Cancer April Forecast


The Sun transits your 10th House of power, prestige and public recognition this month, Cancer. The planet Jupiter (prosperity) is still in Taurus and this should bring some type of stability to your finances, Cancer. There is a Full Moon on April 6th in the sign of Libra. Libra is your 4th House of home, family and the past. There could be lots of movement in this part of your life on this date. You could throw a party, become more involved with your neighbors and relatives and the pace will be fast.  Remain alert and open to all issues regarding your current home life. Pay close attention to relatives as well, as they could use some words of encouragement, Cancer, and only Cancer can nurture their friends, family and love like no other.

Circle April 4th on your calendar as Mercury moving direct in Pisces will be a day to remember. There is no room for any type of delay, restriction or misunderstanding. All signs will breathe a collective sigh of relief on this day, Cancer, so clear your calendar and get out and socialize as your powers of persuasion throughout the rest of April will be legendary.

On April 10th, Pluto (birth, sex and power) retrogrades in your 7th House of marriage, perhaps a past relationship is concluding or there could be an upcoming marriage. Unfortunately there could be last minute changes in any of these areas. Your power is not as potent whenever Pluto or any other planet retrogrades, so the areas of the law, legal contracts, marriage and  divorce will be issues that could continue to linger as you try and resolve them. Pluto will turn direct in September 17th, 2012, so do your best to keep your cool when these areas present challenges or don't progress as fast as you had hoped they would, Cancer.

Venus (Love) enters Gemini on April 3rd and the next day, April 4th, Mercury (Communications) turns direct in Pisces. Venus forms a generous angle to your career this month and you might notice that you have established some prominence, support and the pace picks up where it might have felt stalled in March. If single, new relationships will require honesty - the good, the bad and the ugly - to turn into something meaningful, Cancer. Don't be afraid of what you perceive to be an embarrassing situation. Others are more understanding than you might care to believe, unless you live in Los Angeles. Gemini is your 12th House of isolation, solitude and untapped creativity. This month, a love could demand some solo time with you in private. Your relationship has an air of secrecy to it or you might want to keep it that way for a reason. Being a Cancer, you love nothing more than privacy or secrecy with a love, especially in the early stages of any new relationship. Coupled Cancers could be dealing with changes on several levels.

A New Moon in Taurus on April 21st joins Jupiter and brings news regarding an element of luck with regard to an important project close to your heart. You will have the support, wherewithal and determination to tackle the impossible and do it right. In fact, you will be able overcome anything challenging and can achieve what some might call the unachievable. Your friends and associates will be impressed with your accomplishments. You end this day with a smile on your face and a strong sense of accomplishment.

An Aries will play a significant role in your life this month, Cancer. There is a long history with this individual and the two of you will be spending more time together. This could be a relative, friend or an associate but the connection between the two of you is solid, durable and passionate. Your connection with this person could become stronger as a result of a recent domestic or romantic adjustment.

The signs of another Cancer and a Capricorn will play stand out roles throughout April, Cancer.