Cancer July Forecast

Painting by Kelly Lynn Kimball

The Sun transits your 1st House of appearance and fresh starts and brings personal popularity into your life this month, Cancer. You notice that these areas will be highlighted and that others will find you to be charming, creative and attractive. With Venus in Gemini moving forward, you will be looking for the bottom line in every relationship, especially love relationships and asking yourself hard questions. Are you happy with this person? Do you know in your heart of hearts that this is the one for you?  You will be examining your ideals and be introspective about love, past and present, and quite possibly the future. If you find yourself in a good place romantically, you still might want to examine the relationship you're currently in. You could grow closer to an existing love and come to a better understanding of the mechanics of love, at least for you.  How to proceed with this knowledge from here on out becomes clear.

A Full Moon occurs on July 3rd in the compatible earth sign of Capricorn. Capricorn rules your 7th House of marriage, divorce and legal documents. Prepare to be/feel low on energy but you will hear news regarding your most intimate relationships, personal, professional and otherwise. Your career and romance are in strong focus on this day. Single Cancer should not be single for much longer. There is a conjunction forming to this Moon that might have a metaphysical or spiritual element feel to it. You might just be amazed by the power of personal transformation you feel is occurring on this day, Cancer. You will know exactly where you stand in your career and in your most intimate one on one relationship.You will also find that others care more than you suspected. Your soothing ways, loyalty and sense of humor win others over, even though you might not see this. You really make an impression on others this day.

Mars (Action/Energy) enters Libra (Your solar 4th House of home, the past and motherhood) and joins Saturn (Lessons/ Solid Structures) on July 3rd. During the opening of the month, you will notice activity and movement around your home as you become more social and work on beautifying your house.  You find that you tend to gravitate toward your home life much more than previously. This is an ideal time for Cancer to begin a home based business if that is something you have been considering, Cancer. This is a great time for you to be your own boss and take charge. If you have any strong inclinations about turning to a new career, be practical and don't dive head in first. You have the potential, the talent and the foresight to know what you really want and, more importantly, need, instinctively. Follow your intuition always, Cancer. It NEVER steers you in the wrong direction. There are benefits headed your way with regards to home life, hopes and your deepest wishes. Enjoy.   

One area that continues to shine, for better or for worse, relates to your employment. Reason? Uranus (Surprises/Things you NEVER saw coming) has entered your career sector. This transit has brought about uncertainty, unexpected change and events which you had not anticipated or even considered, for better or for worse. This is not a time to take your time, Cancer. Uranus wants you to be surprised and this planet will test you. The less resistance you exert, the better events will flow. This planet wants you to hurry up and deal with the unexpected. This is not the way you operate, so the energy could seem initially daunting but exciting as well. You might feel as though you're riding a roller coaster when it comes to your career. Pluto (Transformation/Power) is also in your opposite sign of Capricorn, so the combination of these planets could make things feel even more extreme, dramatic and uncertain.

Mercury (Communications) opens the month in the sign of Leo and your 2nd House of finance. You might find that you're in an outgoing and sociable mood during the first 14 days of July. Discussions with friends, a love and family will be focused on finances. You could find yourself in a lot of conversations with others (more so than ever) this month. On July 14th - August 8th, Leo turns retrograde, which will influence these communications in the direction of income and possessions.  Misunderstandings are highly likely to occur during this retrograde, so remain alert. Mark July 14th on your calendar, Cancer. You will notice a shift! During this retrograde, follow the typical Mercury protocol. Review, revisit, re-examine and re-think things you feel on the fence about. Since Leo is your solar 2nd House of finance, there will be further discussions about money, travel plans and your career. This Mercury retrograde could have you feeling uncertain about your career in some way. You might question yourself and your actions. Realize that without change, there is no growth and all careers hit a snag once in awhile. Only you know what is best for you, and since you tend to obsess, try and tone down any potential misunderstandings - especially those regarding money during this retrograde. It ends on August 8th but you will feel it most powerfully on the 14th, Cancer. 
Jupiter (Luck/Expansion) is now in Gemini and your solar 12nd House of secrets, the past and your untapped creativity. You experience prosperity in these areas during this year long transit that began last month. The 12th House is a place where one phase ends and another begins. It also rules isolation, (the self imposed type), prisons and hospitals. Expect some transformation in this area of your life and realize that what transpires during this transit will enable you to know what you want/need and are curious to know. Not only about yourself but about others as well. Secrets will come to light and they could benefit you. You could write a best selling novel, paint the best picture you have ever painted and people from your past can emerge with apologies, gifts and unexpected information that helps you enormously. Some people might be envious of your good fortune during this time. You could notice that power issues crop up, so realize that these issues will affect others, not you, Cancer. You have worked hard, so do your best and don't allow anyone to manipulate your feelings.

A New Moon occurs on July 19th in your sign, Cancer. This is a powerful Moon for you and there is a potentially lucrative relationship that comes into your life suddenly. This is a day to focus on what you really want and desire from life. New Moons = new opportunities and this is your time of the year to begin working on what you want in your life. It is a time you will experience personal opportunities you never dreamed possible, Cancer. Mark this date on your calendar, as you will be intuitive and feeling self confident, despite the Leo retrograde.  

A Virgo and a Pisces will play key roles in your life throughout July. A Virgo will hold a special place in your heart. Your connection to this person is long-standing and the bond between you is restored and strengthened this month. Pisces is your confidant whether it is a relative or a parental figure or other friend. Pisces is always there for you. You can count on a Pisces to keep you entertained, be your loyal ally and also to make you feel calm when you need someone to soothe your tender heart. You give so much of yourself to others, but step back in July and let others pamper you, like NOW- Cancer!