Libra August Forecast

As the month opens, there is a Full Moon in Aquarius on August 1st, Libra. Aquarius is your 5th House of children, passion and creative pursuits. You can expect August to open with new insights and awareness in these areas, Libra. You could gain a greater understanding of a love relationship in which you are involved and receive news about your children or about the children of someone close to you. You find that this day is filled with self-awareness, especially where love, passion, creative pursuits and your feelings, thoughts and ideas are concerned. Expect clarity and enlightenment also into your own motives and the motives of others. With Mars (Energy/Motivation) in your sign and Jupiter (Expansion/Prosperity) in the compatible air sign of Gemini, the effects of this Full Moon will benefit you, Libra. Mars will give you energy while Jupiter brings movement and good intentions into your life

Mercury (Communications) begins the month retrograde in Leo (your 11th House of Friends) and finally resumes direct motion on the 8th. This is a day to mark/circle on your calendar. Mercury has been retrograde since mid July and you might have noticed a slow down where finances, friendships and groups to which you affiliated are involved. There may have been misunderstandings, miscommunication and/or delays; however, during this transit you will notice that any problems of this nature will now straighten out. August will also have a big impact on your career and how you choose to earn a living, Libra. Your planetary ruler, Venus, enters the sign of Cancer and your 10th House of prestige and VIPs in power. Wherever Venus goes, love and attraction follow. Venus will be in Cancer from August 7th - September 6th. Venus in Cancer will turn your thoughts to areas such as who has power and who does not, authority figures and how the public perceives you. Your image could come under scrutiny this month, in a good way. With Saturn (Cosmic Cop/Restriction) in your sign, you have learned lessons the hard way about money, love and the reality of your life. Good News: Saturn is about to exit your 1st House, so continue to learn the lessons this planet wants you to digest, Libra. Avoid taking short cuts, now is the time to focus on your health, and work harder and longer if you need to. This planet has tested your resolve, Libra, and August is a month when your hard work pays off big time. Those Libras who have been using their natural charm and taking the easy way out will not receive the benefits of those who have persisted. During Venus' stay in Cancer, you will be noticed by those in authority. You could get recognition from your peers for a creative, artistic or musical project you have been working diligently on. During this transit you will feel the public admiration and adoration for your charisma, wit and intelligence. Saturn will exit your 1st House on October 5th and enter your 2nd House of Scorpio. Since Scorpio rules your 2nd House of assets and liabilities, you should continue to take a clue from a Cancer, Scorpio or a Capricorn and save your money, Libra. Scorpio also deals with sex and sexuality and you could notice these areas becoming more intense for you in August and throughout this year. Mars will enter Scorpio on August 23rd. When Mars is in your sign, take advantage of the physical energy it brings. Best advice? Get your priorities accomplished and your to do list finished after the 8th but before the 23rd for ideal results. Where money and finance are concerned: stash your cash away (get into the habit, like yesterday) during Saturn's visit to your 2nd House, Libra.

Jupiter (Money/expansion and prosperity) continues its transit of Gemini and your 9th House of spirituality, overseas travel and higher education which are areas that will continue to benefit you, Libra. Jupiter comes bearing gifts after Saturn has brought lessons, which hopefully you have learned. There will be luck, adventure and movement in these areas for Libra.

A New Moon forms in Leo and your 11th House of friendships, wishes and your deepest hopes on August 17th, Libra. This is your lucky day, Libra. There is a feeling of fulfillment where friends, your deepest wishes and private desires come together and bring you wonderful news. New Moons equal new opportunities and with the Sun in Leo and a New Moon in your 11th House, you find everything you touch turning to gold. It is an excellent day and night for love. Single Libra could be in the throes of an office romance while coupled Libra will know how strong their bond really is.

As the month concludes, there will be a Full Moon in Pisces on the 31st. Pisces rules your 6th House of health, personal wellness and your daily work routines. This Full Moon brings news your way regarding your health, your job or something else. Caution, Libra, there could be some jealousy or deception that you are unaware of. Make sure you ask questions on this day as someone close could be deliberately withholding pertinent and very important information from you. Do research and follow your hunches on this date. The whole story could slowly come together and what you uncover could have surprising consequences.

A Cancer, Capricorn and an Aquarius will play personal and professional roles in your life throughout the month of August.