Sagittarius August Forecast


Get ready for a revealing and fast paced August, Sagittarius. This month features 3 Moons. One on 8/1, a Full Moon in Aquarius (your 3rd House of expert communications), a New Moon in Leo on 8/17 (your 9th House of overseas travel, higher education and publishing, and lastly, another Full Moon on the final day, 8/31 in the sign of Pisces (Your 4th House of home and family, Sagittarius.

As the month opens, the first day of August begins with a Full Moon in Aquarius. Aquarius is your 3rd House of expert communications. You will have the upper hand in all social media, via your persuasive speaking skills and when dealing with short trips and siblings.You could hear news that
revolves around your communication abilities. You will be dealing with issues related to publishing or communications (social media included) and you might hear news about a sibling. Keep your wits about you as Full Moons can bring powerful emotions to the surface, Sagittarius.

Mercury (Communications) begins the month retrograde in Leo and resumes direct motion on the 8th. Once Mercury turns direct, everything should feel less chaotic. Money, communications and social life should resume in a positive direction, and you will find life in general flowing more smoothly. Cars, computers, air conditioners and other electronics, which may have been stalled or problematic, begin to work again and the people around you will feel less confused by your words and actions, Sagittarius. August 8th is a memorable day and once the 9th rolls around, Sagittarius is off and running.

Venus (Love) enters Cancer on August 7th - September 8th. Where Venus travels, love, and all things beautiful follow. In Cancer, your 8th House of sex, power and deeply committed relationships, you will have the ability to maximize this transit to get what you want and to convince others that you have what it takes, personally and professionally, to get the job done.  The 8th House is naturally ruled by Scorpio and all properties of the 8th House will be highlighted in a positive way. Expect to gain or profit from all of these areas, Sagittarius.

Jupiter (Money/expansion and prosperity) continues its transit of Gemini and your 7th House of marriage, the legal system and divorce. You can expect to make tremendous strides in any or all of these areas during this year long transit. You could go from single to taken overnight; you may be involved in news of a birth; and if you are in the middle of a divorce, fear not, as there can be an element of luck for you, Sagittarius. All these areas will broaden, expand and show signs of marked improvement. A year from now when you look back, you will see how Jupiter had your back and took into consideration your personal wishes, Sagittarius.

A New Moon forms in Leo on August 17th. New Moons equal new opportunities. Since Leo rules your 9th House, you may be offered a new opportunity to deal with people from overseas or hear news about a trip overseas.  Higher education and publishing are also areas the 9th House rules, in addition to spirituality. This should be an insightful and enlightening day where you realize your worldviews and spirituality are changing or adding a new dimension. Saturn (Structure/Discipline) will make a smooth angle to this New Moon, so whatever offers come your way are not to be taken for granted. Show gratitude, express your love and extend kindness and consideration to the individuals involved, Sagittarius

Mars (Motivation/Energy) in Libra gives you the energy to get tasks completed and also heightens your sexuality. Once this planet enters Scorpio on 8/23, your career prospects will begin to take off in ways you never dreamed possible. The transit of Mars in Scorpio is the right time to seek new employment opportunities, if you're looking. This is an ideal time to send out resumes, contact companies you would like to collaborate with or work with, and make your presence felt in the company of potential partners and those in positions of power.  This transit ends on October 6th, so make the most of this time to get what you want and do it exactly how you want to do it, Sagittarius.

As the month ends, there will be a Full Moon in Pisces on the 31st. Pisces rules your 4th House of home and family, Sagittarius. Full Moons heighten emotions and also bring about deep insights. As August wraps up, you can expect this Full Moon to bring about news regarding someone VERY close to you. You might need to mother someone or comfort someone close. Your parents, your home life and your love life will take on greater significance on the last day of August. You could also find the home or position of your dreams. August promises to answer your deepest questions, professional AND personal, Sagittarius.

A Taurus, Scorpio and an Aquarius play important roles in your everyday life this month, Sagittarius.