How to ATTRACT any sign!!

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Rams rush in where angels fear to tread, especially in sex and romance. Their brave exploits and outrageous antics can scare a mate or sweetheart away. A little chase, a lively debate and a good challenge will motivate this daredevil lover to pursue you like there's no tomorrow.

For Aries sake and your own, be slow, steady and cautious. And remind Aries that there is a time and a place for everything. Tell them they don't have to be everything and everywhere at once. And play up your facial features. Play up your beautiful eyes, luscious lips and silky hair when in the company of the Ram. They won't ever leave your side, provided you play by his or her rules.

Keep any jealousy (if you're the jealous type) under control. However, Taurus appreciates a little possessiveness as long as it's flattering and not overly dramatic. Emotional public dramas are another big turn-off and will have your sexy Taurus seeking someone new, fast!

The more space, privacy and loyalty you extend to Taurus, the more likely your relationship will last. And never forget birthdays, romantic (candles, music and flowers) dinners and your very first date. If you want to keep your Bull forever: Turn the phone off, choose a romantic and secluded setting where you won't be disturbed, since Taurus tends to be a very vocal lover. And don't ever rush Taurus, period! Enjoy a slow and delicious encounter. It could last forever!

Always be on the go, keep up appearances and be an "equal" combination of "book and street" smarts with Gemini. This sign needs a versatile lover. Someone who will grant Gemini the freedom do what he or she pleases.

Gemini’s feel most comfortable while in the company of groups, parties and large gatherings. To keep your Gemini interested: Mix your relationship up! Mix and mingle with other couples and try to create a loving home environment. Gemini will love coming home to you after all that socializing!

Remind Gemini that you also need occasional time with them, so plan some surprise evenings filled with entertainment, intimate conversation and special surprises. Have a weekend for just the two of you and by all means wear something especially sexy and provocative. Your friends will understand. Show Gemini the true meaning of the word balance and chances are good that he or she will conclude you're a "keeper".

Cancer does everything in his or her power to make the relationship (with you) everything you want it to be and think it "should" be. Big mistake, Cancer! Remember that relationships are for two, not one. Avoid being domineering, apathetic and overly emotional.

Involve Cancer in all important decisions that affect you as a couple. Cancer will adore you provided you remain consistent, loyal and honest. Cancer has a reputation as a man/woman of mystery. To keep this sign happy: Keep the home fires burning and never let them forget how sexy and smart they really are!

Ready to commit to Cancer? Take them near water (moonlight beach, bubble bath, Jacuzzi etc), wine and dine them, be old fashioned about romance and serve them breakfast in bed. It's the little things that matter most to Cancer. Cancer is looking for someone who loves the idea of a secure, committed and comfortable home life.

Leo is a fixed sign and resists change (ending toxic relationships) because they assume their way is the right way, for now anyway. Leo needs to understand the value of his or her partner’s ideas, comments and suggestions. Remind Leo that a relationship is not for one person.

Be stylish and sexy, and having a great sense of humor won't hurt. Leo will stay with a partner who is clever in business and has innovative ideas. And remember: You can never give too much attention or too many compliments to sexy Leo.

Leo also loves their lover to dress for success, sex or whatever the mood calls for. Keeping up appearances is important for this sign. It shows them how much you care. If you find yourself having problems with the Lion, try to be more adaptable and understanding.

You are naturally practical and grounded. This helps anyone involved with you to feel secure. Yet, there can be moments when love is anything but practical. Virgo must learn to throw "caution to the wind" once in a while and be daring and fearless with their love, because this fuels their inner need for adventure. The right partner will share many things in common with a Virgo.

Let Virgo help you improve your life: quit a bad habit, cultivate an interesting hobby, learn foreign language or read erotic books. This sign is really looking for someone to "make over". And it won't hurt if you understand that beneath that cool exterior, there is a hot fantasy life just waiting to be unleashed. BOTTOM LINE: Look for the hot fantasy beneath that cool surface and fulfill it, now!

Decisiveness is not your strong point, Libra. You can be a pain in the you know what for a partner who loves you madly and most deeply when you endlessly weigh the pros and cons of every little detail of your relationship. When a decision in necessary, especially one that affects your love life, make a deadline and please stick with it.

It's a good idea for your lover to be strong, attractive, and decisive. If looking to keep Libra forever: Set a sensual and romantic scene, know exactly what you want and allow Libra to provide it for you.

DOES LIBRA LOVE ME? It will be a test of Libras regard for you by asking subtle questions. If they REQUEST your company and they display a SINCERE interest in your day, you can pretty much rest assured that Libra does love you (and could be "the one" for you!)

Mastering his or her chosen field, than helping others do the same, is a major personal goal for all Scorpios. Ruled by Pluto (planet of transformation), it's easy to see why these mysterious lovers seek a specific type of lover.

Seducing a Scorpio is a power game. Scorpio also loves a good mystery, so don't tell them everything. The best way to love and be loved by Scorpio is to keep him or her guessing about you, offering subtle but SINCERE hints along the way.

Scorpio can see through deception quite EASILY, especially in sex, love and relationships. Let them know they are the man or woman of your dreams and mean it. Be sincere, loyal and interesting in order to convince Scorpio that you are a "keeper".

SPECIAL TIP FOR SCORPIO: Your lover will adore you when they sense you're thinking as two (you as a couple) as opposed to one (just you). Show that you are capable of being vulnerable with a partner. This is your hardest challenge and the only way to true and lasting love.

In general, Sagittarius (not all of course) men and women are considered to be the "Players of the zodiac". One dating Sagittarius will find it most challenging and endlessly difficult to try and them pin down. Be aware they are known for being the "love them and leave them" types.

A smart and talented sign, Sagittarius are most interested in lovers from ethnic backgrounds, foreign countries and lovers met in spiritual pursuits or at related groups of interest. This sign will be your "personal cheering section" if you can capture the elusive Sagittarius heart.

Sagittarius often fuses humor and sarcasm as a defense mechanism. But you can't laugh off everything, especially love, sex and commitment, Sagittarius. This sign must learn to live by a new set of rules when involved with a partner (you).

IF YOU'RE THAT INTERESTED: Let Sagittarius know that he or she has inspired you to "be all you can be". Then the two of you should work out, have sex, feed the animals and discuss your future vacation plans together.

Capricorns tend to think of love and sex as part of a game plan for the future. You don't mean to boss and nudge your partner, but you can end up doing a good job at acting out unconsciously if you are an unhappy Goat. Remember Capricorn: Your partner’s point of view is just as valid as your own. Try not to forget this or be or prepared to pay the price.

GET CAPRICORNS ATTENTION: Your seduction strategy is to join them in their many pursuits, then hook them with love on the road. This is a sign that mixes business with pleasure. And they will let you know quickly if there is a mutual attraction between you two.
Convince Capricorn that you are an asset to his or her life. Work out together and remember the "couple who plays together stays together".

TIP FOR CAPRICORN MEN AND WOMEN: Realize that your partner isn’t always going to be 100 % perfect.

Bright and talented Aquarians often live as though they have their "head in the clouds" and their minds seem to be forever drifting. Aquarius rules "different" things and the far out and eccentric lifestyle will appeal to this signs versatile nature. They are most attracted to these types of lovers. It will be a clear test of his or her devotion for you. The key will be if he or she displays a sincere interest in your day, your passions and most of all you (the good, the bad, and the ugly).

Passion begins in the mind, so a good conversation is a great start. Aquarius is an inventive sign that believes love is an "ultimate playground" without rules.

Find ways to make love transcendental, a mind blowing and unique experience. Plan surprises, unpredictable encounters in unusual or "out of the way" places. Be ready to try anything (food, sex, travel, movies or perhaps a sexy trick for the bedroom only) at least once and you will have met a lover for life.

KEEP AQUARIUS HOOKED: Be the opposite of a possessive personality type. Have tolerance for people of all ages, race and colors. Admire people for who they are and don't publicly criticize anyone. Try anything once to show your devotion to Aquarius. And give them space when they need it.

Pisces take a spiritual, soulful and very serious approach to their love relationships. Shared goals, strong chemistry and compatible values will be a powerful way of cementing a loving bond with Pisces.

Pisces is the sign of fantasy and imagination. Pisces looks for lovers who will take care of them. And the attentive Pisces lover will return the favor and then some. Expect to be spoiled rotten by attentive, mysterious and romantic Pisces.

Pisces is a dreamy soul-mate who can "psych out" your deepest desires without even mentioning them. Talk about intuition! This sweet and most sensitive spirit can read your thoughts, mind and pick up instinctively on your creative capabilities.

Use your imagination for setting the ultimate ambiance for love. A dramatic and creative presentation will bring out the sensual, tender and appreciative side of your tender Pisces lover. Don't let Pisces swim away!

One last tip to remember about Pisces: Pisces will fall for just about any sad story or tragic event. It wouldn't hurt if you had a personal trauma, or small problem for Pisces to fix.

If expressed properly, this sign will tend to let you cry on his or her shoulder. Remember that Pisces needs to be needed. Giving Pisces the best that you've got tends to keep this rather elusive and mysterious sign hopelessly optimistic and eager to commit to you.

Aquarius October Forecast


This is a month of mystery, getting to the bottom line and research. You could be dealing with deep emotions, secrets and matters shrouded in privacy. Know that all confidential matters could be disclosed unless you are not 110% sure that someone can be trusted. Venus (Love) Mercury (Communications) will be touring your 10th House of success and prestige. This is a fortunate placement for you this month; however, with so much intensity in the air, there is a possibility of meeting someone where you work and a relationship quickly escalates. This could happen to you, Aquarius. Make sure that you're not hurting someone. If a relationship occurs this month, it will be kept in secret due to the fact that one of you could be involved with another or that you just prefer to keep certain things to yourself. If you prefer your privacy, then this month is tailor made for you, Aquarius. Single or coupled, there are some issues concerning privacy and your partner this month. If single, it could be a friend that you disclose a private matter to and if you coupled, make sure your other half is not up to shady behaviors as someone could get caught and live to regret it. Knowledge is power and forewarned is forearmed, Aquarius. Be emotionally honest for best results. Your friends will love you no matter what you say or do as long as you remain sincere.

Full Moon in Aries on 10/11 brings news regarding a relative, a neighbor or someone in your community with whom you're acquainted. It is also possible that you're educating yourself about new cities and new neighborhoods. Since Neptune makes a wide angle to this moon, you could hear news that thrills you or appeals to your idealism and worldviews in some fashion. It's all about community and relatives and neighbors on this date.    

New Moon in Scorpio on 10/26 could bring interesting career offers your way, Aquarius. You will be in a power position and you get your way on this important day. There will be four planets in the sign of Scorpio on the New Moon and this might prompt you to be more indulgent and self-involved but you will feel entitled to some privileges  

The signs of Virgo and Pisces will play behind the scenes roles.

Sagittarius October Forecast


It's going to be a hectic and frenetic month, so get ready for a bumpy ride, Sagittarius. Venus and Mercury join together this month in your 12th House (Scorpio) which is all about privacy, strong emotions and feelings of isolation ( the self imposed kind.) It's entirely possible that you will need and demand some solo time.  You could get overly possessive emotionally....a foreign concept for your normally freedom loving nature. You may have a tempting opportunity to get involved in a secretive liaison or affair. Make sure you are aware of this person's true marital status.  You should consider the consequences and seek someone available who really intrigues you. Have fun but remember whatever you do in secret could come to light, Sagittarius, and it might not be a pretty picture. All the activity in the sign of Scorpio can make you withdraw or feel out of sync with those in your immediate environment but don't make let these feelings cause you to make snap decisions.

 Venus (Love) enters Scorpio, your House of secrets on 10/9 and stays there through 11/2. Then on 10/14 Mercury meets up with Venus and you might find your passion running quite high this month, Sagittarius.

The Full Moon in Aries on 10/11 brings news regarding an ongoing romance. This news could also have to do with pets, children or a creative project. Neptune (Illusion) forms a beneficial angle to this moon so, you will feel the need to get to the bottom of a situation and see people and relationships as they really are, not merely a reflection of who or what you want them to be. With so much energy occurring in emotional and foreign territory this month, you might find yourself feeling restless with the moon full in a fire sign. This Moon will occur in your 9th House of travel, so make plans to possibly explore an exotic destination or delve into information about foreign countries and foreign travel. Even something as simple as a weekend getaway could do wonders for your adventurous spirit.    

New Moon in Scorpio on 10/26 brings about news of a secretive nature. There will be an ability to know without knowing where you stand on this date. Intuition runs high.  Make sure you are realistic in this relationship. Conditions are ripe for jealousy and possessiveness.   

Career wise, you are in a great place courtesy of Pluto in your 2nd House. You could be occupied by a leadership role or be asked to take on the role of one. Co-workers and associates will look to you for all answers to pressing matters. You are in a strong position with your career. VIPS and another Sagittarius could be ultra supportive of you this month. Be the leader that others see you to be, Sagittarius.

The signs of Gemini, Virgo and Pisces will play loyal roles.

Scorpio October Forecast


While Libra (Your 12th House) is usually considered your low cycle time of the year, this month is different and that is good news for those Scorpios looking for love. It's ultra beneficial for all Scorpios as well, since Mercury and Venus occupy your sign for most of the month. Venus (Love) enters your sign on 10/9 and stays there through 11/2. This should be quite the month for a new romance, a new project or a new look.  It's an excellent time for a new hairstyle or to shop for accessories that can take a simple outfit and bling it up/out. This should be a time when others find your charm, attractiveness and seductive ways nearly impossible to resist. On 10/13, Mercury (Communications) joins Venus (Love) in your sign. This is ABOUT as good as it gets, so make the most of this time because there WILL BE opportunities for single and coupled Scorpios alike. All Scorpio need to get out and be seen for best results. Take a class, go to the gym, smile at that person you have been admiring and make sure you dress to impress. Positive impressions can be made at your job, in your love life and where your looks are especially concerned, coupled or single. This is a time when whatever you purchase will please you and you can expect  positive responses from all sides. You will be noticed and admired by the opposite sex but you HAVE to make efforts to keep busy and make sure you pour your energy into something or someone this month. You will be amazed at the opportunities that come your way by the time the Sun enters your 1st House on 10/23, so make certain that you make every effort to put yourself out there, to those you work for or with and ESPECIALLY where LOVE and your public image and personal appearance are involved.

Full Moon in Aries on 10/11 forms a beautiful angle to your career and chosen profession so news you receive will be positive. Additionally, Mars (Drive) is still in your 10th House of prestige and authority figures, so this moon will give you opportunities for advancement in your career plus the added benefit of being in the spotlight.  Superiors and VIPs are watching your performances, so be conscientious in all areas. You expect to hear something positive about your career on this date. Ironically, whenever Venus transits your sign as it does this month, you might come to serious conclusions that life is not JUST about work and obligations. You will find yourself putting the emphasis on love, music and romance whenever Venus enters your sign, Scorpio. Take some time this month to indulge your passion. Find your bliss and pursue that which appeals to you. You will see that balancing your life during this period, Scorpio, will give you new energy and focus.   

New Moon in Scorpio on 10/26. This full moon happens once a year in your sign, Scorpio. This is a time to focus on your hopes, wishes and goals for the next year.

The signs of Taurus and another Scorpio will play important roles.

Libra October Forecast


The Sun will be in your 1st House as October opens, Libra. However, the planets of Love (Venus) and Communications (Mercury) will gather power in your 2nd House of finance, personal possessions and disposable income making money a hot topic for all Libras. These areas take on great significance and will be a dominant theme throughout the month, Libra. On 10/9, Venus enters Scorpio and brings a greater emotional intensity to the way you view money and how you deal with your possessions.  The month begins with Venus (your ruler) in Libra which gives you appeal and has others wondering how you make it all seem so simple. Once Venus enters Scorpio on 10/9, you might get excessively worried about your finances but don't panic yet. This transit should help increase your income perhaps through a bonus, raise or perhaps even a side job. One way or another, Venus in Scorpio will help you get control of your finances. Why so intense? The sign of Scorpio in secretive by nature and is always trying to get to the bottom of things that wouldn't ordinarily appeal to everyone. Avoid emotional outbursts as they are not necessary and certainly will not solve issues at hand. Once Mercury (Communication) enters Scorpio, you will find those feelings of heaviness retreating and your natural optimism will return. You will be able to express your thoughts and feelings about money and you could also gain tremendous insight into the way your mind deals with this sensitive topic. Just make sure to not discuss the subject with others and pay attention to what you say and to whom you say it. Remember, Libra, what we say is a reflection of what we believe.

Mars in Leo could make you ultra stubborn in love affairs throughout October. Realize that Leo and Scorpio are powerful together. While Scorpio is intense, Leo is passionate. This can be a powerful combination for romance. However, with your emotions being intensely affected by these two transits, be aware of a tendency to make mountains out of molehills. Chill, Libra.

Full Moon in Aries on 10/11 brings about a dynamic, passionate relationship front and center if you are coupled. Singles might land a creative assignment of their dreams on this date. This is a good time for single Libra to get out and look for a potential partner as Aries is your 7th House of marriage. Contracts and agreements should be pushed on this date.

New Moon in Scorpio on 10/26 with four planets in Scorpio could have you feeling intuitive like never before. This moon works in your favor, Libra, so take advantage of opportunities and seize the month by knowing at the end of the day, you are in charge!

Expect October to be a month of enlightenment where personal aspirations, uncertainties and problems can be resolved to your approval. This is an ideal month to make amends regarding any ongoing misunderstandings.  And remember that a little flattery goes a VERY long way, especially where love is in the picture.

The signs of Gemini and Sagittarius will play important roles.

Virgo October Forecast


The Sun begins the month transiting your 2nd House of finance where it remains until 10/23 when it enters your 3rd House of expert communications. October has a bit of everything for you, Virgo and you will let it be known who is in charge and what to expect. Bottom line: You have the last and final word where your life is involved. You will do it your way in October. Realize that a major lifestyle change could be beneficial for you.

Expect to begin the month focused.  Emotions are deeply taken into consideration and your intuition will be spot on accurate.  

Expect a busy, productive and surprising month, Virgo. Every area of your life will be magnified courtesy of Venus (Love) and Mercury (Communications) in Scorpio, your 3rd House of communications. The 3rd House is also about a way with words, especially for you since Mercury rules your sign and makes a favorable and compatible angle to Scorpio. You might have a strong inclination this month to communicate to your heart's desire about where you live, who you love, who you live with, where you work and how you live and the world we live in. In October you won't hesitate to express your heartfelt emotions about these areas and you will make sure that the proper structures are put solidly into place. Basically, you will organize your life to your liking and you will be consistent, compelling and loyal in your communications with others as they relate to these areas. Close friends, family and neighbors are also ruled by your 3rd House so these areas could play a stronger role in your life this month.

Full Moon in Aries on 10/11 falls in your 8th House of taxes and insurance. You might receive news regarding these topics on this date. However, your expert communication skills can sell anything to anyone this month so you can talk your way out of potentially costly or negative situations. Your mind is exceptionally clear and sharp. Solutions to any immediate happenings will be dealt with in innovative ways. If you are going through a divorce, you could reach an agreement on this date that will satisfy you, Virgo. If single, an agreement or a contract could play a role.

New Moon in Scorpio on 10/26 brings in new opportunities for additional self-expression. Career opportunities are plentiful and you might hear news about a possible promotion. Your peers will recognize your many talents and someone special already does. On this New Moon, create a dialogue with your partner about your expectations for the relationship. Since Mercury (Communications) has now entered your 2nd House (Money), you and a partner should also discuss the topic of finances and how you both spend it. This will be important for Virgo on this day.  

The signs of Cancer, Capricorn and an Aquarius will play key roles.

Leo October Forecast


Professional matters will continue to surprise you this month, Leo. Additionally, with Mercury and Venus in Scorpio you might get a bit obsessive where your home and love life are involved. Since Scorpio is such an intense sign, realize that your research and investigative skills will sharpen considerably. You could find this month to be emotionally intense in more ways than  one, Leo.

With so much emotional intensity in your domestic environment, nerves could get frayed rather easily, feelings can be hurt, and words can be spoken that can't be retracted. It's not that the transit itself is negative, just that Scorpio takes everything personally and, like Leo, is a fixed sign, slow to change its mind and it's heart. The Full Moon on 10/11 should bring about a sense of relief since Aries is a compatible sign with Leo.  Scorpio tends to feel heavier since it's a water element and (intuitive) sign. Leo, you are a fire sign and live through your passionate nature.

It might seem this month that there is so much going on that you barely have time to reflect on your good fortune. With Pluto in your 6th House, going direct, you could become consumed with work and others areas of your life could suffer. Realize you can handle anything that comes your way. It's called balance, Leo, and while it seems easy, this month it could be more challenging than normal.

Full Moon in Aries on 10/11 brings possible news regarding education, publishing, foreign sales and travel. Life could get chaotic on this day, however you have the wherewithal to move forward and meet all obligations and deadlines. You could find your overall mood improving on this date and you will feel much better about the direction of your overall life.

New Moon in Scorpio on 10/26 brings about new domestic opportunities - perhaps a new home, the sale of an existing one or it could just be that new situations and conditions affect your home life throughout October. Pluto forms a powerful angle to this Moon, suggesting that power issues could surface but they will be dealt with easilly. All pressing and immediate issues will be resolved quickly with the Sun in Libra. Mars (Drive/Aggression) remains in your sign all month giving you the ability to get through chaos, make amends with those you might have hurt and restore the sanity to your home and family life. Your love life will soar in November, Leo. Spend time this month resolving issues as soon as they emerge.

Another Leo and an Aquarius will be involved.

Cancer October Forecast


The Sun transits your 4th House of home and family this month, Cancer. This transit should bring a sense of enlightenment to all family, home, community, property and ownership matters. Home decor, maintenance and additions of space will be considered beneficial areas for you. Additionally, this month, the planets of Love (Venus) and Communications (Mercury) will enter the compatible sign of Scorpio which blends well with your intuitive nature, Cancer. On 10/9, Venus enters Scorpio where it will bring about opportunities for love, romance or a creative project. This trend will last until 11/26, so take advantage of the surprises and gifts this transit will present to you, Cancer. You could notice that where your self confidence has been low it  suddenly increases and you feel better and look better than ever. Confidence makes a comeback for all Cancers during this prosperous time, but remember that you must make the effort to get the reward. Say yes to invitations and smile at those you are attracted to. You might be surprised to find that others take to you during this time. After 10/13, when Mercury enters Scorpio, your mind and heart are in the same place, your creativity soars and your sex appeal will be undeniable.  You will be seeking entertainment and you can expect to find it in October, Cancer.

New Moon in Scorpio on 10/26 brings about opportunities for creative work. You might find that your personal power is quite strong and your confidence will carry you through anything this month even after your competition has bitten the dust. Pay attention to your career during this time as your life could seem more exaggerated or have an exaggerated quality to it. It will be easy for minor issues to get blown out of proportion or for your sensitive feelings to get hurt over something which really has no basis to cause you anguish. Be especially careful and think twice about what you say this month as well, as there could be a tendency to say something to a co-worker, boss or client you could later regret.  

Full Moon in Aries on 10/11 - Just as the month picks up steam, so do your career obligations. You could find yourself working longer hours or pushing to complete a project for a presentation. There could be a ton of activity and perhaps some chaos to this day so do your best to meet your obligations and remain grounded when people around you seem overly stressed.

An Aries and a Libra will play important roles in your month

Gemini October Forecast


You could get annoyed and impatient this month regarding your daily routine and might feel the need to take a serious gamble. The Sun transits your 5th House encouraging your creative talents, strengthening your sexuality and making you the life of the party. October promises to put you in communication with upbeat and highly social individuals who appeal to your duplicitous nature.  Make sure you are able to differentiate between your fantasies and the reality of your life.  Actions based on pure impulse this month could bring about loss or possible embarrassment. So blend your impulsive side with temperance for the best results, especially where the opposite sex and physical relationships are concerned. Talk about intensity, Gemini. October will be filled with elements of deep secrecy and you will sense this on 10/9, when Venus enters Scorpio - the most intense and secretive sign, until 11/2. During this time, you may become more circumspect in your work routine. You could be keeping your sudden insights into others to yourself, as opposed to sharing them with anyone who will listen- so NOT like you, Gemini. This transit could also bring about or result in a serious flirtation or a possible affair with a co-worker. Be ultra careful of mixing business with pleasure this month as secrets will not remain secret for too long unless you are careful and say no to some very tempting offers. Additionally, Mercury (Your ruling planet) enters Scorpio on 10/13 bringing depth and a psychic component into the mix just to complicate things. You could be mulling over a big life changing decision this month. You are seeking the bottom line in whatever you undergo, and nothing less than that will satisfy you.  

New Moon in Scorpio on 10/26 forms a beneficial angle to the career section of your chart. There could be news connected to a career issue that somehow alters or completely changes your work routine. Keep all confidential matters private before spilling them out to others. You could say something only to regret it later so watch for news and keep it yourself on or around this date. You will have time to make big announcements next month. This is a powerful new Moon which will yield more free time which you may need since you could be offered a powerful position that you might want to think about before you commit.  

Full Moon in Aries on 10/11 - adds an intriguing component to Venus and Mercury. On the one hand, you might want to keep your discoveries to yourself, but the full Moon could prompt you to blurt out all those pent up emotions: a foreign concept to Gemini. It could get confusing so try to tone down the urge to reveal or tell all on this day. Mars in Leo forms a beneficial angle to this Moon, indicating that someone has set their sights on you and might refuse to take no for an answer. Someone could fall madly and passionately in love with you and pursue you aggressively. Make sure that any potential romantic partners understand that the best way to get to you is through your mind and by attracting you mentally as well as physically.      

A Cancer and a Capricorn could play strong roles in your month

Taurus October Forecast


The lunation in your 6th House activates an interest in people, places and subjects that are new to you. The emphasis is on work methods and getting along with co-workers. You will also be reminded of keeping your health in check and making sure you adhere strictly to your exercise regimen and vitamins.  Be aware of nutrition and watch what you are REALLY eating, for best results, Taurus. On 10/9, Venus (Love) enters Scorpio which should bring about a deepening relationship or a stronger commitment to a career path you're already on. Then, on 10/13, Mercury (Communications) enters Scorpio. Talk about emotional experiences. Single or coupled, this month should bring about new faces and new opportunities where and when you least expect them. Single or coupled, Venus and Mercury in the sign of Scorpio could change the dynamics of your relationships for the next couple of weeks. You could suddenly find yourself ready, willing and able to discuss your personal feelings, needs and expectations. Scorpio is all about extremes, Taurus, so don't be surprised to find yourself feeling passionately about certain areas that would normally not bother you. You might be feeling jealous, resentful or doubting yourself. Try to tone down any sabotaging behaviors and project confidence even if you feel anything but. With Jupiter (Luck, expansion) retrograde in your 1st House, you could be mulling over the past and tending to internalize past events. Don't go there, Taurus. REALIZE that you are in the perfect place to discuss what bothers you but make sure you remain grounded in your communications with others. You could be feeling low on energy, especially after 10/23 when the Sun enters your 7th House of marriage and serious partnerships. You have an artistic nature, courtesy of Venus, so take advantage of your creative skills this month and get lost in something that appeals to you. Writing, painting, collecting and even photography would be ideal areas to pursue in your spare time. Make the most of this!

New Moon in Scorpio on 10/26 focuses on your career and a professional relationship that becomes closer and more meaningful to you. Single Taurus could find this Moon brings about the right person at the right time. Remember, Taurus, Scorpio is your opposite sign and brings about chances for a serious love relationship but it also rules divorce. Saturn (Lessons) in Libra (Love) insists that you play by the rules, so treat others with kindness and remember to play fair. Saturn doesn't like short cuts or taking the easy way out. You will have to work hard to maintain a loving relationship and efforts made on your behalf will not remain unnoticed. Emotions will be highly charged on this date so make sure you don't overreact to minor mishaps.

Full Moon in Aries on 10/11 illuminates something that is hidden in your life. It could involve the past, strong desires or some compelling issues you might not be ready to deal with. Mars in Leo will form a favorable angle to this moon, suggesting lots of activity in your life on or around this date. Family issues could play a strong role. A family member might need encouragement and you might find activity occurring happens fast and furious. Events could catch you off guard, Taurus.   

A Virgo and a Pisces will be helpful and supportive.