Sagittarius Best Love Compatibility

Sagittarius Love Scope and Love compatibility 


Aries - Here is a good choice for a romantic partner. You meet Aries and are instantly drawn to his or her charm, sex appeal and outgoing disposition. Aries is controlling though, so as long as you follow Aries direction, you might have found the perfect mix, Sagittarius. Realize that Aries only wants to share things with you - not take away anything. You could misunderstand Aries behavior and interpret it as bossy. Realize that this could be an ideal match for you and that there really is no such thing as perfection. This relationship is a very good learning lesson for both of you. After time, you realize that Aries gets you in a way that others don't and you realize that this could actually be the one - despite obstacles, Sagittarius.

Taurus - Sagittarius and Taurus meet and feel instant fireworks. Sagittarius finds someone to motivate them and this is what Sagittarius secretly needs to feel fulfilled. Together, Sagittarius and Taurus will fulfill obligations and tend to "practical" details together. You could find that you and Taurus share a deep love of mysteries and explore topics together that many people might consider taboo, x-rated and/or mysterious. Taurus provides Sagittarius focus and Sagittarius needs this to be his or her personal best for ideal results. Taurus appreciates Sagittarius eternal optimism and the positivity that comes with Taurus will be equally contagious to you, Sagittarius. 

Gemini - Gemini is your opposite sign and opposites attract, Gemini. Sagittarius is your 7th House of marriage in Astrology. You meet a Gemini and think "Where have you been all of my life?" This combination is perfection and in 2020 and beyond, Gemini and Sagittarius can make a permanent commitment that will stand the ultimate test of time. This will/can be the real thing for both of you! Children, marriage and a sense of lasting love promise to keep this relationship steady unless Gemini flips out. In 2020, and beyond, there will be an element of unpredictability and surprises in this relationship, which both of you need from time to time, Sagittarius. Food for thought!

Cancer - There is something special, social and sweet about Cancer that Sagittarius instantly picks up on. Sagittarius sees a sensitive, off beat and funny personality in Cancer. Cancer gets the perfect dose of optimism needed for these two to form a loving relationship. Sagittarius shows Cancer his or her silly side and these two will share conversations where no topic is off limits, no matter how embarrassing, outlandish or outrageous. As good as this relationship can be, after time, Sagittarius might begin to feel overwhelmed by Cancers tender emotions and Cancer secretly senses this. Sagittarius might finally decide to find someone else who doesn't feel so unpredictable. Special to Sagittarius: Think before you say something hurtful to Cancer that can never be taken back. Cancer is more sensitive than (You) Sagittarius are aware of.

Leo - Leo is a great choice for Sagittarius. Leo's warmth, social graces and adventurous spirit mix nicely with the social desires of Sagittarius. Leo and Sagittarius will break rules, shake up the status quo and generally get along famously. Both of you are fire signs, so you share a passionate nature and mutual basic understanding of one another. Sagittarius will need to tone down emotions while Leo might need to control his or her roving eye or all drama could break loose this year and Leo could walk away wounded, embarrassed or hurt in some way, Sagittarius.

Virgo - Sagittarius meets Virgo and senses power and a bright future together. Virgo makes Sagittarius feel powerful and Sagittarius showers Virgo with love, affection and intellect that Virgo has been waiting for. This is a potentially good match as long as both of you are free from previous relationships. A sense of independence keeps this relationship alive and so will occasional vacations and special trips. Virgo and Sagittarius decide to take a casual or ongoing romance to the next level. A stronger commitment is in the cards for 2020 and beyond. Marriage, living together or a serious commitment, like a child or more children are serious possibilities this year, Sagittarius.

Libra - Libra is nice choice for you, Sagittarius. Here is someone who can fulfill Sagittarius (Your) wishes, hopes and dreams. Sagittarius and Libra are destined to eventually have a one night stand or something even more surprising. Sagittarius finds Libra beyond entertaining, elegant and beautiful and Sagittarius is seeking a serious commitment this year, Libra. Libra will need to grant Sagittarius space for the relationship to last. If Libra is willing, ready, able and the connection is there, Why Not? Libra could surprise Sagittarius from seemingly out of nowhere in romance this year.

Scorpio - You're intrigued by Scorpio, initially, Sagittarius. Scorpio and Sagittarius can play, laugh and dance the night away like besties aka BEST friends. Sagittarius enjoys delving into mysteries with Scorpio. These two will become good friends and gain a greater insight into the other. As far as love goes, it might be better to skip this one as Scorpio needs a partner who isn't thinking about tomorrow or planning their next trip abroad. Sagittarius gets short tempered and restless with Scorpios emotions (when stirred) and decides that a friendship is more ideal than love could ever be. Sagittarius will control the outcome of this relationship this year but Scorpio might ultimately beat Sagittarius to the punch line.

Sagittarius - Another Sagittarius comforts you and makes you feel secure, loved and safe, Sagittarius. Music, travel, peace and harmony prevail in this relationship. It gets even more secure with another Sagittarius this year. You could decide to get married, have a child or buy property together. 2020 will bring the element of surprise into your love relationship, for better or for worse. This is someone you decide must be in your life, Sagittarius. The only downside to this association is that boredom could set in if you spend too much time together. Keep separate outside interests to avoid the feeling of monotony creeping in for ideal/best results. Otherwise, go for it, Sagittarius.

Capricorn - Capricorn is your next door neighbor in Astrology, Sagittarius. Sagittarius meets Capricorn and feels they have found someone they can see through and guess what Sagittarius? Capricorn can read you like an open book. Capricorn is attracted to the outgoing, friendly approach of Sagittarius and these two can have it all. Sagittarius admires Capricorns work ethic and determination. The only problem that might arise is the other offers Sagittarius receives, the more Capricorn freaks out. Capricorn needs to tone down their dark side if a lasting love relationship is what you BOTH seek, Sagittarius! Remember that a relationship is a two way street and you both will know where this is going or not, instinctively!


Aquarius - Sagittarius is drawn to Aquarius in a way that simply cannot be expressed/explained or put on paper. Aquarius sees an/their equal in Sagittarius. Sagittarius sparkles with ideas and shares fun stories when in the presence of Aquarius. This association depends largely on where both are (martial status) when they meet. The expression "timing is everything" applies to this relationship, for better or for worse. As good as it gets, it only gets better with Sagittarius and conversely, as bad as it gets, sometimes a little space can work wonders in your relationship, Sagittarius. Think about it! 

Pisces - Pisces is your 4th House of home, relatives, the past and family, Sagittarius. Pisces will open your mind to the idea of starting a family, having children and thinking about your home life. Love develops in this relationship as the time goes on. Where it leads will be entirely up to both of you. Sagittarius could want more than Pisces is willing to give and Sagittarius could find that Pisces has a secret side. Also, for ideal results - make sure you have a compatible Moon, Rising, Mars or Venus placement in the same element. 

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