Pisces December Forecast


Mars (Action/Drive/Ambition) remains in your 7th House of marriage, career partnerships and legalities throughout the month, Pisces. This brings adventure and energy in these areas of your life. Mercury (Communications/The way you communicate) is retrograde as the month opens slowing down some of the fast paced events of November. As December opens, you find yourself in a fortunate position, despite all the drama, gossip and politics occurring around you. You yearn for a cozy, secure love life and you have made enormous strides in love throughout 2011. Look back to early 2011 and see how far you have come, Pisces. The 7th House also rules areas like the law and open enemies, so be on the lookout for some not so savory individuals who might want to take advantage of your good fortune, Pisces. Don't worry. You will know them when you meet them and your intuition will be spot on accurate. Don't go breaking any hearts, Pisces, and make sure the heart you break is not your own. On 12/10, a lunar eclipse occurs in the sign of Gemini and your 4th House of home and family. Eclipses represent beginnings and endings in Astrology. Your 4th House is all about where you live now and where you have lived and will live. You will hear news or an event will occur on or around this date that will involve your living situation. Perhaps, there will be a domestic adjustment or there has been  a recent change in your home and family life. The 4th House also rules Mothers and the past so it's entirely possible that you could be dealing with one of these areas throughout December, Pisces.

2012 is all about your ruling planet, Neptune, entering your 1st House. This is a huge deal for you, Pisces, as this planet will function at its maximum capacity and you will benefit from having your planetary ruler in your sign. It gives you the insight and awareness you will need to get through any obstacles that might arise, personal or professional. As you enter 2012, you are entering a # 5 year in Numerology. The # 5 is all about change, diversity and adaptability which you should have no problems with since you have become accustomed to learning how to go with change. You are also a mutable sign which helps you deal with the 5 energy of 2012. Prepare yourself, Pisces. 2012 is all prestige, popularity and power. It's going to be a year of inspiration, recognition from your peers and soaring popularity. The signs of Leo and Aquarius will play unconventional roles in your life this month, Pisces. Happy New Year!

Lucky Number: # 7

Aquarius December Forecast


As December begins Venus (Love) is in Capricorn while Mercury (Communications) is retrograde in Sagittarius until 12/13. The pace of life slows down considerably as December begins. You might feel as though your close communications are misunderstood and people surrounding you could seem out of sorts and vice versa. This is only temporary and is a result of Mercury and this transit will end on 12/13. Additionally this month there is a lunar eclipse in the sign of Gemini and your 5th House of romance, children and taking chances. This brings up emotional attitudes or expressions from you as eclipses typically represent beginnings and endings. There are new opportunities with a romance, children will be present or involved or you could hear news about a project that is dear to your heart. Since Gemini is a compatible element with you, Aquarius, whatever occurs on or around this date should be news of a pleasing nature. To learn how this eclipse will affect you- click this link.To learn more about lunar eclipses - clickhere.  Whatever transpires proves to be emotional but in a good way.

Long standing disputes will seem to straighten themselves out - especially the week of 12/14. Then, on 12/20, Venus enters your sign just in time for the Holidays, making this Holiday season somewhat odd or eccentric in some way. Plans are subject to change and unorthodox Holidays will take precedence for all signs. All eyes are on you during Venus transit through your sign, Aquarius. You will capture the interest of potential loves and higher ups will take note of your contributions. Taking risks pays off this month as you will learn mid-month, Aquarius. Those who told you it couldn't be done will be eating their own words. You know instinctively to always follow your bliss and it always leads you in the right direction. You only encounter problems when and if you let others influence you, which is a rarity for Aquarius. Realize that all eyes will remain on you from 12/20 - 1/14/12 so look your very best. Go shopping during this transit and you will find items that are becoming on you. Get your hair done and work on your social reputation. Show off your sense of humor and you could find someone or enhance an existing relationship with one who is ready, willing and able to commit for life.

As you approach 2012, realize that all planets are functioning at maximum capacities and you notice a strong sense of unity within your community. 2012 is a # 5 year in Numerology. The # 5 represents change, diversity, adaptability and flexibility. 2012 is going to be like a spy thriller for those of you who love a mystery. There will be secrets to unlock and investigations into the unknown as areas previously ignored will now gain your interest. Happy New Year, Aquarius!      

Lucky Number: # 4

Most Compatible Signs: Aries and Libra will show you the true meaning of the word love this month. Think about what love really means to you, Aquarius.

Capricorn December Forecast


As the month begins, Venus (Love) remains in your sign where it has been since 11/25 and will stay there until 12/20 when it enters Aquarius. This month is your month, Capricorn. You will be the main attraction wherever you go. You could find others in a complimentary mood and with Venus in your sign; there is no stopping you and your focus. It's the Holidays, Capricorn, and you might want to focus on key areas of life such as romance, family and whatever else you deem valuable. The only snag in December is Mercury (communications) in Sagittarius. This transit will last until 12/13 and you could find yourself really getting into the spirit of the season after this date. You might not want to do your shopping until after this date as items you purchase will need to be returned or not fit and cause you to experience delays. However, you might be having so much fun with Venus on your side that you realize that the value of the Holidays is not about presents, it's about love and family.

On 12/10, a lunar eclipse occurs in the sign of Gemini and this could affect your daily routines or bring about some intense emotions where your job, health and personal wellness are involved. On the same day, Uranus (Surprises) enters Aries direct so this day is one to mark on your calendar, Capricorn. Think before you say something, as emotions will run hot and heavy with everyone, not just you. Eclipses are about beginnings and endings and Uranus is about surprises and the unexpected. You will find yourself to be a voice of reason after all the emotions of the day calm down, so maintain your composure because people are looking to you for comfort and consolation.

You might find yourself more interested in socializing and having fun than on work. A new romance could develop this month or an existing one rises to the next level.  This is something to consider because work is calling and the only thing you might need is more time. There are not enough hours in the day for you or so it seems. Take one step at a time and realize that big changes are headed your way. On 12/24, a New Moon occurs in your sign, just in time for the Holiday. This Moon will bring news and opportunities for love, your career and wherever you are currently putting your focus.  

As you prepare to enter 2012, get ready for changes on the home front such as domestic adjustments and show kindness and gratitude to those who helped you along the way. Your ruler, Saturn, will transit two signs this year, Libra and Scorpio. This makes it imperative that you learn to find a balance where work and pleasure are involved. You naturally like to mix the two, but 2012 asks you to prioritize these areas and keep them separate in 2012. It will be a year where you reap what you have sown, Capricorn. Happy New Year!

Lucky Number:  # 8
Most Compatible Signs: Cancer and another Capricorn

Sagittarius December Forecast


This is a big month for you, Sagittarius.  Mercury (Communications) remains retrograde in your sign which began on 11/25 and slows down the pace of your life which you can expect to last until 12/13/-12/14 when you begin to feel events moving more in a solid direction. Having Mercury retrograde in your sign causes twice the hassles as they relate to communications and getting new projects moving in a direction that is more to your liking. On 12/10, there is also a lunar eclipse in the sign of Gemini, your 7th House of marriage, serious career ventures and legalities. These BIG areas (7th House) will be on the forefront of your mind but you somehow manage to find whatever unfolds to be easier to accept, for better or for worse. You are a natural optimist and it's hard to get a Sagittarius down. You have a philosophical bent to your nature which makes you take BOTH the good and bad in stride, whatever that may be. This excellent quality will come in handy during the first two weeks of December as the retrograde of Mercury sweeps through your 1st House.

Take some time away to slow down and rethink, review and revise any important areas in your life in which you feel unsatisfied. Single Sagittarius could hear from a past love during this time or a relationship could come to an end. Coupled Sagittarius will remember what brought them together this month and make a stronger commitment to each other. You are in for some big changes where your love and career life are concerned. You will be able to put things in perspective. There will be a New Moon in Capricorn on 12/24 and this brings news regarding your career and your finances. It could also propel you to look into a new career and financial opportunities as well. Even though it's the Holidays, make every effort to keep in touch with the VIPs in your life and maintain some type of contact with bosses and higher ups. Jupiter (Luck and expansion) is on your side where your career is concerned, so make sure you keep the lines of communication open throughout the Holidays even if its minimal. Just do it for best results, Sagittarius.

As you enter 2012, your mind will be filled with new ideas for yourself in the coming year. 2012 is a # 5 year in Numerology. The # 5 is all about change, diversity, adaptability and versatility. This should excite you as these are areas in which you are a master expert. 2012 should be a fantastic year of expansion in your love life, single or coupled. It will also demand hard work but the results will be worth it. Smile, Sagittarius! Step into the New Year with a positive attitude and watch how your life changes to your liking, despite some minor obstacles along the way.

Lucky Number: # 3
Most Compatible Signs: Virgo and Pisces

Scorpio December Forecast


As the month opens, Mercury (Communications/the way you communicate) remains in the sign of Sagittarius and your 2nd House of income, possessions and how you view these areas. Additionally, Mercury retrograde causes important things to slow down. Expect to encounter all sorts of communication snafus. Appliances going haywire, your travel plans get mixed up or don't pan out the way you had hoped. You get the idea, Scorpio. Thankfully, this planet resumes direct motion on 12/13 but you will really notice a difference in the flow of your life after the 14th. During the early part of December, you also experience a lunar eclipse in the sign of Gemini and your 8th House of other people's money, power and topics considered taboo. Typically, eclipses represent beginnings and endings and lunar eclipses are more emotional and internal than solar eclipses are. You could find yourself feeling emotional about the most important life areas and how you communicate regarding these areas. Time for reflection, review and revisions where your communication styles are involved, Scorpio. Are your friends happy with you? Are you happy with your friends? Do you show/share your true feelings with others? Do they with you? You will know without knowing what needs to happen in order for you to sustain happiness in your life this Holiday season. However, the way you interact with the big players in your life will come sharply into focus on or around 12/10. You are a sensitive and naturally psychic sign, so you will be perceiving how others see you throughout the month. The good news is that this eclipse will enable you to change whatever isn't working and replace it with something that you can feel better about whether it's a friendship, relationship or a career decision. Whatever unfolds for you, look to the 8th House to get an idea of other areas that could be impacted by this eclipse. Single Scorpios can expect to get excited as Jupiter will resume direct motion on 11/25 and your 7th House. Areas such as marriage, your career, the law and open enemies will be highlighted during this time which lasts until next June.

Single Scorpios could meet someone new and a relationship could develop quickly and lead to serious commitment. Jupiter is all about expansion, so you should definitely begin to notice the romantic prospects of your life improving in 2012. This month, Mars (Drive) remains in Virgo and your 11th House and an ex love returning is a possibility for Scorpio, single or married. As the month begins, Venus (Love) will be in the sign of Capricorn and your 3rd House. This gives you an edge in the way you communicate with others, especially romantic partners but with Mercury retrograde, it might be best to take things slow and steady until after the week of 12/14. On 12/24, a New Moon falls in Capricorn and all key planets will be working to their maximum capacities, making you feel some relief and bringing news regarding a project you have been working on. This is excellent news, Scorpio, so have faith and prepare to enter 2012 organized and in the flow. Love wise, single or coupled, there are lessons and opportunities for you, Scorpio. If one relationship ends during this time, perhaps another more suitable one arrives to replace it. Make a list of your goals for 2012 in December and step back, work hard and see what the universe has in store for you.

As you step into the New Year, realize that we are in a #5 year in Numerology. The # 5 represents change, diversity and versatility for all signs, Scorpio. Your best time for love begins on New Years day and will stay there until summer. Just relax and go with whatever occurs. Try and see reality instead of seeing how you would LIKE things to be. This will be your biggest lesson to learn during the first half of 2012. Happy New Year, Scorpio!

Lucky Number: # 9

Most Compatible Signs: Aries, Taurus and Libra playing key roles. Another Scorpio has some insights to share with you. Whether this person is a friend or family member, you can gain insight into yourself with the help of another Scorpio this month.  

Libra December Forecast


The only damper in your month, Libra, is Mercury retrograde which began last month and the dread ends on 12/14 for good. After that, you're a free agent off on an adventure, enjoying the creature comforts of life with children, creativity and love. These areas appeal to you, and others will find Libra to be ultra seductive. As December begins, this transit could put you in a joyous and festive mood despite pesky Mercury. You are a born diplomat and avoid confrontation with others and these very qualities will prove to serve you well this month, Libra. You could receive news that could change your life and how you live it. The eclipse on 12/10 will bring about news of an upcoming trip/vacation or a creative breakthrough and you formulate plans and execute strategies for your future in 2012. You are smart to begin your planning once Mercury dread ends on 12/14. Mid December will prove to be entertaining, satisfying personally and important. Family, love, friends and creative assignments or projects will play an important role as you aim to establish a greater awareness and understanding of your partner, if coupled. Single Libra won't be so single anymore after this month is over. As far as love and intimate issues. December is about celebrations and giving of oneself. You get information or news that something special is occurring just for you, Libra. You will notice the romance of the holidays and it will put the spotlight on domestic and love relationships. Home life will take precedence over work and you might be able to get some quality time away from work.  With Pluto (Beginnings/Endings) in Capricorn (Your 4th House of home and family) there could be a domestic adjustment or transformation in your home life. Realize how much a change is needed this month.  The Holidays are important to you, Libra, and 2011 will be no different .As you prepare to enter 2012, romance will top your agenda as will children and risk taking activities. This could one of your best months of 2011, especially after 12/15, Libra.

Venus is on your side this month and despite the misfortune of some friends or family close by, you find that you have much to be grateful for. Realize the grass isn't greener and be in the moment, Libra. This will relax you more than you will ever know.

2012 is also a 5 year in Numerology. The # 5 is all about change, diversity and variety - for ALL signs, Libra. Realize that what was a sure thing yesterday could prove to be not so sure after all. Take special care of your skin, teeth and bones this month. Get a scalp massage or foot rub. See your dentist and make sure you keep hydrated as Saturn is moving forward in your 1st House. Take excellent care of your physical appearance for best results, Libra. You have VIPs watching you and are impressed with what they see. Happy New Year!  

Lucky Number: # 6

Most Compatible Signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces

Virgo December Forecast


December is lucky for Virgo, as it is all about building solid structures in the foundations of your life. You can be finicky and ultra critical of others, even though YOU might not realize this, Virgo. As December opens, your ruling planet, Mercury, is going retrograde which could make for some moments of discomfort where your patience is tested to the max. You could feel bewildered by certain events that involve friendships, your family and creative projects. These areas could be emotional in a good way. Make every effort to let others know where your heart is at all times. Try and relax as much as you can- if you can, Virgo! You're always striving to be a better individual.  Others see this and admire and adore you. Your efforts ARE appreciated. There is a Solar eclipse on 12/10 in the sign of Gemini, which impacts your professional life and brings up deep issues within yourself about how you earn a living. This could be of paramount importance to you and cause you to question or doubt the path you have chosen for yourself, Virgo. You will be elated or in despair courtesy of Pluto, Neptune and moving direct.  If it's the latter, realize that you CAN change anything you put your mind to, Virgo. 

A New Moon occurs on 12/24 in Capricorn and your 5th House of love and romance. Mark this date on your calendar and watch how smoothly events flow, especially relating to anything and anyone you are passionate about. You will take that risk, go that extra mile and make the effort and that is what makes you so attractive. With Venus in Capricorn, you have it made, Virgo. The beginning of the month might be slow but as the month progresses, especially on and around  12/14, events pick up and life is looking brand new as you prepare to step into 2012, Virgo. Love will play a strong role as well as lust. Mars will remain in your sign this month, giving you the understanding of what is at stake and what you ideally choose to do about it. You might be seen as a hero or a zero depending on other aspects of your chart.  It's your love and career life that is called on for review as are other areas, Virgo. Home might seem more appealing than work, so be advised that you should take advantage of the energy that comes with this powerful planet. Others think you have all the answers. Which you usually do, Virgo.

You prepare to enter 2012 determined to change the things that you don't like and fix them to your liking. This should be a breeze for you, Virgo. 2012 is also a 5 year in Numerology. 5 represents change, diversity and demands adaptability, like it or not.

Lucky Numbers: 5 & 22

Most Compatible Signs: Taurus and Scorpio

Leo December Forecast


This is a strong Mercury retrograde for Leo, so the month could be emotional and nostalgic on some days. The month opens with Mercury (Communication) retrograde slowing down projects you would prefer to get going on, like now. The beginning of December asks that you slow down and review, revise and state your reservations in a calm and collected manor. With Venus (Love) in Capricorn, you might find that your communications with others are not somehow being perceived the way you would like. Tension is everywhere and everyone can feel it, Leo. During Venus transit of Capricorn, try and take it easier on yourself and let things flow, especially love and your career. Take the high road in any situation: however, be fair and honest in your dealings with others as issues from your past could return, especially if they involve communication breakdowns. Repair your past so that you may proceed forward where you belong, Leo. You should begin to start feeling more in sync with others the week of the 14th as communications are straightened out and everyone seems to be on the same page.
There is a Solar Eclipse (12/10) in the sign of Gemini. This could be an emotional time for you, for better or for worse, especially in terms of friendships and the way you interact with friends, family and your love. Reassess any weak areas and make certain that you iron out any opposing differences before it's too late, Leo. You are a true romantic at heart. On 12/20, Venus enters your 7th House of Aquarius. If single, you could be taking a new romance to a new and improved level. You will know in your heart who your heart belongs to this month, Leo. It's time to make your feelings known, as relationships bring Leo great satisfaction. The signs of another Leo and an Aquarius could be attracted to you and will let you know it. On 12/25, you will be in your element, excited to ring in 2012 and beginning to get real with yourself and honest with those closest to you, Leo. You will be touched by the heartfelt exchanges you have with someone special. This is how it should be, Leo.

With the Sun in Sagittarius and your 5th House during the first half of the month, your mind will be on romance. As the Sun prepares to enter Capricorn and your 6th House on 12/22, you find yourself more focused on career and your personal goals as they relate to more income as you move into the New Year. You feel the winds of change blowing as you prepare to enter 2012 and 2012 is going to be a #5 year. The number 5 represents change, versatility and adaptability. 2012 is about leadership and showcasing your personal talents, whatever they might be. Get ready for a wild ride, Leo. Happy New Year!

Lucky Number: # 1
Most Compatible Signs: Gemini and Sagittarius

Cancer December Forecast


Buckle up, Cancer. December will be a rollercoaster ride for you, emotionally and otherwise. The month opens with Mercury (Communications) retrograde in your 6th House of daily routines, health and wellness. These areas could suddenly seem stalled or possibly not progress as fast as you had hoped. Also, pay close attention to your health during this period which lasts until 12/14. In addition to the month starting off on a slow note in your daily life, there will also be a lunar eclipse in Gemini and your 12th House on 12/10. Eclipses are always about beginnings and endings. You find that issues from the past creep into the present and secrets come to light. You could feel that there is something from your past that continues to haunt you. It could be that you thought you were over someone or something and you find that that is not the case after all. Whatever occurs, Cancer, remember to control those tender emotions of yours for best results. Realize that there are those who might be envious of your good fortune and might want to emotionally manipulate you. You tend to be nostalgic and find it hard to let go of the past. You are loving, loyal and not everyone else can appreciate these wonderful qualities you possess. That's their loss and your gain; just don't let them get to you, Cancer. Whatever occurs during the first half of the month, try your very best to deal with it and move on once and for all. Realize that whatever occurred in the past is over and there are better things in store for you in 2012. You could be feeling simultaneously overwhelmed by Mercury Retrograde and the Eclipse, but there is good news!

On 12/24, there is a New Moon in Capricorn which is your 7th House of marriage, serious business relationships and the law. These areas will be exceptionally prosperous for you so hold fast during the first half of the month because your life could change overnight in a very positive and uplifting way the second half of December. As the Holiday comes closer, you might want to take a break or some serious time off work. There will be a strong need for some solo time but you will want to attend all of the parties and join in the Holiday fun. Just make sure that you network with VIPs, and while you might not be working, you can still network while socializing. There could be someone you meet at a Holiday party who can help you get to the next level in your career, so make sure to try and mix a little bit of business with pleasure. More good news? Venus (Love) remains in Capricorn where it has been since 11/26 and will stay there until 12/20. You might find yourself to be overly focused on love, or the lack of it during this time. Mercury retrograde suggests you hold off having intimate conversations and keep your feelings to yourself until after 12/14 for best results. 2012 is a # 5 year in Numerology.

The # 5 is all about change, diversity and variety - for ALL signs, Cancer. 2012 is all about big changes and personal and career excitement. Happy New Year, Cancer!
Lucky Number:  # 2
Most Prominent Signs: A Leo, another Cancer, Capricorn and Aquarius

Gemini December Forecast


Big news this month, Gemini! There is a lunar eclipse occurring in your sign on 12/10. This is in addition to Mercury (Communications) retrograde in your 7thHouse of marriage, legalities, business contracts and other relationships which may have seemed stagnant since 11/25. Eclipses are about beginnings and endings, so it's entirely possible that something big (like a wish) could happen for you this month when it comes to fresh starts in new directions, especially as they relate to your love and business life. You might get engaged, get that promotion or land a dream job. Remember that you have what it takes to do anything, so don't settle for less and realize that good things are headed your way, Gemini. Creative projects will go over especially well with superiors. As the month begins, events might not be as fast paced or run as smoothly as you would like but after your ruling planet, Mercury, turns direct on 12/14, you will feel the frustrations melt away and proceed with confidence and Holiday spirit. Venus (Love) begins the month in Capricorn which is your 8th House. This isn't the greatest placement for you but it will bring a sense of organization and efficiency to your life which is much needed. Then on 12/20, Venus enters Aquarius and love really takes you by surprise. There is a New Moon on 12/24 in the sign of Capricorn and this again falls in your 8th House. Remember to get organized, prioritize and make sure that you are prepared for an unpredictable 2012.

On 12/25, every planet will be moving forward enabling everyone to feel better about their relationships, be it family, friends or any other key relationships. You will get in the spirit of the Holidays between Christmas and New Years and might be surprised to find that everyone around you might be feeling the same. As the year winds down, you find yourself in a welcoming mood and ready for 2012. 2012 is a # 5 year in Numerology. The # 5 is all about change, diversity and variety - for ALL signs, Gemini. Realize that with Pluto in Capricorn in your 8th House, you hold more POWER and SEX APPEAL than you might realize. You might unconsciously emanate an "I'm not interested" sort of appeal which will make others find you that much more attractive. The saying "too hot to handle" could easily apply in 2012. 2012 is all about research, investigation and your superb communication skills.  Happy New Year, Gemini!

Lucky Number: # 5
Most Compatible Signs: Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius

Taurus December Forecast


The month opens with Mercury retrograde creating some hassles and confusion in the general areas of your life. Computers, appliances and communications could experience problems, or go haywire and this could frustrate you in a big way. Jupiter (Luck/expansion) in your sign remains retrograde but will resume direct motion on 12/25 which will come as a welcome relief and get love going in the right direction. This is when things really start to improve. Venus begins the month in Capricorn which is a compatible sign for you, Taurus. Love can be found in the strangest and most unusual places for single Taurus this month. Despite all the frenetic activity around you, Taurus IS feeling love in December and there could be even more than one potential love for Taurus, if single. Coupled Taurus will need to avoid a stubborn side as there could be a tendency to nitpick your partner.

Prepare for what may seem like bittersweet experiences as a lunar eclipse sweeps into your financial sector on 12/10. Venus will be supporting you and could bring about good news such as a raise, unexpected bonus or a promotion. Venus is on your side this month, Taurus. Remember that attitude is everything and project confidence even if you don't feel that way. You look like a prize to many around you, Taurus, so remain on your best behavior and don't sweat the small stuff. Additionally, there is a New Moon in Capricorn on December 24th and then Jupiter turns direct on 12/25. You can expect to enter 2012 feeling quite secure about your personal and professional life. Then on 12/20, Venus enters Aquarius and transits your professional sector. This brings the possibility of a romance on the job this month, Taurus. Venus will be in Aquarius from 12/20 - 1/14. Take advantage of this time by focusing on what you want from your career and pursue it by sticking to your principals and maintaining a strong sense of integrity. If someone you work with is appealing to you and vice versa, make sure both of you are not in other relationships as triangles could get very complicated and potentially dangerous. If coupled, it will be imperative to make sure you keep the lines of communication wide open. As the year winds down, you find yourself in a welcoming mood and ready for 2012. 2012 is a # 5 year in Numerology. The # 5 is all about change, diversity and variety - for ALL signs, Taurus. As you step into to 2012, you could find that love is what life is all about. Your career and love life will expand beyond your wildest expectations. This prosperous transit of having Jupiter in your sign will bring you good fortune and expansion throughout the first six months of 2012.

Lucky Number: # 6
Most Compatible Signs: Aries and Libra

Aries December Forecast


The Holidays are approaching and you find yourself feeling frustrated with areas like higher education, travel and publishing, as Mercury Retrograde opens the month slowing things down for you, Aries. If travelling during this transit, make sure you double check times and dates for accuracy. There could be unexpected delays or the need to review certain areas like relationships with foreign people and travel to foreign places. Distant shores might be calling, but travel after the13th in order to avoid hassles. You find that conditions are more suitable and filled with less drama after this date. On December 10 there will be a lunar eclipse in Gemini and your 3rd House. Remember that eclipses are about beginnings and endings, especially when they fall in opposite signs. So look at the way you communicate with others this month and play extra close attention when taking short trips and when spending time with relatives and siblings. Proceed with caution as these areas could be super sensitive and the last thing you want is a drama filled Holiday. Prepare yourself for some surprises that you had not anticipated, and expect emotions to be at an all time high throughout the month.

You might get news that might shock or surprise you! You could feel emotional throughout the month as finances or communications might not be as ideal as you might like but you have the stamina to do whatever it takes to make the best of a not so great situation and turn it into a positive. Realize, Aries, that everyone is feeling the effects of the eclipse and the addition of all planets moving at their maximum capacities, plus Mercury retrograde. Expect to wave goodbye to stability this month and start getting used to having Uranus (planet of surprise) in your first House. This month it resumes direct in your 1st House on 12/10 and will remain there for an extended stay that lasts until 2019.  Aries, your love of excitement will be fulfilled via the surprises this planet has in store for you. You might not like everything you experience but you love a challenge and persistency is your challenge here. You will need to develop and cultivate tact when it comes to your professional and your private life. 2012 is all about the unexpected: your career, unpredictable events where it comes to relationships, where you live and even extends to what you thought was a sure thing  turning out to be quite the opposite. Yes, Aries there are surprises galore in store for you. What was set in stone yesterday may no longer be the case in 2012 and you have the fortitude and foresight to navigate through just about anything, thanks to your ruling planet, Mars. 2012 is also a 5 year in Numerology. The # 5 is all about change, diversity and variety - for ALL signs.  

Lucky Number:  # 9
Most Compatible Signs: Cancer and Capricorn


Daily Forecast for Wednesday, November 30th, 2012

The Moon in Aquarius illuminates your 11th House of hopes, wishes, friends and people from the past. You need to talk to someone about something very personal and highly confidential. Nostalgia plays a role as you could long for the past. Someone you love is ready to reveal his or her future plans with you. A Leo. Libra and a Sagittarius have a surprise in store. 

The Moon in Aquarius illuminates your 10th House of status, career and reputation, Taurus. Careful what you say and how you say it. There could be a tendency to speak without thinking that may land you in hot water but this is only temporary. Speak from the heart if you feel misunderstood and show some serious appreciation for your closest friends and business associates. A Scorpio is on your side.

The Moon in Capricorn falls in your 9th House of travel, foreign countries and faraway places, Gemini. You could be feeling over worked and stressed. A strong desire to take off for parts unknown or exotic places is featured. Something is different about you and someone special will notice and may take up much of your undivided time and attention. A Taurus and a Libra are impressed with you, Gemini.

The Moon in Aquarius enters your 8th House of sex, death, rebirth and personal transformation. You will make some serious choices to ongoing dilemmas that center around health, wellness and possible new beginnings. There is a saying that "Love changes everything" and this applies to you today, Cancer. Make time for a Virgo and a Pisces. 

The Moon in Aquarius resumes in your 7th House of love, partnership and legal contracts. You will find others more than willing to help you. Friends, romantic partners and associates will find you irresistible and ultra charming. If you need any help, do not hesitate to ask today, Leo. Despite how you feel emotionally, you look like a million dollars. An Aries, Leo and a Sagittarius are on your side and want prove it to you. 

The Moon in Aquarius falls in your 6th House of work, health and service to others, Virgo. You will be productive, motivated and highly organized today. You can charm others into just about anything. You will be more productive in the morning than you will be at night. There is a certain someone you want to reserve some one on one time with. Make special plans for tonight, Virgo. The signs of Cancer and Capricorn have something to say.

The Moon in Aquarius impacts your 5th House of love sex and steamy encounters. Take the lead in all new social situations. You could meet new people who can take you places you have only dreamed about. Socializing will be rewarding. You could have a ton of fun with a Gemini and a Sagittarius. 

The Moon in Capricorn highlights your 4th House of home, family and confidential matters, Scorpio. There could be some concern with regards to family affairs, siblings and relatives. There might be some things happening behind closed doors that you are not aware of. People are talking and you could be surprised at what you hear or uncover. A Gemini, Leo and an Aquarius will be involved in your day, Scorpio.  

The Moon in Aquarius enters your 3rd House of communication, short distance travel and visits, Sagittarius. Progress is not coming as fast as you had hoped. Unexpected twists and turns could throw you off. Competition is fierce but you have what it takes to leave competitors in the dust. You could be asked for some personal and highly confidential information today. A Taurus and a Libra expect some type of answer from you, Sagittarius.   

The Moon in Aquarius falls in your 2nd House of finance, money earned and money saved. Your mind could be focused on your bank account, assets and savings today, Capricorn. You will be dealing with changes in your income or a partner's change of income. There is the chance of renewing a commitment to someone special. Love appears where and when you least expect it today. A Taurus, Aquarius and a Pisces are in this picture.

The Moon in Aquarius falls in your 1st House of appearance, self-image and your public persona. This is considered a four-star day for you, Aquarius. You will sense more love and appreciation. Friends and lovers will be receptive to your humor, ideas and you will be the life of any party or social gathering. You find the company of a Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius to be exciting and very worthwhile. 

The Moon in Aquarius falls in your 12th House of self-undoing, fears and past experiences. Your imagination could take you places you should avoid, if possible. Don't assume to worst, Pisces. Two is company but three will be a definite crowd today. The need to escape via extreme behaviors will be particularly strong today as the Moon prepares to enter your sign. Resist an urge to go overboard, Pisces. A Taurus, Leo and a Scorpio will be unusually supportive.