Taurus August Forecast


Get ready for a chaotic month in August, Taurus. This month features 3 Moons. One on 8/1, which is a Full Moon in Aquarius, a New Moon in Leo on 8/17, and another Full Moon on the last day, 8/31, in the sign of Pisces.
As the month opens, the first day of August begins with a Full Moon in Aquarius. Aquarius is your 10th House of prestige and career. This Moon is a strong Moon giving you insight into all matters that pertain to your career. You may receive a raise or a promotion. This is a good time to examine your career  and decide whether you want to strike out in a new direction or remain where you have been. Good news Taurus!  Since your planetary ruler is Venus, the opposite planet of Mars forms an angle to this Moon that assists you in making the best and correct decisions for you. Follow your intuition where authority, VIPs and your career goals are concerned. This will be a day where you gain insight into your goals and how to proceed. Either way, this will be an exciting day for you since Jupiter will be in the compatible air sign of Gemini for a year. Opportunities to land a dream job are closer than you might think, Taurus. Your career aspirations and hopes will benefit from this placement of Jupiter which brings expansion and luck into the House that it transits.  

Venus (Love) enters Cancer on August 7th - September 6th. Wherever Venus travels, love follows. Since Cancer rules your 3rd House of expert communications, siblings, neighbors and short distance travel, you can expect these areas to be front and center during this time,Taurus. You will enjoy this transit when unattached Taurus could meet the love of his or her life through relatives, on a short trip or through someone in the neighborhood. Attached Taurus will experience this period as love being warmer and couples growing closer. Expect August to be an excellent month for your love life, single or coupled.

Mercury (Communications) begins the month retrograde in Leo and resumes direct motion on the 8th. Mark this date on your calendar as everyone will notice a subtle shift in the air. Once Mercury turns direct, everything should feel less chaotic. Cars, computers and appliances begin to work and problems in this area are cleared up. The people around you will understand where you're coming from and life flows smoothly again. 

A New Moon forms in Leo on August 17th. Leo is your 4th House of home, family, motherhood and the past. You could hear about new opportunities regarding your home life. A relationship with one or both of your parents will bring good news. You benefit from your home and family life on this date, Taurus.  Remember, New Moons equal new opportunities. Circle this day on your calendar as news received will put a smile on your face and any opportunities that come your way are the real deal,Taurus. You can expect to feel much better about progress in these areas of your life. 

As the month ends, there will be a Full Moon in Pisces on the 31st. Pisces represents your 8th House of power, sex and deeply committed relationships. You could also notice your social life accelerating at lightening speed as friendships and your love life really begin to take off. You find yourself in the power seat and you will love what transpires on or around this date. This is a time to practice gratitude and express thanks to those who have stood behind and beside you. You will be in the limelight on this date. You are the social butterfly of the Zodiac anyway, and the week of this Full Moon will bring about a strong sense of security and a feeling of accomplishment in all matters regarding family.

The signs of Aries and a Libra play key roles throughout the month of August. Another Taurus and Scorpio will be involved, personally or professionally - or both.