Virgo April Forecast

Painting by Kelly Lynn Kimball

The Sun transits through your 8th House of power, sex and personal transformation this month, Virgo. Additionally, this month, your planetary ruler, Mercury turns direct in Pisces on April 4th. You will feel a lightness and stress levels go down, so circle this date on your calendar, Virgo. On April 3rd, Venus (Planet of love) enters Gemini and this could bring about an office romance and indicates that VIPs and bosses like your potential and admire your capabilities. Yes, Virgo, you can go far on the job this month impressing those who matter most. On April 10th, Pluto turns retrograde in your 5th House of love, children and passion. These areas could slow down temporarily where there previously was tension, stress or arguments. Pluto (Transformation) will remain retrograde until September 17th, 2012, so get used to having strong personality types attracted to you and vice versa. This planet has a very slow yet powerful feel to it. You might not notice the effects until mid summer but you will notice them and how! If coupled, communication between the two of you flows smoothly and you could be making plans for a trip together. All Virgos, single and coupled are off to a good start in love this month and will be able to navigate the powerful events that accompany Pluto. Remember that without change, there would be no growth, Virgo.  

Venus in Gemini makes a beneficial angle to your career and a romance could ignite with someone with whom you work, Virgo. Those Virgos who are already in committed relationships should say a strong "No" to temptation while singles could get serious about an associate and could get involved in a secretive relationship this month, Virgo. Think twice before you get romantically involved. If for any reason the relationship does not live up to your high standards, you will have to constantly be reminded of this and work will suffer. So while temptation is everywhere for all Virgos this month, single or coupled, before you throw caution to the winds, think about the long term consequences. 

A Full Moon forms on April 6th in the sign of Libra. Libra is your 12th House of secrets, seclusion and self-imposed isolation. This Moon could be an emotional day and night for you, Virgo. You might feel as though the weight of the world is on your shoulders or you may be presented with a lucky break. Realize that emotions always run high, and this Moon could have you flying off the handle at people who want nothing but the best for you. This is not the month to speculate. Make sure you open up a dialogue with those who you think might oppose you.   

Good news, Virgo! On April 14th, Mars (Physical energy/Motivation) will resume direct motion in your sign and this brings a sense of renewed energy, makes you more assertive and brings out a strong need to express yourself possibly via sports. Physical closeness with another and your overall energy will feel restored on this date. Whenever Mars transits your sign, your sexuality is prominent and others want to be closer to you.

A New Moon occurs on April 21st in the compatible earth sign of Taurus. You and a Taurus have a magical connection and on this day, you might hear news about travel plans. You could also be dealing with people in foreign countries and people of foreign descent. You could be planning a trip overseas and you could also be dealing with a creative project that gets a green light. This should be a great day for Virgo, so take advantage of the opportunities that come your way. Mars will keep your energy levels high so you will see and seize opportunities as soon as they appear.

The signs of Aries, Taurus and a Libra will capture your interest and find your company fascinating this month, Virgo. A Scorpio continues to play a loyal role and it would serve you well to get anything that is bothering you out on the table, especially involving your connection to this Scorpio. You might be surprised that what you uncover is unconditional support and   Scorpio is willing to support you, despite what you might want to believe.