2012 Forecasts - Addicted to Astrology

 Happy Birthday, Scorpio!

Gregory’s Abstract Art
Contemporary Abstract Paintings

The colors of green - all shades from khaki to emerald, purple (all shades from violet to deep rich shades), silver, white and black will become very popular and fashionable amongst the public.
FREAKISH weather all over the world: Water damage and water shortages, fires, explosions, bombs, threats of terrorism, volcanoes erupting, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, ice, fire, wind. Misuse of power and control, especially where the police, government and those who exert power over society are involved. The divide between rich and poor will escalate. The middle class is slowly but surely getting eradicated, so expect riots and protests to continue around the world. There will be an increase in the already high suicide rate. Families will be in financial crises. Capricorn is about aging, so expect older people (65+) to be in the news. Banks, big businesses and corporations will fall or rise depending on how fair they have been and whatever has been kept hidden will come to light. Mining accidents or incidents could make the news; gold will be a hot topic; father figures and even those who have authority over us will play a role. Significant age gaps in love relationships (May/December romances) will also become common. Colleges and universities make the news. Everything old will be new again - from toys to movies, musicals and music - there will be a heavy emphasis on the past. Animal rights and animal issues will be in the news. The infrastructures of buildings, freeways, tunnels, train tracks and bridges will be addressed as we realize that these are not as sturdy as we had once thought they were. Government, politicians and corruption will be paramount in 2012!

Neptune in Pisces

Pisces loves the underdog so expect a year for the underdog to succeed.

The unexplainable, psychology, unsolved mysteries, hauntings, ghosts, past life regression should become interesting topics in mainstream culture. New forms of creativity via social media and technology come alive and soar, new forms of movies and how movies are made will occur and TV will experience changes especially in how news and other material is disseminated. Art will become innovative, dance becomes even more popular and more mainstream and since Pisces rules oil, we can expect issues with oil and petroleum to arise.

Pisces rules the ocean as well, so issues involving the ocean, the tides, sea creatures (Sharks, whales, penguins and any other species) of all kinds, tsunamis, ocean accidents, oil spills, tidal waves and water damage are all on the agenda for 2012.
Since Pisces rules the feet, expect shoes to have a new look and unique style to them. Pisces rules escapism and the topic of addiction will be a widespread concern. Addiction to alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling and anything else that is harmful will become a BIG issue in the news. Escapism, isolation, fear, uncertainty and depression will ensue and it will become of paramount importance to resist temptation in these dangerous and toxic areas. Pisces additionally rules pharmaceutical companies and prescription drugs, so be on the lookout for news about both.

This placement does not value money or materialism. We find ourselves exploring our inner values and developing new ways of looking at the world in which we live. Social structures will be examined and possibly redefined. As will the topics of equal/civil rights. Expect to see powerful women dominate the year as women become more prominent in business and leadership roles.

Saturn in Scorpio

2012 will bring: issues of power and control being abused by those who have it; bisexuality, transgender awareness; sexual abuse survivors finally coming out; gay/bisexual men and women coming out. All things regarding sex, including breakthroughs in science, will be highlighted. The way we are viewing marriage is changing universally and issues considered taboo will surface. Mysterious/suspicious deaths will really make the news in 2012; the issue of same sex marriages will become more acceptable in the USA in 2012.

Sex addictions will become exposed and we will learn that drugs are not the only things one gets addicted to. Crimes and issues involving sex that are strange, shocking and disturbing will make the news again. People in relationships finally becoming open where they have been previously silent will come to light, for better or for worse. The look of androgyny will resurface. Women wearing men's clothing such as blazers and vests will make a comeback and be considered fashionable. The topics of sex, birth and death will be big and make the news, for better or for worse. Breakthroughs in science relating to sexually transmitted diseases, and possible new cures or even new diseases that are sexually related could come about. We might see things happening negatively regarding children. People will change their minds where their sex and love lives are involved. Sex scandals involving celebrities, politicians or those in power will become news. What was sure yesterday will no longer be that way in many areas. Issues in areas such as taxes, insurance and mortgages will also arise. Our views on marriage will change where a Norman Rockwell or nuclear family is no longer the norm. Now, it will become more common and acceptable that families will consist of two same sex parents and be multicultural. Extremes in how commitment is viewed: either very seriously or, conversely, not seriously at all. It's all or nothing where love is involved. Past and present sexual actions and previous indiscretions of those in power will be made more public. Money and resources you share with others will be redefined, transformed or changed on some level. Astrology will become even more mainstream, especially after October.

New trends in hats. Hats will become MORE fashionable and will be unusual. Hair is also on the agenda. Rainbow colors, extensions and wigs will become the norm during this time. 2012 will be a year of change, variety and the unexpected involving hair and breakthroughs in hair treatments.

Head injuries and head traumas are highlighted. The brain as it relates to head injuries/traumas will be explored as we learn more about these injuries (how serious they are and how they affect the brain long term). More people will suffer head injuries and this will make the news, as will the long term effects they have on people who experience them. Many athletes, regular citizens and prominent people will experience falls and head injuries. There will be breakthroughs as scientists teach us about new discoveries in these areas. The eyes are also in focus as we will hear about new ways of dealing with vision loss and how science is coming up with solutions to retinal problems. Headaches will be a big topic as will be problems with sleep. The brain in general and how it functions will be emphasized by scientists who will discover and announce to the public new information regarding diagnosis and treatments.

Fires, explosions and electricity issues will make the news also under this transit so watch for these areas to come to our immediate attention quite unexpectedly.

updated on 1/13/12