Scorpio August Forecast

Get ready for a memorable, action packed and busy month in August, both personally and professionally, Scorpio. This month features 3 Moons: One on 8/1 (a Full Moon in Aquarius), a New Moon in Leo on 8/17, and another Full Moon on the last day, 8/31, in the sign of Pisces, Scorpio.

The Sun entered your 10th House of prestige and public acclaim on July 22nd. As August opens, prepare to put your best foot forward when it comes to your career, including hopes for your career and goals in your professional life. This is not a good time to take a vacation, Scorpio. This is a month to put a heavy emphasis on your career, since Leo rules your 10th House. The more effort you put into career, the better the results and this IS the month to push as hard as you can.

Mercury (Communications) begins the month retrograde in Leo and resumes direct motion on the 8th. Once Mercury turns direct, everything should feel less chaotic, stressful and the chances for misunderstandings will evaporate. Life flows more smoothly, especially in professional affairs. You might have made money or lost money during the Mercury retrograde in Leo, however, this month will bring in plenty of opportunities/offers to make your professional life seem as though everything is falling perfectly into place. Let's begin with the Full Moon on August 1st, in the sign of Aquarius, and your 4th House of home, family, the past and motherhood. You could find on this date that emotions will be heightened as you receive news that could be exciting and potentially life changing. Best advice? You might want to keep to yourself. Mars, your co-ruler, plays a role in this Moon and you might need some alone time to process everything you hear as the month opens.

Jupiter (Money/expansion and prosperity) continues its transit of Gemini. With Jupiter in Gemini and your 8th House, you can make gains via other people's money, your own money and through areas such as inheritance, taxes and mortgages. You could catch a break in any of these areas. Just make sure you don't go overboard as Jupiter can make you overly optimistic.

Venus (Love) enters Cancer on August 7th - September 8th. With Venus in a compatible water sign, you will find that areas such as publishing, legal matters, overseas travel and people from overseas will be highlighted. Cancer is your 9th House of spirituality but it also rules other properties as well, so look to the 9th House for clues on where you will be the most fortunate. Venus in Cancer could bring about a relationship with someone from another country or you could find opportunities via foreign countries. Wherever Venus travels in your chart is where good things come your way, Scorpio. This equally applies to all signs.

A New Moon forms in Leo and your 10th House of prestige and public acclaim on August 17th. This New Moon will bring unexpected news your way that involves an ideal career opportunity. You could find that VIPs notice your contributions and present offers for a potential new job, raise in salary and/or an offer that is just too good to pass up. It might involve taking on more responsibilities or longer hours but the end results will be more than worth it, Scorpio. You could feel as though all of your hard work is finally paying off.

As the month ends, there will be a Full Moon in Pisces on the 31st. Pisces rules your 5th House of passion, children and creative ventures. It also involves taking risks, Scorpio. Single Scorpios could meet someone new quite unexpectedly on or around this Moon. Couples will be focusing more on fun and pleasure related pursuits. Both Pluto (Transformation) and Neptune (illusion) play roles in this Full Moon, and there could be news or issues regarding your children on this date. Whenever Pluto is involved, you can expect issues of power to enter the picture. Overall, August should be an exceptional month for Scorpio, especially those who have been working hard on creative projects.

A Gemini, Sagittarius and a Pisces will play key roles throughout the month of August.

Your lucky number is # 22.