Pisces March Forecast


The Sun transits your 1st House of physical appearance, new beginnings and brings about a beauty and mystery to your already charming personality, Pisces. This month, Mercury (Communications) enters Aries, your 2nd House of finances and possessions between March 2nd - May 9th, Pisces. Mercury then goes retrograde on March 12 - April 4th, so you could find March to be a time of intense financial negotiations.  You could be working on a contract, moving assets around and getting a stronger hold on your finances throughout this month. On March 5th, Venus enters Taurus and joins Jupiter in Taurus. This transit adds a new dimension of depth to your outstanding communication skills and really brings the reality of your love life front and center. You might feel as though you have found an ideal partner who just "gets" you, Pisces. There is a strong element of chemistry, compatibility and you feel as though you have found true love at last, Pisces. Single Pisces shouldn't be single as they might have choices but come across as picky and unavailable to those you should pay more attention to. Your thoughts and ideas will be well received by others, personally and professionally but be cautious between March 12th and April 4th as you could come across as stubborn and this will not be becoming on you, Pisces. Just remember to be mindful of others during this transit. A Full Moon occurs in Virgo on March 8th. Virgo is your 7th House of marriage and signed legal contracts. Circle this Full Moon on your calendar as it will be quite a day for you, Pisces. You receive news that lifts your spirits and promises personal and professional developments. Expect a whirlwind of activity on this date, especially as it relates to love, your career and a possible transformation in your emotional life. You feel extremely connected and content, personally and professionally on this Full Moon.    

Then, a New Moon occurs in Aries on March 22nd and brings discussions and news regarding your finances again. You can learn where you stand in connection to acquisitions and debits on or around this date so mark this date on your calendar.You find the month wraps up nicely as everything is under control and you will dosicover that you possess great insight, have a ton of creative ideas and interesting and funny stories to share with others. Make sure to keep a journal and write ideas as soon as they come to you, Pisces.   

The signs of Cancer, Capricorn and an Aquarius will play helpful roles in your life this month and can be counted on for support, Pisces.

Scorpio March Forecast

Good news, Scorpio. Venus (Love) enters Taurus (Your 7th House of marriage and serious partnerships) on March 5th until April 4th. During this transit, you could find yourself getting closer to love, attracting a new love or meeting a special someone through your friends and or family.  A new or existing relationship as well as friendships will be the main focus of your month, Scorpio. This placement also favors creativity so perhaps you and someone close form a partnership that is based on creativity and the results astound you. This month features Mars (in Virgo), Mercury (in Aries) and Saturn (in Libra) all retrograde. On March 12 - April 4th, Mercury will join Mars and Saturn and turns retrograde in your 6th House of work, daily routines, health and your personal wellness. You could also be focused on mundane obligations such as home repairs and personal maintenance.

A Full Moon occurs on March 8th in the sign of Virgo. Friendships and any groups to which you belong will play a larger than life role on this date. You could meet someone special through your friends, find comfort in the friendships you do have and feel overall contentment with your hopes, wishes and with the any groups to which you are affiliated. This could be a month of passion, romance and creative pursuits. You could feel a bit let down or misunderstood during this Mercury retrograde so follow the typical protocol that comes with Mercury retrograde. Do your own thing and results will come to you, Scorpio. They might not be exactly what you wanted but you will get some wish or personal hope fulfilled. Spend time during Mercury retrograde by revisiting, reviewing and rewriting projects you might have set aside or delayed and bring them back to life. Friends from the past could surface this month as well.

 Whenever the Sun transits your 5th House of Pisces, there is a feeling of increased risk taking, a need to express creativity and a serious desire for passion, Scorpio. These areas will all be highlighted throughout March.  
A New Moon occurs on March 22nd in the sign of Aries so this day could have a definite air of unpredictability or confusion to it. Circle this day on your calendar and be ready for twists, turns and surprises at every corner you turn. During this Mercury retrograde you might want to revisit or review some of your career aspirations. Ask yourself if you love what you do for a living. You might find that you have changed your mind and might desire a fresh start in a new direction. Those of you Scorpios wanting to know where you stand in your career will find out in March whether they are on track or not. Saturn continues its transit of your 12th House of clearing out the past, secrets and time spent in isolation. You know where you stand and with whom by the month's end, Scorpio.  
A Virgo and a Pisces play key roles throughout the month of March, Scorpio.