Virgo. Additionally, Mercury (Communications) has now resumed direct motion, which in turn finds you more focused, in an uplifting mood and noticing the moods of those around you to be much more stable and less emotional.
Venus in Virgo is a propitious time for your career and love life to blossom, Pisces. You can produce, promote and give your best presentations to higher ups and romantic partners during this transit which lasts through 9/14. Venus then enters Libra and highlights your 8th House of sex, power and mundane issues like insurance and mortgages. With Venus entering Libra on 9/14, you will find your mood to be more upbeat, more social and the desire to mix and mingle with others will be accelerated. Also, this transit (Venus in Libra) accentuates time spent with someone up close and personal. Single or coupled, Pisces love life should thrive this month as you might find yourself in an adventurous mood socially and this could attract new opportunities, socially, professionally and romantically, if that is what you desire.
The 8th House is a power House so you will be dealing with issues of power this month, Pisces. It's up to you not to abuse it or take it for granted. Utilize your power constructively to help others and you will find this generosity benefiting you. Also, this transit can help you come up with innovative solutions to irritating issues like taxes, mortgage, loans and insurance. So be the creative and loving spirit you are and watch your own power expand in ways you never thought possible. This month, Mars (Drive) will be in the compatible water sign of Cancer until 9/18, which can bring about a surge in your popularity and brings attention your way, front and center, from all walks of life. The more confidence you project, the more confident you actually get during this transit.
September is a month of career progress, finding your inner peace and aiming for balance in your daily life. You will find that September is a month that is significantly less stressful than August was. It's your kind of month, Pisces. Just make sure to keep up with your health and fitness routines to feel your best. Realize also that you have an attraction factor off the charts and could gain recognition from your peers for a contribution you have made to others.

New Moon: September 27 in Libra is sure to boost your confidence with an ongoing romance or a committed love affair. Expect conversations between you and a significant other around this time to deepen and become more intense. You will find that love is as close as your front door and you will feel emotionally fulfilled on this New Moon.
Full Moon: in Pisces on September 12th. Mark this date on your calendar as events that occur will be faced paced and hectic but bring new opportunities your way, Pisces.
Jupiter (Luck) and Mars (drive) are forming beneficial angles to this moon bringing about some good news. Expect to hear news relating to a project begun long ago.

Most compatible signs: Virgo and another Pisces

Lucky colors: Emerald and various shades of green.

Aquarius September


The Sun transit through your 8th House of power makes September a prosperous month for all Aquarians, single or coupled. Venus (Love) begins the month in Virgo and your 8th House of sex, power and beginnings and endings. On 9/14, Venus enters Libra and impacts your social calendar. You could be dealing with people from out of state or you could be preparing for visitors to your house who might be coming from a distance, perhaps overseas. Travel will be a prominent theme this month as you could be planning a trip or preparing for one or just returning from a trip. Either way, the topic of travel or relocation could be on your mind throughout this month. Expect to hear about opportunities relating to travel late in the month, especially on the New Moon in Libra on September 27th. You could be saying goodbye to someone or you might be welcoming someone new into your life. Anything is possible whenever Venus transits Libra, especially for Aquarius. The New Moon in Libra will have the additional assistance of 5 other planets in Libra, which might really prompt you to rethink your worldviews and review your closest relationships with friends, family members. Even your spiritual views are subject to change this month as your life could be moving in unexpected directions and at an accelerated pace. Try to go with the flow for best results and don't place too many demands on yourself.
Venus transits Libra from 9/14/ - 10/9 and this gives you the ability to talk your way in and out of any situation. You have excellent timing this month and your ability to communicate effectively will stand out to others. Single Aquarius could meet someone new this month who changes everything. An encounter that occurs while in transit could take you by surprise. Attraction is strong.  However, Uranus, your ruling planet is bringing a tense aspect to the planets in Libra, and so while this new romance might be intriguing, it might not last forever. You will enjoy the freedom you feel this month as new doors open for all single Aquarius. It might not be the real thing but at the very least, it will be exciting and memorable. Coupled Aquarius will find their connection becoming closer this month. Taking a trip out of town or doing simple things together will strengthen the commitment between you. This is an excellent time for coupled Aquarians to get back on track. Visit an exotic location or try working on a home based project together as these will be ideal activities to bring you closer than ever. The only caveat occurs on 9/18 - 11/11 as Mars (Action) transits Leo. You might be feeling low on energy, or get frustrated with those around you for no apparent reason. You could inadvertently say the wrong thing to someone and this could create some hassles for you, so think carefully during this transit, especially when it comes to the people you love most. While your emotions might feel tested you will experience an increased sex drive and your sex life will be more than satisfying. It's a month for travel, spirituality and making sure you use tact and diplomacy when dealing with others. You don't want to alienate the people you love most so make sure that you think before you blurt out something that cannot be taken back. Other than that, September should find you feeling in better spirits and back on track. Keep it that way for best results, Aquarius.
Full Moon: September 12 in Pisces brings good news that is unexpected. It might be related to your job or it could be related to something deeply personal and highly confidential. Whatever it is, expect to be in a celebratory mood. The signs of Aries and Libra will play roles.

Lucky colors: Yellows and white
Most compatible signs: Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces

Sagittarius September


The Sun transit through your 10th House impacts your interactions with authority figures and how the public perceives you, Sagittarius. You will be popular with friends who are additionally in the limelight this month. It's time to get to know those friends you have been missing but will eventually connect with mid month. Prepare for your social life to escalate after 9/14 when Venus (Love) enters Libra (marriage) and your 11th House of friends, groups, your hopes and wishes for the future. Take advantage of this transit that lasts from 9/14 - 10/9. Get close to old friends; reconnect with groups with which you might be affiliated and prepare for an ex to once again reappear. You might be having too much fun to care. There are some who want what they can't have and this situation applies to your life during September, Sagittarius.
Venus in Libra is a time when you could meet Mr. or Ms Right. It is highly likely that your chances for meeting someone new, if single, are practically guaranteed. The key is that you must get out and think outside the box where your social life is involved. Try new places but bring familiar faces with you. Old friendships will be revived while new ones can be intensified. Mars (Drive) enters Leo on 9/18 - 11/11 and brings about passion and chemistry where a certain someone is involved. There will be a profound attraction to someone you meet could light your fire, Sagittarius. The signs of Cancer and a Capricorn could play appealing roles to you, Sagittarius. Coupled Sagittarius will be working on a compromise where delicate family issues are involved. You could come to an agreement where a domestic adjustment is featured. You will know what to do instinctively. 
FYI Sagittarius: PAY SERIOUS ATTENTION TO YOUR CAREER THIS MONTH. This month the new moon in Libra on 9/12 could have some serious ramifications. Realize that the people you interact with between 9/18 - 10/13 will be potential prospects for your private and professional hopes and wishes.  Saturn in Libra will also request that you make sure your future goals are realistic where your income is involved. It also demands that you don't take the easy way out IN ANY CAREER ASSIGNMENT. Saturn (Lessons) is asking you to make certain that you follow your heart and your head where your career is involved. It also demands hard work and won't tolerate short cuts or taking the easy way out. Keep this in mind during this month in the aforementioned areas.  Forewarned is forearmed, Sagittarius.
Your brilliant mind can change the VIPs impression of you instantly. You are a natural speaker this month and you can talk your way in and out of any situation where tension escalates quickly.
New Moon: September 27 falls in Libra and your 11th House of friends. Yes, Sagittarius, it's all about your social life this month. This date can find you falling head over heels for someone, single or coupled. Make sure you are not in love with love as someone could get his or her feelings hurt. Think about what you would want someone you were attracted to or in love with to think.  In other words, choose your words carefully, especially on the 27th when people around you could be more sensitive than you ever suspected. Also, know the difference between lust and love as you might be thinking one thing only to learn the reverse is true. Take nothing for granted where your love life and friendships are involved.
Full Moon: September 12th falls in Pisces and your 4th House of home and family. A celebration could be appropriate as news you receive regarding your home life will thrill you. It's a positive day for you, Sagittarius. Whatever you learn, you will feel grateful.

Lucky colors:  Lilacs, neutrals and coral
Most compatible signs: Cancer and a Capricorn

Scorpio September


The Sun transit of your 11th House brings the areas of friendships, VIPs and groups to which you belong into the spotlight this month, Scorpio. After a long hiatus (where friends, love and socializing are presented) you should be ready to get into the groove, personally and professionally this month. A Leo and an Aquarius can be very helpful when it comes to career and professional areas this month. A Leo provides good insight while an Aquarius will prove to be a loyal confidante. The month begins with Venus (Love) in Virgo, which is also ruled by your 11th House. Expect the issues of friendships, gatherings and your personal hopes and dreams to be of prime concern to you this month. The month demands idealism and asks you to stick to your principals and don't settle when it comes to your absolute bottom line, Scorpio. Also this transit will bring about a surge in your professional life.
There will be more than one lucrative assignment headed your way, courtesy of Leo in your career House. Public recognition is a distinct possibility. Good news, Scorpio. Your ruling planet, Pluto, turns direct in the sign of Capricorn mid month, on 9/16.This direct transit of Pluto functions at a powerful level whenever it moves forward. All planets do. Additionally, Mars (Action), your co-ruler enters your 10th House of prestige and career prospects on 9/18 - 11/11 that are serious and prosperous. You are being watched and admired by powerful, prestigious individuals who are pioneers in their professions and careers. Those in power are recognizing your efforts and are noticing your talents and capabilities. If they only knew how burned out you might be feeling and stressed to the max where you career and social life are involved.
You need to find a balance as the pace will pick up considerably on 9/18 and will last in your career house for until November. Watch your career and you should have an excellent idea of where you want to grow and where you fit in. On 9/14, Venus (Love) and Mercury (Expert Communications) enter the loving and love oriented sign of Libra where they remain until 10/14. Whenever Venus and Mercury connect in Libra, you can expect the benefits that come with these personal and intimate planets to be working at maximum efficiency. Your creativity could expand in ways you never dreamed possible, Scorpio. You could be reorganizing your office, working on a passion such as writing, art, music, a website or a blog, photography or anything else that appeals to your creative side.
Exponential growth this month and throughout this transit promotes your best side being shown to others and possibly surprise even you, Scorpio. Single Scorpios -Jupiter (luck) is retrograde in your 7th House of marriage and seriously committed relationships. This transit can prompt you to rethink, review and look at the big picture in your love life. Are you sabotaging yourself?
Hooking up with all the wrong people? Ask yourself a big question this month as well. Am I truly over my past, emotional betrayals and all? This is a time when you are being required to look into a mirror and study the real you, Scorpio. If you're single, maybe it's time to ask yourself why and be prepared to confront some aspects of your personality that might seem too demanding to others. If they only know how sensitive you really are. But you ARE a Scorpio, and others find you mysterious even when you might not want to be perceived this way. Realize it's part of your charm and appeal, Scorpio. Coupled Scorpios will evaluate past relationships while simultaneously wanting to keep a commitment going. Scorpios in relationships are quite content this month to go to gatherings and have date nights, (especially at home). These interactions bring some spice and conversation that will stimulate and cement your relationship.
Full Moon: September 12th in Pisces brings possible news about children, an ongoing romance, a creative project or whatever you do for fun, Scorpio. There could be a conflict between your head and your heart. A Cancer and a Capricorn could play roles.

New Moon: September 27th in Libra brings unexpected opportunities your way. You gain through friendships and networking on this day. Make sure you avoid isolation. You also gain monetarily from mixing and mingling with friends, past, present and future.This is a month for Scorpio to find balance. Feeling overworked and overstressed? Try to take a mystical or unconventional approach to your health and wellness. The benefits of tweaking your diet will make you look more attractive, especially where a Virgo and a Pisces are involved.  

Lucky colors: Grey, red and black with stripes
Most compatible signs: Leo and Aquarius

Libra September


September promises to be a month of intrigue as the month begins with Venus (Love) and Mercury (Communications) in your 12th House of secrets, (what you keep hidden and your untapped creativity), Libra. You might find yourself reflecting on your past and concluding that you might have made some mistakes but you also realize how far you have come. There are no halfway measures. It will be all or nothing at all whenever the Sun transits your 12th House. Additionally, with Saturn (Lessons) in your sign, you might have felt blocked in certain areas but this month changes your immediate perception of your own creativity or possibly that of another. 
You take steps to achieve what you feel is best for YOU, Libra. Expect some soul searching about life in general and how you ultimately can contribute to it. Your could have creative and artistic inclinations. Suddenly, you write a manuscript, paint a beautiful picture or dance the night away. Get the idea, Libra? Your thinking will lean towards the internal and you might not want to share what you feel or think; however, you will learn to confront any problematic areas that could get out of hand and tackle them with precision and fortitude. The month begins with a slow pace. On 9/18, Mars (Action) enters Leo and your 11th House of friendships and groups to which you belong. Don't be surprised if an ex love enters the picture. This transit of Mars lasts until 11/11, so expect to be on the receiving end of invitations to parties and spending time with close friends. You may find yourself more focused on close friendships and how much they mean to you and what they contribute to your life in terms of overall fulfillment, longevity and happiness.
You are a loyal friend and cherished romantic partner. Mars promotes tremendous physical energy to get everything done and on time. There are signs of a big bonus, Libra, especially on 9/18 and throughout this transit until 11/11.  There are other planets preparing to enter your sign throughout the remainder of the month, so it's important that you make firm decisions this month and stick with them. Mars will assist you in making those changes and you won't hesitate when it comes to fresh starts in new directions. Only you know what this means, Libra.
On 9/14, Venus will enter you sign and give your love life a serious boost. Suddenly, everyone wants a piece of you. You will find your creativity soaring and others will admire your charm and beauty. Anytime your ruling planet, Venus, transits your sign of Libra, you can expect your love life to get more exciting and intense. A partner suddenly notices you in a more flattering light, especially those Libras in long term relationships. Singles could meet someone new that enters the picture and changes EVERYTHING. Venus will remain in your sign until 10/9 so make sure you utilize this transit wisely. Get out if you're single and wear your most flattering clothes. If you feel you can afford it this would be a good time to find the perfect sexy top or blouse or pair of jeans under this Venus Transit. But if money is tight and shopping is a no no, you will still be seen as incredibly sexually appealing.
On 9/25 (Mercury) will enter your sign and meet up with Venus in your sign which will increase your magnetism even more . Mercury rules the way you communicate with everyone around you. Coupled or single, this is a month to get your love life in tip top shape and if you're in a committed relationship or married, this is a month to get reacquainted with your love. It's a month of self evaluation and self realization where the past collides with the present, Libra.  

New Moon: September 27 in Libra will be an excellent day for you. New Moons equal new beginnings and offer new opportunities.  
Full Moon: September 12th in Pisces  brings news about your routines and possibly presents a new job or new assignment that proves to be your best creation yet.
Lucky colors: Red and black
Most compatible signs: Virgo, another Libra and Pisces

Virgo September


Happy Birthday, Virgo. The Sun transit through your 1st House of personality and appearance rings in a birthday month filled with lots of closeness with VIPs and chances for new relationships to emerge, if that is what you desire. The month of September starts out with the New Moon on 7/30 from August still in effect, attracting those you hope to impress.  The month begins with Venus (Love) in Virgo. Venus in your sign makes you stand out and enables you to impress others without really trying, romantically and creatively. Make sure you take full advantage of this Venus transit, Virgo.
Yes, Virgo September promises to be a fun filled and emotionally fulfilling month for you, especially in matters of love. Additionally, Mercury (Master communicator and your planetary ruler) enters your sign on 9/9 making you even more outstanding in your interactions with others. You speak eloquently and quite effectively whenever Mercury transits your 1st House, so take note of those admiring glances coming your way. Pluto (endings/beginnings), which has been retrograde, will turn direct on 9/16 in Capricorn. It promises to make you more grounded in your decision making when it comes to your creativity, romance and goals that you WILL be able to fulfill.
Where you might have felt stalled in matters regarding love and creativity, this month promises to eradicate any fears you might have had and will enable you to set more realistic goals. It's a winning situation for you, Virgo, no matter how you look at it.
On 9/18, Mars (Action) enters Leo and your 12th House of seclusion where it will remain until 11/11. This could bring about a new relationship that is secret in nature or it could be that you and a romantic partner could be desiring some private time together as the attraction will be intense and communication will be mutually fulfilling. As the month comes to a conclusion, Mercury and Venus enter Libra and your 2nd House of income and possessions on 9/25. You might notice that finances are suddenly more stressful as some unexpected expenses could occur; however, you will have the ability to cover these expenses as your earnings will increase this transit. This is a prosperous time for Virgo.

New Moon: September 27th there will be five planets in Libra and your 2nd House of income. You could hear some news relating your finances as these planets are forming a beneficial angle to your career house. You could land a new job, get a raise or receive an unexpected check in the mail. Pay attention to the events that occur on this date and make sure you get out and network. It's a month to be seen and heard, Virgo. You won't be disappointed.
Full Moon: September 12th in Pisces highlights your romantic relationships. Something unexpected and sudden could come up on this date relating to your marital or relationship status. Good news Virgo: Whatever you learn on this date should be quite positive and will benefit your romantic life, so expect good news to emerge.

Lucky colors: Gold and orange
Most compatible signs: Leo and Aquarius

Leo September


The Sun transit through your 2nd House of personal possessions will be highlighted this month. It's a money month for Leo with your thoughts focused on money and how you can make more. You will be on a roll and determined to find ways to garner more income.  Additionally, Mercury (Communications) has resumed direct motion in Virgo (your 2nd House), making any delays or confusion regarding relationships, money or miscommunication fade away. 

Good news, Leo. September promises to be an adventurous month filled with new opportunities both personally and professionally. Having Mercury (Communications) in Virgo impacts your 2nd House of income and helps you grasp the big picture regarding your expenses. You might be asking yourself questions such as: How much money do I need to be comfortable? How can I make more money so that I can save some? There is a strong possibility that you might find an additional side job or project that brings extra money your way. This transit lasts from 9/9 - 9/25, so expect to be having intense communications and thoughts regarding money throughout the month at least until the 25th. It will be important to plan ahead this month, Leo. Try to work on a budget and stick with it for the best results.  

Mars (Drive) enters your sign on 9/18 and will remain there until 11/11.  This transit promises to rev up your love life, sexuality and all professional alliances. Mars also enhances your beauty and gives you a tremendous amount of energy. Anytime Mars transits your sign is a time when energy levels are higher and you find that you have the ability to take on multiple tasks with relative ease. Mars makes you more alluring to both sexes and brings out your natural leadership qualities. Take advantage of this transit, Leo. Venus (Love) begins the month in Virgo (2nd House) and enters Libra and your 3rd House of short distance travel and siblings on 9/14. This is a much better placement for Leo as Libra is an air sign, so during the Venus transit of Libra, you will feel more at ease and you might notice that romance could be found close by.
Single? You could meet the love of your life through relatives, neighbors or during short distance trips. You could meet Mr. or Ms Right when and where you least expect it, so make sure you look your very best throughout September as there will be opportunities galore with Venus and Mars working in your favor. It's a GREAT month for love for all Leos, single or coupled. Coupled Leos might get a second wind and want to renew commitments where an existing relationship is involved.  
The signs of Cancer and Capricorn will play prominent roles in your life this month. With a Cancer, you might be feeling nostalgic for old times and you could find yourself connecting with this individual on a daily basis. A Capricorn makes you think about business and the bigger picture where you bank account is involved. A Capricorn could prompt you to reconsider the way you view your possessions and make you rethink how you earn a living.
New Moon: September 27th in Libra will be an excellent day for relationship opportunities. You will have both Venus (Love) and Mars (Drive) in your sign making you energetic and more than desirable in the eyes of many. Take your time as this is about as good as it gets, love wise. An excellent date for love for all Leos, coupled or single.    

Full Moon: September 12th in Pisces brings about news relating to finances. This is a tense Full Moon as finances or possessions you share with others will be in the spotlight, for better or for worse. Relatives, partners of all kinds (love and business) and even children may be involved in issues that come to light this day.  

Lucky colors: Green and silver
Most loyal sign: Virgo

Cancer September


The Sun transit through your 3rd House places the emphasis on neighbors, short distance travel and relatives. It might seem like a slow month after the fast paced events of last month, Cancer. But hold on. The month begins with Mercury (Communications) in Leo (Money) and this places a strong emphasis on your finances and how you can increase your income for all the work you do, Cancer. You might be overly focused on your financial affairs as the month begins, determined to bring in more income but try to avoid obsessive thinking about money and financial affairs.  On 9/9. Mercury (Communications, written and spoken) enters the compatible Earth sign of Virgo and this transit will stimulate the way you interact with others. You might notice that you have more communication with neighbors and relatives than normally.
Accept whatever comes your way, and if you experience any tension in these areas, make sure to play nice and be fair in these dealings, for better or for worse. You could have bouts of frustration this month when dealing with the subjects of money, relatives and freedom. On 9/18, Mars leaves your sign and enters Leo and your 2nd House. This could prompt you to go full steam ahead with your finances.
Again, Cancer, this is a month you will be in pursuit of more money but wait until October for news regarding a raise, promotion or more money in your hands. In the meantime, once Venus leaves Virgo and enters Libra on 9/14, you might feel the need  for more beauty and harmony in your life. Little touches such as fresh cut flowers, a nice piece of art placed strategically in your bedroom will soothe your tired soul. The more you focus on beauty during this transit, which lasts from 9/14 - 10/9, the happier you will be and the more likely you will be to attract the right partner. The idea here is to bring some balance into your personal life or lack of it and see what develops. You will be amazed at what comes to you when you make the effort.  
New Moon: September 27 in Libra brings about new opportunities relating to where you live and in and around your home. Coupled Cancers could find this to be a night to remember as a commitment is made to take an existing partnership to the next level. Single Cancers will be busy working on creative projects and encounter lots of chatter and activity regarding career.

Full Moon: September 12 in Pisces and your 9th House could bring news from abroad. You could be expecting visitors and attracting new career offers to work abroad. You should notice that whether you are single or coupled, this Moon brings benefits, personally and professionally. Enjoy the accolade you receive on this date, Cancer.
Lucky colors: Violet and purple

Most compatible signs: Gemini and Sagittarius

Gemini September


The Sun transit into your 4th House of home and family will accent issues in these areas this month, Gemini. Additionally, between 9/14 and 10/9, Venus (Love) will enter Libra (Marriage and serious relationships) making this a highly creative and romantic time for Gemini, single and coupled. If you're not in a serious relationship this month, you could be immersed in a creative project that consumes most of your time, so it's likely to be a time of expansion in love, creativity and/or relationships. Whether you are single or married, one thing is certain, your home and family life should be humming along at a comfortable pace and you finally feel settled in this area of your life. Venus begins the month in the meticulous sign of Virgo bringing issues from the past into sharp focus.  On 9/18, Mars (Aggression/Drive) enters the powerful sign of Leo, where it will remain until 11/11. This transit gives you the ability to attract others effortlessly. You will notice a boost in your personal popularity and your ideas will come fast and furiously.
You could attract attention in more ways than you imagined and romantic possibilities are everywhere, so be careful and act accordingly. Mars can make you appear tactless to others, so avoid saying anything that could be misconstrued or might be considered politically incorrect. You will notice a definite shift in your romantic opportunities and the possibilities that this placement brings with it. Enjoy all the attention you receive but be extremely cautious not to take advantage of it. This is your month to shine, especially in love and committed relationships.
Once Venus enters Libra on 9/14, there will be no stopping you. This is an excellent time to combine forces with a partner and work on a creative project. The results could astound you. Yes, Gemini, you have the Midas touch, so don't waste a single minute. Get projects completed, get out and socialize and figure out who you want in your close circle of friends and acquaintances as there will be many candidates! This is an ideal month to reflect on the past year and see how far you have come. It hasn't been easy but you have made tremendous strides as challenging as they might have seemed. September will be a breeze and you could find help from the signs of another Gemini and a Sagittarius.
This is a month of promotion, public relations and advertising. Yes, you will find that a sense of humor is a necessity as it relates to love and your career. Curiosity about those close to you will run high and you could find that all that glitters is not gold after all. Be discriminating and think about those friends, loved ones and higher ups who have stood by your side and displayed unwavering loyalty to you. Avoid confusion and follow your instincts as they are apt to be on target.    

New Moon: September 27 in Libra and your 5th House of creativity and love. You might have to choose between two or more romantic prospects on this date. Expect a romantic night.  

Full Moon: September 12th in Pisces is a date to circle as you could hear news and progress relating to your career. There are opportunities for advancement where hard work has been in play. There will be news received that is cause for celebration. So be prepared to like what you hear on this day. You will have the drive, motivation and determination to do whatever it takes to turn your dreams into serious realities.  

Lucky colors: grey, black and white
Most inspirational signs: Leo and Aquarius