Capricorn April Forecast


The Sun transits your 4th House of home, family life, your past and relatives. These areas will take on a larger than life role in April, Capricorn.

Family life will be all consuming and you will focus on making sure your family life takes precedence over other areas that might need your attention. On April 3rd, Venus (Love) enters the sign of Gemini and you may find a close professional friendship growing even closer. This transit involves your work life and something you learn about your work or the work of someone close to you and could very well surprise you, Capricorn. There is a strong urge to mix business with pleasure and Capricorn will find what he or she is looking for when someone with whom you work, is attracted to you and vice versa. On April 4th, Mercury (Communications) turns direct and you and a special someone should make it a day and night to remember. The ambiance surrounding you and a romantic interest will be undeniably romantic and lovers get even closer this month after Venus enters Gemini.

A Full Moon forms in Libra on April 6th, Capricorn. This could be an eye opening day in terms of news you receive. Don't assume the worst and absolutely avoid overreacting to whatever might be revealed to you on this date. Events and people that are meant to remain in your life will grow closer this month while you might decide that some friends need to go. Try not to create a scene on this night since emotions tend to get blown out of proportion on Full Moons. This could be an important day where you learn something that has a wow factor involved. You are resolute, strong and resilient, so no matter what transpires, utilize your best assets when dealing with stressful people or worrisome situations.     

Pluto turns retrograde in your 1st House on April 10th and you, more than most, will feel this significant shift on this date. Events can seem to slow down and you might feel restless during this lengthy retrograde that lasts until September 17th, 2012, so learn to go with whatever events transpire in your daily life. Follow your hunches as you are apt to be extremely intuitive during this long transit. You know the drill now, Capricorn. It's all about the tearing down and rebuilding your life, whether you want to or not. 

Mars goes direct on April 14th and you will feel much better physically after this date. In fact, everyone will enjoy the positive spirit and feel a boost of physical energy. Mars represents motivation and desire and now that this planet is direct, the communication will lighten around you and everyone will become more spirited, motivated and even physically inclined to move faster. The pace picks up and you will feel that you are getting in sync with everything.

A New Moon occurs on April 21st in the sign of Taurus, Capricorn. There continues to be a hot and heavy romance occurring behind closed doors and you could be involved, Capricorn. A love affair gets closer and where you might have had doubts, on this day you know exactly who you want and you get him or her, Capricorn. A commitment could play a strong role.   

The signs of Leo and an Aquarius will play important roles.