Gemini December Forecast 2012

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Happy Holidays, Gemini. In 2012, Saturn in Libra taught you to get serious about your passions, creative abilities and to put a heavier emphasis on your career pursuits. Your ideas and worldviews might have changed during 2012. Your friendships were also filled with surprises and unexpected occurrences. You saw life from a new perspective and you felt overloaded at times with responsibility, pressure and daily inconveniences became par for the course. Once Saturn entered Scorpio in October, you became aware of the need to become even more serious about your daily work, personal health and wellness and these areas became your top priorities and will continue to do so throughout 2013, Gemini. There were big changes in your relationships and friendships in 2012.With Jupiter in your sign for a year, any relationships that ended were for a reason, Gemini. In 2013, Jupiter will bring you the right type of person who will be a better match for you. Jupiter brings about expansion, prosperity and good fortune. A new relationship could enter the picture and turn your life in a new direction, one that will make your happier, Gemini.

 As we begin December, let's look at the personal planets. These planets can reveal the most intimate details of your personal life.
Mercury (Communications) will be in Sagittarius between 12/10 -12/31. Since Sagittarius rules your 7th House, you will find serious relationships appeal to you strongly and will express yourself in a highly intelligent way when speaking about these areas. The 7th House represents marriage, divorce and those who might oppose you. In December, you will find yourself in an adventurous mood and desire to explore new ways and new ideas in how you interact and relate with a love interest. With so much activity in your 7th House, relationships, personal and professional, will be on the forefront of your mind and new offers will come your way, Gemini.

Venus (Love) begins the month in Scorpio, your 6th House of daily work, health and repair and maintenance issues. Where Venus travels, love follows. In your 6th House you could find that your health is better than you originally thought. An office romance could also take place, quite unexpectedly. If so, make sure that both parties are free to engage in a relationship or else someone could walk away broken hearted. Between 12/15 - 12/31, Venus enters Sagittarius. Avoid a tendency to get overloaded with your daily routines this month and try to strike a balance between your personal and professional life during these dates.    

A New Moon in Sagittarius occurs on December 13th. New Moons bring about new possibilities and you will be thrilled with what transpires on this date. There will be an offer in your professional or personal life (or both) that is serious and deserves special consideration and attention.  

A Full Moon in Cancer occurs on December 28th. Cancer is your 2nd House of finances and personal possessions. This Moon could find you concerned about your expenses and what you owe in terms of credit cards, bills and other expenses that come up suddenly. Even if you feel secure with your finances, you might find yourself worrying endlessly about money on this date. Try to curb the urge to splurge throughout December so that you don't panic when the bills come in. Sagittarius is an optimistic sign which could make you feel extra generous when spending money this month. Try to remember that it's the thought that counts. Also, know that the best gift you can give anyone is your love, time and friendship. As the year comes to a close, you might hear about news regarding a trip overseas or be dealing with people from overseas. Travel becomes a definite possibility on 12/25.   

Lucky Colors: Orange and Purple

Most compatible signs: Another Gemini and a Pisces