Libra September Forecast

The month opens with Venus (Love) entering your 11th House. This transit lasts from 9/6 - 10/3. You can find this transit to be filled with friendly gatherings with familiar faces. You charm others and gain through your communications with friends and groups to which you belong. You benefit from being in the public eye, front and center, Libra. Friends find you entertaining, attractive and will be especially receptive to your ideas. Your imagination and grace can take you far during the Venus in Leo transit, so let that natural diplomatic nature emerge and others will notice, Libra.
A New Moon occurs on September 15th in the sign of Virgo and your 12th House. In addition, Mercury (Communications) opens the month in Virgo and your 12th House. The areas of dreams, psychology, isolation and therapy could be areas that will ultimately benefit you, Libra. There will be an opportunity to explore your conscious and subconscious mind and the results can be eye opening, as you discover parts of yourself that you didn't notice before.
Mercury (Communications) prepares to enter your sign on 9/16 - 10/5, making your communication skills impressive to your peers, bosses and associates. Single Libra will be especially effective in their communication skills this month while coupled Libras will have the gift of gab and persuasion. Use this time to ask for what you want and speak your mind. You will find it pays off and you'll be glad you took advantage of this favorable time, Libra.
Pluto (Slow but powerful change) resumes direct motion in Capricorn on 9/17 where it currently has been retrograde in your 4th House of home and family since 2008. When Pluto transits your 4th House, you can expect a transformation in your home life, motherhood, issues from the past and all matters domestic. Expect these areas to continue to evolve and transform at profound levels. This takes some time to notice but when you look back to 2008, you should see some of the small but powerful events which occurred in these areas.
Mars (Energy/Motivation) remains in the sign of Scorpio throughout September, Libra. Scorpio is your 2nd House of finance and possessions. There will be a heavy emphasis on money and your sexuality this month since Mars represents male energy and Scorpio is about money, sex and power. This month finds Libra looking at the bigger picture where his or her financial state is involved and preparing for advancement.
A Full Moon forms in Aries on 9/29. Aries is your 7th House of marriage. Brace yourself for this Full Moon, Libra. There are some quick and unexpected (out of the blue) situations that come to your immediate attention and promise to change how you view your love life. Since Pluto forms a challenging angle to this Moon, expect issues of power and control to arise suddenly as they relate to love and career. There is nothing you can't handle, so try to get extra rest on this date as you could feel low on energy and irritable by what you perceive to be bad judgment on either yours or someone else's part.
 A Gemini, Virgo and a Pisces will play sentimental roles while a Sagittarius will play a surprising role.