New Moon in Cancer

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Year 2012

Pay attention to your sign and your love relationship (his or her sign) during the new and full moon days of each month. You will notice that you and your significant others tend to be “out of sync”, easily agitated, indulge in various forms of escapism, create emotional dramas and tend to overreact in sex and love relationships when a new or full moon falls in your or another’s sun sign (or its opposite sign).

For instance, An Aries will be low on energy and a bit edgy when a New or Full Moon occurs in Aries or Libra. A Libra will feel the same when a New or Full moon occurs in Aries. Once a year, all signs experience this and the best way to cope is to do something creative or if you need, schedule some private time to yourself. It’s time to take care and charge of your life. Aries opposite sign in the zodiac is Libra. The Full Moon always occurs in your sign during your low cycle time of year.

In Astrology, low cycles occur for each sign when the Sun is in the sign opposite to their sign. It is exactly six months from your birth date.

New Moons & Full Moons in 2012

New Moon January 23, 2012 (Aquarius)
Full Moon January 9, 2012 (Cancer)

New Moon February 21, 2012 (Pisces)
Full Moon February 7, 2012 (Leo)

New Moon March 22, 2012 (Aries)
Full Moon March 8, 2012 (Virgo)

New Moon April 21, 2012 (Taurus)
Full Moon April 6, 2012 (Libra)

New Moon May 20, 2012 (Gemini)
Full Moon May 5, 2012 (Scorpio)

New Moon June 19, 2012 (Gemini)
Full Moon June 4, 2012 (Sagittarius)

New Moon July 19, 2012 (Cancer)

Full Moon July 3, 2012 (Capricorn)

Full Moon August 1, 2012 (Aquarius)

New Moon August 17, 2012 (Leo)

Full Moon August 31, 2012 (Pisces)

New Moon September 15, 2012 (Virgo)Full Moon September 29, 2012 (Aries)

New Moon October 15, 2012 (Libra)
Full Moon October 29, 2012 (Taurus)

New Moon November 13, 2012 (Scorpio)
Full Moon November 28, 2012 (Gemini)

New Moon December 13, 2012 (Sagittarius)
Full Moon December 28, 2012 (Cancer)