Capricorn August Forecast

Get ready for a tumultuous month in August, Capricorn. This month features 3 Moons or lunations: One on 8/1, a Full Moon in Aquarius; a New Moon in Leo on 8/17; and another Full Moon on the last day, 8/31 in the sign of Pisces.

As the month begins, on the first day there will be a Full Moon in Aquarius. Aquarius is your 2nd House of finance and personal possessions. As soon as the month opens, you could hear unexpected news that can affect the pace of your daily life, especially where money is involved. With Mars(Energy/Motivation) making an angle to this Moon, you find that the news you receive will involve men and can be connected to money, technology or your spending habits, for better or for worse.

Mercury (Communications) also begins the month retrograde in Leo (your 8th House of sex, power and transformation) and resumes direct motion on the 8th. Once Mercury turns direct, everything should feel less chaotic and you will feel life flowing more smoothly and relaxing.Technology and things governed by electronics begin to work again and the people around you will understand where you're coming from, where previously they may have felt confused or misunderstood your actions.

Venus (Love) enters Cancer on August 7th - September 8th. Cancer is your 7th House of marriage, the legal system and those who might oppose you. Whatever House Venus falls in is where you are going to reap the most benefits. Luckily for Capricorn, this month reveals a strong attraction in areas of love, marriage and legal documents needing to be signed or notarized. You could discover that others close to you have been stumped or put off by your behavior - especially during the Mercury retrograde last month in Leo. During this transit of Cancer, you will find that romantic and business partners are now in complete agreement with you. Make sure you give these VIP relationships the best that you have to give. Repeat yourself if you need to, but it is imperative that you let others know how much you appreciate their patience, contributions and company, Capricorn. If you remain grateful and let others know, you can expect the month of August to be more than memorable. Try to cement important relationships once Mercury resumes direct motion on 8/8 for the best results.   

Jupiter (Money/expansion and prosperity) continues its transit of Gemini and your 6th House. Once Mercury moves direct after the 8th, you should begin to see the expansion and movement this transit has brought into your life. Your daily work routine, health, wellness and nutrition will be areas you can conquer and benefit from. This transit lasts until next June, so if you want to lose weight, transform your daily routine or change something you don't like about your career, now is the best time to instigate changes, Capricorn.  

A New Moon forms in Leo on August 17th. New Moons equal new opportunities. Leo is your 8th House of resources you share with others and also your own resources. You could be offered an opportunity to make more money or someone close to you (like a partner) receives a promotion or a salary increase and you benefit through an unexpected windfall. You could also be dealing with taxes, insurance and mortgages and you are blessed with luck and find an amazing way to save in these areas. Looks like good news on this date, Capricorn.

As the month concludes, there will be another final and second Full Moon. This Full Moon occurs in the sign of Pisces and your 3rd House of powerful communications and siblings. You will be in a contented mood and after a hectic month, this Full Moon finds you dealing with family and siblings who may have been out of touch or at a distance. You could also be dealing with relocation during this time. There could be a strong need to find a new home in a brand new locale. The last day of August can bring about positive developments in this area. You might be house hunting or settling in to a new home.   

A Gemini, Virgo and a Sagittarius will play important roles in your life throughout August. Discussions with these signs will be full of progress and change. You can also find that the company of a Pisces soothes you and can be helpful in more ways than one.