Taurus Best Love Compatibility

Taurus Love Scope and Love compatibility


Aries - Aries appeals to Taurus on a visual, sexual and physical level. Aries fiery nature, good looks and passionate disposition can turn you on, big time and for the long term, Taurus. Aries unlike Taurus is not someone who likes to chill out and relax. They are always planning their next adventure, trip overseas or working on an independent project. Aries isn't your typical homebody type and you might not get the undivided attention you so seek from Aries, Taurus. Aries is always on the run and you crave stability. If compromises are made, this match could last for a long time. The choice will have to be mutual and beneficial for both of you.

Taurus - Another Taurus will be instantly attracted to you and find you charming, beautiful and a keeper at first glance. You might eventually see another Taurus to be your equal match. Physical attraction can't be denied but there could be some disagreements down the line about money or where to live and this could lead to a stubborn standoff where neither one of you wants to give in. To make this relationship work, avoid ANY tendency to be stubborn and focus on compromise, calmness and honesty at all times for best/ideal results.

Gemini - Taurus finds Gemini charming, witty and intellectual, initially. Here is someone who can make you feel secure, Taurus. Gemini needs freedom to roam but here is where and when this relationship could encounter issues, distance and separations. Taurus might conclude that Gemini is everywhere but here, and here should be with (You) Taurus. Gemini would rather be out socializing and collecting friends while Taurus waits patiently at home for Gemini to return. After time, Taurus finds Gemini to be too independent and decides to go looking for love elsewhere. You might enjoy this relationship for a few weeks - but sooner or later - (You) Taurus decide that you need someone deeper and more fulfilling. Gemini, in turn, could see you (Taurus) as too home-bound, stubborn and seriously possessive.

Cancer - A Cancer is an excellent choice for you, Taurus. Cancer is all about home and so are you. The only problem arises when Taurus isn't giving Cancer the attention Cancer needs and this could aggravate Taurus to no end. Having an open dialogue with Taurus can fix these issues, so try not to let little frustrations escalate into big ones, Cancer. To keep this relationship alive and kicking, Taurus needs to be at Cancer's side 24/7 or Cancer will freak out and flee, feeling rejected. Remember, Taurus, Cancer needs security, love and romance just as much if not MORE than you do and that says a lot, Taurus. Special to Taurus: Be there for Cancer when he or she is having a not so great day. Show support and loyalty and this could end up being the one you have been waiting for.

Leo - Leo will be instantly attracted to your outgoing, positive and oh so attractive disposition, Taurus. Leo is passionate, loyal and sexy beyond words. Leo also has crowds of admirers and you find this to be desirable as well. Ruled by the Sun, Leo is the life of any party and when you lay eyes on the Lion - you will want some serious attention from this sexy sign, like now. You attract Leo but in the long run, you might find yourself feeling isolated by the attention Leo gets from all the "other" people who find him or her just as attractive as you do. Plus, Leo brings some drama and issues from the past into your life and that is the last thing you want in a partner. To make this work, give Leo lots of space and avoid any hint of possessiveness. You might be better off with a Scorpio than a Leo, Taurus.

Virgo - You have been waiting for Virgo for a long time, Taurus. Virgo is an ideal match for you. Virgo keeps you grounded, shares similar interests and is consistently consistent. Virgo fulfills you in ways other partners just simply cannot or flat out refuse to. Virgo and Taurus are practical, grounded and realistic which is a major turn on for you, Taurus. Virgo is faithful and wants to spoil/treat you with gifts, love and tons of affection. Virgo and Taurus can make a home together. This relationship promises to fulfill both of you. Children could eventually enter this picture.

Libra - Libra is your 8th House of commitment and therefore rules areas like power, sex and money. Taurus is instantly attracted to the Venus-ruled Libra. Initially, both of you are drawn together and sense the other is someone you have known, longed for and even loved for a long time. There is a strong sense of ease and comfort in this relationship. Taurus finds Libra to be a great friend, powerful romantic partner, and a true confidante. Both of you are ruled by Venus, the planet of love, harmony, and beauty. You share many things in common and Taurus finds a perfect mix with Libra as Libra won't cling to you, Taurus. A serious bonus! This relationship can work and be a great experience for both of you. After time, one of you might come to the conclusion that something better or someone else might balance you both out better. If it's truly meant to be, it will happen, Taurus. Remember that!
Scorpio - Scorpio is your opposite sign and opposites attract, Taurus. The only problem with Taurus here is how fast can you make it to the chapel? Scorpio is sexy, smart and the attraction here in mutual, Taurus. Scorpio will trust Taurus and Taurus will sense a strong attraction, feel a serious friendship and find even a better lover in Scorpio than Taurus initially imagined. Did someone say commitment? You find Scorpio to be a keeper, Taurus. You share secrets and both of you possess a mystical nature which might provoke you to begin a new venture together. In 2019 and beyond, Taurus and Scorpio make it officially official and could wind up surprising everyone.

Sagittarius - Taurus is instantly drawn to the optimism of Sagittarius and finds a friend to confide in. Here is someone Taurus adores and Sagittarius feels a close connection to. In 2019, these two can take a casual relationship and make it official. There is a strong sense of compatibility, a mutual admiration and a shared love of life outlooks. You will share similar world views and discuss life philosophies this year. There will be a ton of mutual empathy, unconditional support, and understanding occurring between two. Communication is everything in 2019 and beyond, so say what you mean, when you both want/need to for ideal communication and results, Taurus.  

Capricorn - Taurus meets Capricorn and sees long term potential and then some. Capricorn is an ideal match for Taurus, as Capricorn is an Earth sign, like you, and has the perfect mix of qualities that Taurus seeks in a potential mate. This relationship is another excellent choice for Taurus in 2019 and beyond. Capricorn has everything you seek in a partner but might lack the imagination or interest in far-out subjects you possess. Remember that there is no such thing as perfection, Taurus! What Capricorn lacks, he or she more than makes up for in other areas. You can have it all and then some with Capricorn, Taurus. Merging with a Capricorn will definitely appeal to you on some level in 2019 and beyond.

Aquarius - Aquarius rules your 4th House of home, family and the past. Taurus and Aquarius can continue to go the distance, Taurus. You might sense that Aquarius seems detached or absent when he or she is actually present, but after time, you rethink your views as you get to know this talented, attentive and attractive personality, Taurus. Whether this person is a friend, relative or love interest, Aquarius shows Taurus what changes need to be made and where. Taurus could find this to be either ultra attractive or you (Taurus) decide that the independent nature of Aquarius is not all you thought it was or could be in 2019. It's up to you, Taurus. 

Pisces - Taurus sees Pisces as a dream lover. These two signs share an unbreakable bond that tends to grow stronger over time. This relationship begins slowly and teaches Taurus some valuable life lessons. Taurus finds Pisces comforting, loving and Pisces (in turn) provides Taurus with stability, financial security and lots of comforts when you two do merge. This relationship will be another perfect fit for Taurus. The only problem/issue occurs when Pisces isn't feeling tended to and Taurus might find this mentality a little too clingy. Stick around for Pisces and make sure  Pisces understands how much you value them for best/ideal results, Taurus. You won't be disappointed, Taurus.

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