Aries May Forecast

As the Month opens, the planet of Communication (Mercury) transits your sign, Aries. This gives you the "Midas touch" in communications with everyone you come into contact with. Suddenly, you are the voice of reason and rationality, and you get respect to boot. Express yourself, set up appointments with those you wish to be closer to, reach out and network as you have the ability to sell just about anything to just about anyone, Aries. On May 9th, Mercury enters Taurus until 5/24. Jupiter (Luck, expansion) is also in Taurus and brings about growth wherever this planet travels, and Mercury provides the communication to make things happen. Taurus is your solar 2nd House, Aries. During this time, your focus might shift to finances and a possible promotion or rise in pay. You possess an element of intuition this month that astounds you on some level and you should utilize this and apply it to any big decisions you may face in May. You might sense something is going to occur before it actually does, Aries. Don't panic. May is bound to have it ups and a few downs but you live and learn, Aries. We all do! And remember that a challenging day always brings in something positive that comes from the experience.

A Full Moon occurs in the sign of Scorpio on 5/5 and your 8th House of sex, death and taxes. For you, Aries, you might notice that not only are you dealing with areas such as mortgages, taxes, insurance on this day but you note your increased intuitive qualities and could be drawn into areas some consider taboo. The 8th House rules telepathy, strange and odd occurrences and you might experience something that rocks your foundation. You feel your spiritual development soaring on this bizarre and nostalgic day. Brace yourself, Aries. You're in for an unusual ride on this date. With the 8th House also being a power house, anything is possible, so center yourself and be accepting.  It's all good.

Get your financial, romantic and home affairs exactly in place and where you want them to remain/stay prior to May 15th. On this day, you can feel the winds of change coming/blowing. On 5/15 - 6/27, Venus will turn retrograde in Gemini; anticipate some surprises and some minor communication glitches.

This retrograde could create some misunderstandings and temporary setbacks in a marriage or new relationship. Advice: tread carefully around your partner, neighbors, relatives and how you communicate during this time. Venus retrograde could bring the memory and reality of a past love into the picture and you might find yourself swept up in the moment as people from the past could pop up throughout the month. Stop, think and realize the consequences that could occur by a single bad decision. Single Aries could be dealing with a new love and feel stumped at times but all will be resolved by July. So if you do encounter some snafus, it's not the end of the world or the relationship, Aries. Remember to curb your need to blurt out words without thinking first. This could be challenging for your natural bold ways of expression but it will be very worthwhile if you learn the art of diplomacy. Take a cue from Libra and think before you say something that could be taken out of context. Emotions will run high and you need to have a calming effect on others, not the opposite, Aries.

Saturn (Lessons) is retrograde in your 7th House of marriage, divorce and those people who might oppose you. It also rules the legal system. While this planet will resume direct motion this month, this is a time when putting your partner's needs ahead of your own is very important to sustaining a long term love as you probably already know or have learned possibly the hard way. You're learning valuable relationship lessons and how to apply them, Aries. Single Aries could meet what feels like a destined love while couples are overcoming issues with honest communication, being fair with one another and respecting limits and boundaries.  This transit is teaching you a lesson about love and commitment, Aries.

On May 20th, there is a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in the sign of Gemini. Try to visualize this date as a prosperous one, Aries. New Moons equal new opportunities and so do eclipses. Mark this date on your calendar, Aries.
In your 3rd House of relatives, short trips, neighbors and communication style, there will be a beginning that has to do with one of these areas. It most likely will present an opportunity to showcase yourself in a way that suits and benefits you, Aries.

On May 24th, Gemini enters Mercury and a new world awaits you. You find that you're gaining a new perspective on your life and that ideas and ideologies you never considered are now being explored and seriously researched. You may find to your own amazement your beliefs are changing entirely as they apply to what matters most to you, Aries.      

The signs of Cancer, Capricorn and an Aquarius will play important roles where money, family and love are involved.