Sagittarius September Forecast


The month opens with Venus (Love) entering Leo, your 9th House of career. This transit lasts from 9/6 - 10/3. Whenever Venus transits the same element to your Sun sign, you benefit most, Sagittarius. In the compatible fire sign of Leo, this will be a great time of change and growth in your romantic life. With Jupiter (Expansion) in Gemini and Venus in Leo, there will be no stopping you. Friends find you beyond charming, bosses admire your performance and an ex love could come back into the picture. Prepare for serious expansion in your 7th House and 9th House this month. The 7th House, with Jupiter in Gemini, promises luck and progress in a serious relationship that can be taken to the next level. Venus in Leo suggests trips taken with a romantic interest can lead to a greater commitment. You could feel as though you have met someone who shares your basic values and shares similar interests. September will be a month to celebrate, especially when it comes to both love and professional issues.
A New Moon occurs on September 15th in the sign of Virgo and your solar 10th House of recognition from your peers. You might be offered a new assignment on this date that is tailor made for you. It could involve overseas travel, publishing or your spiritual views. Since Mercury in involved in this Moon, there can be an offer to speak, write or publish something important to you. This New Moon might find you pondering your career accomplishments and trying to get to the bottom line of where you fit into your current career.
Jupiter will remain in Gemini and your 7th House. This month promises to bring about hints and movement in these areas of your life. With Jupiter in your opposite 7th House, there will be expansion and growth that may be somewhat subtle but definitely noticeable.
Pluto (Slow but powerful change) resumes direct motion in Capricorn on 9/17 where it currently has been retrograde in your 2nd House. Regardless of your personal spending habits, once this planet moves forward it will be wise to save your money instead of splurging. Take a lesson from Cancer on how to stretch your dollar, even if you don't think you need to. With Uranus (The Unexpected) in your 5th House, unexpected expenses could come your way, so make sure you have the funds to cover surprise bills. This transit promises to transform both your bank account and your values about money. How you earn it and how you spend it will come to your attention.
A Full Moon forms in Aries on 9/29. Aries is your 5th House of love, passion and children. This is a date to mark on your calendar as you notice that some in your presence will be overly sensitive and react to out of the blue events. Take things in stride and go with the flow for best results.
A Gemini, Virgo, another Sagittarius and a Pisces will play instrumental roles in your life throughout September, Sagittarius.