Taurus June Forecast


The Month opens with a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on June 4th. Sagittarius is your 8th House of resources you share with another and can impact your finances in a positive way, Taurus. Since the 8th House covers many properties, this can be a day of unexpected twists and turns. Full Moons bring emotions to the surface while Eclipses bring change, and this is a month for finances and news ABOUT finances for Taurus.

Venus (Love) joins Mercury (Communications) in Gemini until the 27th. Gemini is your 12th House, so there could be some interesting developments where love and a romance are involved.

Once June 27th rolls around and Venus goes direct, your love life will begin to really pick up. Possibilities include getting married, announcement of a birth or you and a partner moving in together. You might also notice a surge in popularity in all areas during this time.

Jupiter will also enter Gemini this month on June 11th until June 25th, 2012. Jupiter in Gemini brings opportunities to showcase your creative abilities and makes your love life run smoothly. Be on the lookout for professional advancement during this transit, Taurus.

With Jupiter in your sign Taurus for the past year - travel, especially overseas, people from distant places and even spirituality can be areas that you have expanded your worldviews on and possibly changed the way you see or interpret these areas. Now with Jupiter in Gemini, it's all about your career, creativity and setting the stage for the life you want.

A New Moon occurs in Gemini on June 19th. This Full moon can help you learn where you stand in connection with a love interest and off beat ideas, Taurus. June will be a month where opportunities to make more money come your way and later in the month, your love life will take you to new places you have only dreamed about.

Lucky Number is # 4

A Cancer, Capricorn and an Aquarius will play key roles in your life throughout June.