Get Addicted To Astrology: The Daily Spotlight

The Sun Always Comes First


There is no need for false modesty when you have this much personal power going for you. Just step into the spotlight and shine (This comes naturally for Leo). In public you can dazzle your date, potential lover, or mate with your natural glamour, good looks & sunny disposition. Leo makes a dashing entrance everywhere he or she goes with their special someone. In private, make your lover the center of attention for best results, Leo. Show that you can be a loyal friend, the life of any party and always be an attentive lover for best results. Leos live for love, adoration and applause. You need to be the center of the universe and are quite capable of achieving your dreams whether they involve being in the spotlight or making a great impression on others. Be aware of coming across as self-centered as this can alienate the very people you want to impress. You will have luck in the in the performing arts, through family and with children.

The Moon follows the sun in Astrology


Cancer has powers of sexual persuasion that are legendary. So is Cancers sense of humor and your sense of loyalty. Your seductive power is unique of every other sign in the zodiac. Gorgeous, yes, sexy, no doubt. Cancers do their best persuading by a subtle, silent and indirect approach. Cancers tend to really shine in private or behind the scenes. That is the key to your success. All Cancers are secretly seeking a mother/father figure for their eternal life to love and nurture them. This special moon child will love, feed and pamper their lovers like there is no tomorrow. In private, invite your lover over to spend a few nights at your home Cancer and he or she will want to move in with you a.s.a.p. You have an amazing personality and your sense of humor is unmistakable. You keep the home fires burning (while others are out partying) and are nearly impossible to forget. You know how to love someone like they have never been loved before and lovers have a very hard time letting you go and vice versa. You tend to be very sentimental, loyal and keep friends for life.


Balance, serenity and harmony are you personal keywords. You possess these qualities effortlessly and tend to be more attractive than other signs, usually with beautiful facial features, faces and a dimpled smile. You Venus children (Taurus & Libra) have plenty of passion to offer just about anyone ready, willing and able. You have an "energy" about you that is soothing, calm and tranquil. You are a sanctuary for those enduring tough times. You can heal others with your mere presence. Ruled by Venus, You tend to play for keeps in all love affairs and your greatest attraction to someone is that they are willing to stand by your side for years to come. Did someone say eternity? Beware of a tendency to immediately put your lover on a pedestal. Sometimes who you think is the right person, is not necessarily who is best for you. It’s very important that you know who you are dealing with, especially in love relationships. Be especially wary of bad boys/bad girls. They could be your downfall if not careful. You have luck in love, marriage and partnerships of all kinds. You also need love to be 100% fulfilled and happy. A partner will bring luck to your life.


Those blessed with this planetary energy have a natural vitality that seems to make everyone else seem slightly normal and frankly boring by comparison. Those born under this powerful and passionate planet have a relentless drive to achieve their highest goals in life. You have a magical ability of convincing your lover that he or she can really believe in fairy tales and in making their dreams come true. A legendary success story relating to money will be found in your future, no matter how late in life your age is. You are the zodiacs "true hero" when a situation calls for it, plus you satisfy your lover with a childlike playfulness and your innocent but sexy ways can spellbound strangers. Some people wish you weren't so seductive. They would however, never tell you this. There is something about you that cannot be expressed or even put into words, especially when it comes to love and affairs of the heart.


The mind is the temple and the way to get to the heart of those born under this very mental and multi-dimensional planet, Mercury. The twins of Gemini and the sign of Virgo possess amazing minds filled with brilliant ideas and creative masterpieces just waiting to be discovered. It's been noted by Gemini (and Virgo) that the brain is the sexiest body part on the opposite/same sex. You have a seductive way of meshing your mind with that of a lover and your conversations with 90% of the people you encounter will hint at the excitement that lies ahead in your future. In love and marriage, you tend to wind up in relationships with someone from a foreign country, out of state or one who was born and raised from a distance from you! You desire to learn and grow in love. A connection to a foreign land or someone who was born at distance (possibly from a different state or from another culture) is usually integrated into your life in some way. You can and will make anything happen once you have found true love. Virgos will benefit financially through marriage and partnership.


Those born under this lucky planet are always trying to look on the "bright side". They have a natural knack for optimism and can spread cheer to lesser and more depressed souls. When you are this heavily influenced by the luckiest of all planets, Sagittarius, you tend to attract good fortune in general and that extends to love affairs. You have the ability to show people that problems are just temporary, but love can, will and does last forever. You also are blessed with an awesome sense of humor and you’re not to lacking in the looks department either. Not bad, not bad at all. You are lucky with gambling, horses and games of chance. A love of animals, successful career and strong sense of security are what you need to feel secretly fulfilled and grounded.


You have faith in yourself that can actually move mountains. Nobody can match your faith, endurance and persistence. The effort and dedication you put into your work life will secretly bring "instant karma" into your love life. You will love your lover as much as you love your job. When the going gets tough, you are the one we all need to remind us that as bad as it can and does get, it could always be worse, and you are 100% correct in this approach. You are known as the "true revolutionary" of the zodiac. You are a guardian angel to many people, unbeknownst to you. You're like the energizer bunny. You keep going and going and someday, you will arrive at that ultimate destination. You also are naturally good at mixing business with pleasure and this could be the ticket to having your dreams fulfilled.


You are the perfect "equal" partner. You tend to usher in the new, improved and latest methods of just about everything from music to technology. You can relate to almost anyone and you adapt more easily to "new situations" more than most. Not one to speculate or judge others, you possess a rather brilliant mind and sterling imagination. You are a person of future vision and you tend to be blessed with psychic powers and abilities. You would never intrude on your lover and you tend to value privacy more than most. You will enlighten generations to come and you will leave a legacy behind to the world when all is said and done. You are a master of innovative ideas and concepts and you instinctively know what the public is craving, you are ahead of your time and don’t let anyone tell you any differently.


The merging of both "heart and soul" is ultra important to this intuitive, dreamy and brilliant personality. Your job on this planet is to put all of us individually in touch with "being the best" we can be. Nothing depresses you more than "unfulfilled potential" and or a "wasted life". Neptune takes the harmony of Venus (planet of beauty) to a much higher level of personal charm and a magnetic allure in your powers of sexual attraction. When you are in love with another, you bring out the very best in that person, regardless of his or her flaws. You are the universe(s) gift to all of us. You will be famous at some point in your life. There is luck for you in fields associated with imagination, dreams, dance, music, creativity and publishing.


Your power is intense to say the least. You are blessed with a unique and most unusual personality that is unlike any other. People will say that you are truly "one of a kind". Powerful, sexual, loyal and most mysterious, you can mesmerize others with those amazing eyes of yours. You have a unique type of beauty. Not traditionally beautiful, you tend to be more of a natural beauty and are more down to earth than most would suspect. You are capable of hypnotizing others and bringing good fortune to your nearest and dearest. You can transform your health, your love life and your career overnight if you truly desire. People will secretly be jealous of your luck but you will never believe this is possible. You can make exceptional gains through birth, personal transformation and other people’s money.