Capricorn April Forecast


The Sun transits your 4th House of home, family life, your past and relatives. These areas will take on a larger than life role in April, Capricorn.

Family life will be all consuming and you will focus on making sure your family life takes precedence over other areas that might need your attention. On April 3rd, Venus (Love) enters the sign of Gemini and you may find a close professional friendship growing even closer. This transit involves your work life and something you learn about your work or the work of someone close to you and could very well surprise you, Capricorn. There is a strong urge to mix business with pleasure and Capricorn will find what he or she is looking for when someone with whom you work, is attracted to you and vice versa. On April 4th, Mercury (Communications) turns direct and you and a special someone should make it a day and night to remember. The ambiance surrounding you and a romantic interest will be undeniably romantic and lovers get even closer this month after Venus enters Gemini.

A Full Moon forms in Libra on April 6th, Capricorn. This could be an eye opening day in terms of news you receive. Don't assume the worst and absolutely avoid overreacting to whatever might be revealed to you on this date. Events and people that are meant to remain in your life will grow closer this month while you might decide that some friends need to go. Try not to create a scene on this night since emotions tend to get blown out of proportion on Full Moons. This could be an important day where you learn something that has a wow factor involved. You are resolute, strong and resilient, so no matter what transpires, utilize your best assets when dealing with stressful people or worrisome situations.     

Pluto turns retrograde in your 1st House on April 10th and you, more than most, will feel this significant shift on this date. Events can seem to slow down and you might feel restless during this lengthy retrograde that lasts until September 17th, 2012, so learn to go with whatever events transpire in your daily life. Follow your hunches as you are apt to be extremely intuitive during this long transit. You know the drill now, Capricorn. It's all about the tearing down and rebuilding your life, whether you want to or not. 

Mars goes direct on April 14th and you will feel much better physically after this date. In fact, everyone will enjoy the positive spirit and feel a boost of physical energy. Mars represents motivation and desire and now that this planet is direct, the communication will lighten around you and everyone will become more spirited, motivated and even physically inclined to move faster. The pace picks up and you will feel that you are getting in sync with everything.

A New Moon occurs on April 21st in the sign of Taurus, Capricorn. There continues to be a hot and heavy romance occurring behind closed doors and you could be involved, Capricorn. A love affair gets closer and where you might have had doubts, on this day you know exactly who you want and you get him or her, Capricorn. A commitment could play a strong role.   

The signs of Leo and an Aquarius will play important roles.

Sagittarius April Forecast


The Sun transits your 5th House of passion, adventure and a strong desire to take risks that could very well pay off, Sagittarius. The fun begins on April 4th, as Mercury (Communications) turns direct where it clears up the hassles of the past few weeks. Now is the time to travel, sign contracts and negotiate your way into the hearts and minds of those you wish to impress. There will be numerous opportunities presented to you this month, so pay attention around April 3rd, when Venus (Love) enters Gemini and your 7th House of marriage, serious business contracts and could bring positive news regarding a potential legal matter, Sagittarius. It seems as suddenly everything falls back into place and you feel elated by the events that transpire this month, personally and professionally.

A Full Moon occurs in the sign of Libra on April 6th. You could feel powerful and intoxicated by your social life this month. Opportunities to spend time with your favorite friends will be everywhere on this date. You notice a powerful connection to close friends as your social life lights up and so does your romantic life. Suddenly on or around this date, you are popular, in demand and everyone's best friend. Who can blame them, Sagittarius?  

Pluto (Transformation) turns retrograde in Capricorn on April 10th, in your 2nd House of income. This transit could find your financial matters seeming stagnant, but you need to realize that this is temporary and this transit asks that you rethink, review or re-evaluate how you view what you own and what money really means to you on a deeper level, Sagittarius. You might be surprised to learn that the way you view money matters is changing on a  profound level. What worked for you yesterday might need to be re-thought, changed or you might be seeking something new, career wise. Money: how you earn it, spend and save are due for a transformation and you might be surprised to learn that you're already changing your attitude about money.    

Everything comes together on April 14th, when Mars planet of energy and physical vitality turns direct in Virgo, lightening the mood for everyone and bringing a sense of vitality and energy to your daily life. You should notice a shift in not only your life but that of those closest to you, Sagittarius.

A New Moon occurs on April 21st in the sign of Taurus and finds you ultra concerned with your daily work, your health and your personal wellness which will be areas that demand your undivided attention, Sagittarius. You might have to work longer hours, or you might be thinking about a radical change in your career. Your health and wellness could be subjects that may be brought to your immediate attention. Whatever transpires on this date could be initially jolting but it will let you know where you stand in regards to your health and employment.

The signs of Aries and a Libra will play loyal and loving roles in your month, Sagittarius. An Aries will love you no matter what you do while a Libra will make you think about your home life and the possible need to make space for visitors. You can count on an Aries and a Libra to stand by your side and be your loyal friends and perhaps more.

Scorpio April Forecast


The Sun transits your 6th House of work, health, personal wellness and how you earn a living, Scorpio. In April, there is good news for Scorpio. On April 4th, Mercury (Communications) turns direct and the miscommunication of the past few weeks finally dissipates. The focus will lean towards how you take care of yourself (mind, body and spirit), your daily work will seem more consuming than normal and there is also an emphasis on being of service to your community in some way, Scorpio.

Mercury is a personal planet and represents the 3rd House of communications for Scorpio. Once Mercury goes direct on April 4th, you can move forward with any and all of your plans, Scorpio.

The love planet (Venus) enters the sign of Gemini and your 8th House on April 3rd and will stay in your 8th House until August 7th, 2012. During the Venus transit, the stage is set for a memorable time in your love life and brings new potential partners interested in you, personally and professionally, Scorpio. Coupled Scorpios need a mini vacation since communication levels need to be restored somehow and some way. This transit finds Scorpio in an impatient mood and this could apply to your current marital status - if single. Steer clear of restlessness and an ability to lose interest in partners quickly. You need to focus more on pushing through your daily routines with courage, gratitude (for being employed in the first place) and bring excitement combined with passion to your daily life. You must emphasize quality in all that you do professionally this month.

A Full Moon occurs in your 12th House on April 6th, Scorpio. This can be a comforting Moon or it can be VERY uncomfortable. It all depends on your attitude, outlook and tolerance. Anything is possible for Scorpio on this Full Moon. Avoid a tendency to isolate and reach out to others if you feel sad, Scorpio. It's also a great day to focus on something creative. Put forth your feelings into music, writing, art, whatever you passion may be. Remember that "Attitude determines everything". On April 10th, Pluto turns retrograde in your 3rd House of communications, relatives, neighbors and short trips. Somehow these areas tend to make you look inward or internalize your feelings. Pluto will remain retrograde until September 17th, 2012, and Scorpio, more so than any other sign, knows how to understand, cope and deal with this planets forcefulness.     

Single Scorpios might meet someone special unexpectedly in his or her neighborhood or through a family member and your communication styles could be extremely compatible, especially with Venus in Gemini.  Coupled Scorpios need a change of scenery and MUST put forth every effort to do so. New experiences and new travels will keep the spark alive. Try to come from an understanding perspective if coupled, Scorpio. There is a need to refrain from saying things in the heat of the moment. Hold your fire, Scorpio. Imagine how much happier you will be when you have that special someone to hold at night.

A New Moon occurs on April 21st in the sign of Taurus and your 7th House of marriage, divorce and those who might oppose you or try to. You gain a clearer perspective regarding the big picture of your life on this date.  Circle this date as one that you might remember fondly in the future. There could be legalities involved and the promise of a friendlier future, personally and professionally. Make certain not to appear overly confident and try not to exert yourself physically on this date. You might feel edgy, achy and tired. Focus on the bigger picture which is the promise of more work and personal opportunities for more fun and laughter.

A Cancer and a Capricorn could assist you in creative ventures and more this month, Scorpio.

Libra April Forecast

April is going to be a month to remember, Libra. Not only is the Sun transiting your 7th House of marriage, legalities and serious business negotiations, you also have a Full Moon occurring in your sign on April 6th.

Good news, Libra. Mercury (Communication) turns direct on April 4th and Venus, your planetary ruler, enters the compatible air sign of Gemini on April 3rd. Additionally, Mars planet of physical energy, stamina and what motivates us, will turn direct where it has been retrograde. April promises more social contact, more displays of love and you can expect to experience some professional recognition.  Take heart and remember that all of your hard work is paying off and then some. Someone close to you will admire your beauty and talents. You're more than just a pretty face, Libra. You have so much to offer in terms of talent, diplomacy and grace. You can fit in just about anywhere due to your versatile and adaptable nature. This will be noted by those closest to you this month.

With Venus in Gemini, the emphasis falls on communications and creative ventures. This is an ideal time to begin a new business or build a brand. Venus will be in Gemini for an extended stay until August 7th. It will go retrograde in Gemini next month from 5/15 - 6/27, a very long time for Venus to be retrograde. Since Venus rules love and Gemini is all about communications, you could be working on both and doing a fantastic job.

A Full Moon occurs in your sign on April 6th, Libra. This could be an emotional time for you or it might be that you feel drained BUT you could hear something that makes your heart beat faster.  It will most likely involve news of a highly confidential and personal matter. A love relationship is most likely involved and the news you hear will be soothing yet exciting.

On April 10th, Pluto (Change, transformation) turns retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn rules your 4th House of home and family and you might notice that these areas are due for some change. Family is important to you, Libra, and while there might be some change to your family dynamic, you deal with this change easily. This change could also possibly involve a love interest and could conceivably change the foundation of your home life if you are coupled. Just avoid a tendency to feel constricted or to get restless. Be true to yourself and honest. Avoid resistance whenever possible and you and a love could take a blossoming relationship to the next level.

A New Moon occurs in your 8th House of Taurus on April 21st, which rules sex, power and others people money. You could be dealing professionally with people from overseas and you might hear more about expanding your business on this day. There will be a lot of activity and the pace will pick up where your career is involved. Yes, Libra, you are due to impress those VIPs where your work performance is involved.

There is an heavy emphasis on travel, and you may feel a desire to get away all during the month of April. You might be planning a trip or you could meet the love of your life while on vacation this month.    

The signs of Virgo and a Pisces will play key roles throughout the month of April, Libra.

Virgo April Forecast

Painting by Kelly Lynn Kimball

The Sun transits through your 8th House of power, sex and personal transformation this month, Virgo. Additionally, this month, your planetary ruler, Mercury turns direct in Pisces on April 4th. You will feel a lightness and stress levels go down, so circle this date on your calendar, Virgo. On April 3rd, Venus (Planet of love) enters Gemini and this could bring about an office romance and indicates that VIPs and bosses like your potential and admire your capabilities. Yes, Virgo, you can go far on the job this month impressing those who matter most. On April 10th, Pluto turns retrograde in your 5th House of love, children and passion. These areas could slow down temporarily where there previously was tension, stress or arguments. Pluto (Transformation) will remain retrograde until September 17th, 2012, so get used to having strong personality types attracted to you and vice versa. This planet has a very slow yet powerful feel to it. You might not notice the effects until mid summer but you will notice them and how! If coupled, communication between the two of you flows smoothly and you could be making plans for a trip together. All Virgos, single and coupled are off to a good start in love this month and will be able to navigate the powerful events that accompany Pluto. Remember that without change, there would be no growth, Virgo.  

Venus in Gemini makes a beneficial angle to your career and a romance could ignite with someone with whom you work, Virgo. Those Virgos who are already in committed relationships should say a strong "No" to temptation while singles could get serious about an associate and could get involved in a secretive relationship this month, Virgo. Think twice before you get romantically involved. If for any reason the relationship does not live up to your high standards, you will have to constantly be reminded of this and work will suffer. So while temptation is everywhere for all Virgos this month, single or coupled, before you throw caution to the winds, think about the long term consequences. 

A Full Moon forms on April 6th in the sign of Libra. Libra is your 12th House of secrets, seclusion and self-imposed isolation. This Moon could be an emotional day and night for you, Virgo. You might feel as though the weight of the world is on your shoulders or you may be presented with a lucky break. Realize that emotions always run high, and this Moon could have you flying off the handle at people who want nothing but the best for you. This is not the month to speculate. Make sure you open up a dialogue with those who you think might oppose you.   

Good news, Virgo! On April 14th, Mars (Physical energy/Motivation) will resume direct motion in your sign and this brings a sense of renewed energy, makes you more assertive and brings out a strong need to express yourself possibly via sports. Physical closeness with another and your overall energy will feel restored on this date. Whenever Mars transits your sign, your sexuality is prominent and others want to be closer to you.

A New Moon occurs on April 21st in the compatible earth sign of Taurus. You and a Taurus have a magical connection and on this day, you might hear news about travel plans. You could also be dealing with people in foreign countries and people of foreign descent. You could be planning a trip overseas and you could also be dealing with a creative project that gets a green light. This should be a great day for Virgo, so take advantage of the opportunities that come your way. Mars will keep your energy levels high so you will see and seize opportunities as soon as they appear.

The signs of Aries, Taurus and a Libra will capture your interest and find your company fascinating this month, Virgo. A Scorpio continues to play a loyal role and it would serve you well to get anything that is bothering you out on the table, especially involving your connection to this Scorpio. You might be surprised that what you uncover is unconditional support and   Scorpio is willing to support you, despite what you might want to believe.

Leo April Forecast


The Sun transits your 9th House of travel, foreign people and distant places. There could also be a massive emphasis on your spiritual values and they could be changing, big time, Leo. April will open as Venus (Love) enters the compatible air sign of Gemini and your 11th House of friends, your deepest hopes and your most intimate wishes. Then the next day, April 4th, Mercury turns direct in the sign of Pisces and your 8th House of power, other people's money and deeply committed relationships. You will profit whenever you deal with these properties throughout this transit. Mercury in Pisces brings the excellent Leo negotiating skills front and center.

Venus in Gemini impacts your love life in beneficial ways. You might have spent some time adjusting to recent unexpected occurrences in your love life. April is an ideal month to get back on track. if single, there is someone who has his or her eyes on you and will let you know it this month. This could be someone from your recent past. This could also be the one for you, Leo. You find yourself engaging in long, philosophical discussions, single or coupled.  

A Full Moon occurs in the sign of Libra on April 6th. Libra is a compatible air energy that loves your fiery nature, Leo, so you can expect this day to have a nice feel to it despite the Full Moon fever occurring all around you. Your interactions with others take on a large role. You could be on a mission to find a neighborhood that suits you ideally and you could also be dealing with relatives more than normal on this date, Leo. There will be something to celebrate and it most likely will deal with your daily work, writing, re-writing and how you communicate with others.

Pluto turns retrograde on April 10th. Pluto has been in your 6th House of health, hard work, wellness and service to others. Once this powerful planet retrogrades, you might notice a slow down; however, it will be somewhat temporary. This transit lasts until September 17th, 2012, so get used to these areas not progressing quite as quickly or as ideally as you would like them to be, Leo. Good news: Mars resumes direct motion on April 14th and this should make everyone feel more motivated as we see the pace of life pick up considerably and physical energy and vitality levels become restored.   

A New Moon in Taurus on April 21st in the sign of Taurus impacts your career, Leo. You could hear news that uplifts your spirits and hard work pays handsome dividends on this day. Jupiter, (planet of expansion), will accompany the Moon, and whenever the Moon and Jupiter get hooked up, opportunities reveal themselves.  You might feel as though you have what seem like surreal experiences. Stay centered. The pace will be hectic but there is nothing Leo can't handle this month.

The signs of Gemini, Virgo and a Sagittarius play key roles in your life throughout the month of April, Leo. A Pisces will play a sentimental role.


Cancer April Forecast


The Sun transits your 10th House of power, prestige and public recognition this month, Cancer. The planet Jupiter (prosperity) is still in Taurus and this should bring some type of stability to your finances, Cancer. There is a Full Moon on April 6th in the sign of Libra. Libra is your 4th House of home, family and the past. There could be lots of movement in this part of your life on this date. You could throw a party, become more involved with your neighbors and relatives and the pace will be fast.  Remain alert and open to all issues regarding your current home life. Pay close attention to relatives as well, as they could use some words of encouragement, Cancer, and only Cancer can nurture their friends, family and love like no other.

Circle April 4th on your calendar as Mercury moving direct in Pisces will be a day to remember. There is no room for any type of delay, restriction or misunderstanding. All signs will breathe a collective sigh of relief on this day, Cancer, so clear your calendar and get out and socialize as your powers of persuasion throughout the rest of April will be legendary.

On April 10th, Pluto (birth, sex and power) retrogrades in your 7th House of marriage, perhaps a past relationship is concluding or there could be an upcoming marriage. Unfortunately there could be last minute changes in any of these areas. Your power is not as potent whenever Pluto or any other planet retrogrades, so the areas of the law, legal contracts, marriage and  divorce will be issues that could continue to linger as you try and resolve them. Pluto will turn direct in September 17th, 2012, so do your best to keep your cool when these areas present challenges or don't progress as fast as you had hoped they would, Cancer.

Venus (Love) enters Gemini on April 3rd and the next day, April 4th, Mercury (Communications) turns direct in Pisces. Venus forms a generous angle to your career this month and you might notice that you have established some prominence, support and the pace picks up where it might have felt stalled in March. If single, new relationships will require honesty - the good, the bad and the ugly - to turn into something meaningful, Cancer. Don't be afraid of what you perceive to be an embarrassing situation. Others are more understanding than you might care to believe, unless you live in Los Angeles. Gemini is your 12th House of isolation, solitude and untapped creativity. This month, a love could demand some solo time with you in private. Your relationship has an air of secrecy to it or you might want to keep it that way for a reason. Being a Cancer, you love nothing more than privacy or secrecy with a love, especially in the early stages of any new relationship. Coupled Cancers could be dealing with changes on several levels.

A New Moon in Taurus on April 21st joins Jupiter and brings news regarding an element of luck with regard to an important project close to your heart. You will have the support, wherewithal and determination to tackle the impossible and do it right. In fact, you will be able overcome anything challenging and can achieve what some might call the unachievable. Your friends and associates will be impressed with your accomplishments. You end this day with a smile on your face and a strong sense of accomplishment.

An Aries will play a significant role in your life this month, Cancer. There is a long history with this individual and the two of you will be spending more time together. This could be a relative, friend or an associate but the connection between the two of you is solid, durable and passionate. Your connection with this person could become stronger as a result of a recent domestic or romantic adjustment.

The signs of another Cancer and a Capricorn will play stand out roles throughout April, Cancer.  

Gemini April Forecast


The Moon transits your 11th House of friendships and groups with which you affiliate this month, Gemini. You should enjoy April since your ruling planet turns direct on April 4th. This gives you the upper hand in all business affairs.

April will have a much better feel to it than March did, Gemini. Good news: Venus (Love) enters your sign on April 3rd. Anytime Venus comes for a stay in your sign, you will be due for a treat. Not only will other people take note of you, and sense your charm, beauty and wit but will want to make commitments to you, personal and professional. With Venus in Gemini, the urge to splurge could overtake you, so be watchful. You will want to engage in more social activities and you feel much more outgoing than you did in March, Gemini. This is your month to shine with regards to your career, love life and friendships. On April 10th, Pluto (transformation) turns retrograde in your 8th House of power, resources you share with others, and insurance issues. These areas might encounter delays or frustrations as retrograde planets tend to slow events down or cause complications. With Pluto ruling the 8th House naturally, you could be feeling this effect which lasts until September 17th, 2012, so accept what comes your way and don't resist that which you have no control over, Gemini. 

Full Moon occurs in the sign of Libra on April 6th. This Moon impacts your 5th House of creativity, passion and what you do for pure enjoyment. You might get a call or an email regarding a special relationship and the news you receive could delight you, Gemini. Remember with Venus in your sign, this is one of the MOST romantic months for you, so you should love what transpires romantically this month. FYI Gemini - Your creativity will soar to new heights and any idea or concept you come up with this month could hit the jackpot. So work on those artistic impulses, write down ideas as fast as they come at you and you may find yourself rewarded handsomely for an artistic project you have been working on. Also you will notice the loyalty of friends, near and far, and this should put you in a positive, upbeat mood. You enjoy the company of friends, family and the company you keep and notice you suddenly seem to be the life of the party. A new relationship could grow serious while an existing one could graduate to the next level. It really is your month to shine and shine you will, personally and professionally, Gemini.

A New Moon in Taurus on April 21st joins Jupiter in your 12th House. Activities occurring behind closed doors and in private could bring in more income and you might be given the opportunity to showcase your skills behind the scenes. This could involve a professional goal or it might be a special relationship you wish to keep under wraps for the time being. Enjoy the opportunities that are headed your way this month. Your personal and professional life will keep you smiling and satisfied.

The signs of another Gemini and a Sagittarius will play important roles in your month, Gemini. These individuals can assist you in more ways than you ever imagined on both personal and professional levels throughout the month of April. Get ready for some big changes as the first eclipse of the year occurs in the earliest degree of your sign in May.

Taurus April Forecast



The Sun transits your 12th House of secrets, which may include romantic encounters happening behind closed doors and the need for discretion this month, Taurus. The fun begins on April 4th as Mercury (Communications) turns direct and Venus (Love) enters the sign of Gemini a day earlier. On April 3rd, Venus enters Gemini and you note that friendships blossom and love takes on a new and improved outlook. There could be a new relationship forming for all single Taurus and this month could very easily solidify this association.

 A Full Moon occurs in Libra on April 6th. This should be an exciting time, but you may find yourself becoming emotional on this Full Moon. It's OK because some news you receive will involve career and a possible lucky break. Your spirits will lift and soar in the right direction, and you will definitely be feeling Jupiter's influence. Take some time on this Full Moon to socialize with friends and a special love interest. You can mix friendships and your love life on this magical night. Circle April 9th on your calendar for a day and night to remember. Love and chemistry between you and a significant other could turn into something lasting and brings about expansion.

Single Taurus could meet or have recently met the love of his or her life while coupled Taurus might take things to the next level such as deciding to have a child, get married or begin a home life together. Coupled Taurus could be making some changes to their home or an upgrade to a new residence or even deciding to take a family vacation. You can expect to see your creativity soar throughout the month, so write, publish, paint, pursue a passion and see what transpires, Taurus. Jupiter is all about expansion so focus on that which you desire. Be assertive and don't be afraid to ask. Know that there are those who want to assist and help you. Let them, Taurus. You could become fascinated with someone special or with a group to which you align yourself closely, Taurus. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain via friends, expressing your hopes and wishes and refusing to allow anyone to tell you otherwise. Time spent alone with a significant other could be just what the two of you need to keep the spark alive. April is a fantastic month for Taurus in or looking for love.

A New Moon occurs on April 26 in your sign, Taurus. Anytime a New Moon occurs in your sign, you're due for a new chance or a new opportunity. Make a list of everything you hope to achieve (but make it realistic as well) and write down what you hope to accomplish during the next year. This New Moon in your sign can assist you in making your hopes and wishes realities, but YOU must also make the effort as well. In other words, you can't stay indoors all day and wait for something magical to happen. With Saturn retrograde in Libra, you must make efforts and work as hard as you possibly can to produce ideal results. This comes easy and naturally for Taurus so make your time count. You, like Capricorn, more than most, are excellent at doing this.

The signs of Cancer, Capricorn and an Aquarius will play key roles in your life this month, Taurus.

Aries April Forecast

Painting by Kelly Lynn Kimball

Happy Birthday, Aries. The Sun transits your 1st House of your physical appearance, the way you see yourself and the way you interact with others. These areas will be highlighted and magnified throughout this month, Aries. You could be ultra focused on your most intimate relationships and at the same time learning how to remain calm and centered while living in a chaotic world. Being the 1st sign of the zodiac gives you an edge but it also can make you appear to be a "know it all," but you really don't care much what most other people say. "Consider the source" is your motto.

You're the consummate leader, and as April begins, there could be something you're working on which will benefit you as well as others and will highlight your leadership qualities. The spotlight is on you this month, Aries. With several planets retrograde, you could be feeling physically drained at times while having stamina at others. Circle April 9th on your calendar as a standout day for you. Also keep in mind that Pluto (transformation) goes retrograde on April 10th and this could cause you to possibly feel some insecurity regarding your career. Whenever planets go retrograde, things start to slow down and this is the last thing fast paced Aries enjoys. Pay close attention to events that occur on April 10th though, as they WILL have an effect on your career, although it might not progress as quickly as the Ram wants. Hang in there, Aries. Pluto will turn direct on September 17th, 2012. You could benefit, believe it or not, from what you may perceive as a career slow down.

Venus enters Gemini, an air sign compatible with your fire element, on April 3rd. Love will delight and excite Aries in April. This Venus placement puts single Aries in line to meet a new love interest possibly through friends, a family member or through a group with which you are involved. Single Aries will definitely have options this month. Coupled Aries will enjoy the transit of Venus in Gemini as it bonds you closer and makes communicating seem effortless. Coupled Aries will be overjoyed and extremely satisfied with their relationships throughout April.

Full Moon occurs in the sign of Libra on April 6th. This Moon impacts your 7th House of marriage. This brings feelings of prosperity, good luck and positivity. Your relationships, personal or professional, will find that good fortune is part of this picture. You will be content, excited and in sync with your significant other.

A New Moon in Taurus on April 21st joins Jupiter in your 2nd House of gifts and possessions and makes you ultra aware of your current cash flow. This is an ideal time to pay with cash (what is that?) as opposed to using credit. You could also be the recipient of or give a significant gift to someone special on this day. You will learn where you stand in connection with your finances.

The signs of Leo and an Aquarius will play key roles in your month, Aries.