Full Moon in Pisces - Friday, August 31st, 2012 - Blue Moon


Happy Birthday, Virgo!

Year 2012

Pay attention to your sign and your love relationship (his or her sign) during the new and full moon days of each month. You will notice that you and your significant others tend to be “out of sync”, easily agitated, indulge in various forms of escapism, create emotional dramas and tend to overreact in sex and love relationships when a new or full moon falls in your or another’s sun sign (or its opposite sign).

For instance, An Aries will be low on energy and a bit edgy when a New or Full Moon occurs in Aries or Libra. A Libra will feel the same when a New or Full moon occurs in Aries. Once a year, all signs experience this and the best way to cope is to do something creative or if you need, schedule some private time to yourself. It’s time to take care and charge of your life. Aries opposite sign in the zodiac is Libra. The Full Moon always occurs in your sign during your low cycle time of year.

In Astrology, low cycles occur for each sign when the Sun is in the sign opposite to their sign. It is exactly six months from your birth date.

New Moons & Full Moons in 2012

New Moon January 23, 2012 (Aquarius)
Full Moon January 9, 2012 (Cancer)

New Moon February 21, 2012 (Pisces)
Full Moon February 7, 2012 (Leo)

New Moon March 22, 2012 (Aries)
Full Moon March 8, 2012 (Virgo)

New Moon April 21, 2012 (Taurus)
Full Moon April 6, 2012 (Libra)

New Moon May 20, 2012 (Gemini)
Full Moon May 5, 2012 (Scorpio)

New Moon June 19, 2012 (Gemini)
Full Moon June 4, 2012 (Sagittarius)

New Moon July 19, 2012 (Cancer)

Full Moon July 3, 2012 (Capricorn)

Full Moon August 1, 2012 (Aquarius)

New Moon August 17, 2012 (Leo)

Full Moon August 31, 2012 (Pisces)

New Moon September 15, 2012 (Virgo)

Full Moon September 29, 2012 (Aries)

New Moon October 15, 2012 (Libra)
Full Moon October 29, 2012 (Taurus)

New Moon November 13, 2012 (Scorpio)
Full Moon November 28, 2012 (Gemini)

New Moon December 13, 2012 (Sagittarius)
Full Moon December 28, 2012 (Cancer)

Sagittarius September Forecast


The month opens with Venus (Love) entering Leo, your 9th House of career. This transit lasts from 9/6 - 10/3. Whenever Venus transits the same element to your Sun sign, you benefit most, Sagittarius. In the compatible fire sign of Leo, this will be a great time of change and growth in your romantic life. With Jupiter (Expansion) in Gemini and Venus in Leo, there will be no stopping you. Friends find you beyond charming, bosses admire your performance and an ex love could come back into the picture. Prepare for serious expansion in your 7th House and 9th House this month. The 7th House, with Jupiter in Gemini, promises luck and progress in a serious relationship that can be taken to the next level. Venus in Leo suggests trips taken with a romantic interest can lead to a greater commitment. You could feel as though you have met someone who shares your basic values and shares similar interests. September will be a month to celebrate, especially when it comes to both love and professional issues.
A New Moon occurs on September 15th in the sign of Virgo and your solar 10th House of recognition from your peers. You might be offered a new assignment on this date that is tailor made for you. It could involve overseas travel, publishing or your spiritual views. Since Mercury in involved in this Moon, there can be an offer to speak, write or publish something important to you. This New Moon might find you pondering your career accomplishments and trying to get to the bottom line of where you fit into your current career.
Jupiter will remain in Gemini and your 7th House. This month promises to bring about hints and movement in these areas of your life. With Jupiter in your opposite 7th House, there will be expansion and growth that may be somewhat subtle but definitely noticeable.
Pluto (Slow but powerful change) resumes direct motion in Capricorn on 9/17 where it currently has been retrograde in your 2nd House. Regardless of your personal spending habits, once this planet moves forward it will be wise to save your money instead of splurging. Take a lesson from Cancer on how to stretch your dollar, even if you don't think you need to. With Uranus (The Unexpected) in your 5th House, unexpected expenses could come your way, so make sure you have the funds to cover surprise bills. This transit promises to transform both your bank account and your values about money. How you earn it and how you spend it will come to your attention.
A Full Moon forms in Aries on 9/29. Aries is your 5th House of love, passion and children. This is a date to mark on your calendar as you notice that some in your presence will be overly sensitive and react to out of the blue events. Take things in stride and go with the flow for best results.
A Gemini, Virgo, another Sagittarius and a Pisces will play instrumental roles in your life throughout September, Sagittarius.

Virgo September Forecast


Good news, Virgo! The month opens with Mercury (Communications), your planetary ruler, in your sign until 9/16. Expect to have powers of persuasion throughout the first two weeks of September. You attract new friends, admirers and support for your ideas, suggestions and anything else you choose to speak about. The public is receptive to you and your outstanding communication skills. Take advantage of this time, Virgo. State your case to those who might have misunderstood previously where you were coming from. Your influence comes with ease.
A New Moon occurs on September 15th in your 1st House, Virgo. This happens once a year for all signs and is considered a time to express your hopes and dreams for the upcoming year. Hard work is called for but as a mutable Earth sign you live in a practical world of ideas and know that the mind is a powerful thing and can accomplish the impossible. Write out a list of where you want to be in 5 years, how you can achieve that and keep it close to you so you can have the future you fantasize about come to life. Try practicing a spiritual approach on this day such as meditation or yoga, Virgo. Also, make sure to take good care of your health, personal wellness and make efforts to exercise any stress or tensions away.
Pluto (Transformation) resumes direct motion in Capricorn on 9/17 where it currently has been retrograde in your 5th House of love, fun and pleasurable pursuits. This planet has been in your 5th House since 2008, so now you might have a better idea of how this planet affects you and the way you deal with love, creativity and children. Single Virgo should attract partners who share the same worldviews as they do, while couples could find that they have innovative new ideas and desires. Sharing a common interest is vital for those Virgos in a committed relationship. Children, creative pursuits and your love life are transforming your life in small but powerful ways, Virgo. Be honest with yourself and let your partner know what you need from a relationship for ideal results.
Mars (Energy/Motivation) remains in the sign of Scorpio throughout September, Virgo. Scorpio is your 3rd House of siblings, short trips and communications. Scorpio is a water sign and Virgo is an earth sign. Mars in Scorpio brings clarity to your finances and you find that men will play helpful and assisting roles where opportunities to make more money are available to you.

A Full Moon forms in Aries 9/29. Mark this date on your calendar as it will bring about an exciting series of events and people into your life. This Moon brings about a certain level of comfort to you. You find yourself more in touch with romantic partners and single Virgos will take a new relationship to the next level. Couples have some important conversations that clear the air and bring about a new and improved level of understanding. September brings all Virgos, single or coupled, the opportunity to get closer, despite some minor misunderstandings along the way. Let that special someone in on your deepest thoughts for ideal results.
A Cancer and a Capricorn will play roles in your life throughout September.

Leo September Forecast


The month opens with Venus (Love) entering your 1st House. This transit lasts from 9/6 - 10/3. You can glide through September, Leo, as love looks brighter, and opportunities to shine in your romantic life and professional life come about with very little effort on your part. Leo needs to shine and always finds a way to make a name for themselves. It is mandatory that your ideal job involves a certain level of creativity and with Saturn in Libra, your 3rd House (until 10/5), you will be more focused on communicating ideas. September is a month to focus on completions and polish up your resume. Potential partners and VIPs notice your value and become aware of what you contribute to your career. With Mars in Scorpio and your 4th House this month, family matters take on greater significance and might cause some conflict with business affairs. Try to aim for balance as Mars in Scorpio could make everyday life more intense and bring about a potential struggle between the two.
A New Moon occurs on September 15th in the sign of Virgo and your 2nd House of finance and possessions. You might find that hard work pays off. Any new projects that involve communications turn into solid sources of income. Good news arrives regarding your bank account but with Saturn in the picture, make sure you don't take any short cuts and know that you must work diligently, Leo. Saturn won't let you progress if you have been lazy or indulgent. Leos who have been coasting might find the need to re-evaluate their careers while those Leos who have put in the time, energy and resources into their passions will be most rewarded.
Pluto (Slow but powerful change) resumes direct motion in Capricorn on 9/17 where it currently has been retrograde in your 6th House of daily routines, health and wellness. Pluto in your 6th House has transformed your daily life. Look back to 2008 and see how this powerful but slow moving planet has affected your work life and daily routines. Health and wellness are also properties of the 6th House, so perhaps there has been a transformation where your health, wellness and nutrition come into play. Once this planet moves forward on 9/17, expect more responsibilities connected to these areas. One way or another, your day to day existence will be affected.
Mars (Energy/Motivation) remains in the sign of Scorpio throughout September, Leo. Scorpio is your 5th House of passion, creativity and children. Mars also brings about passion, heightened sexuality and aggression. The message of this transit is to not let your temper get the best of you when you feel overwhelmed by external occurrences. In other words: CHILL!
A Full Moon forms in Aries 9/29 in your 9th House of travel, publishing and your worldviews. Jupiter (Expansion) forms a wide angle and Uranus (The unexpected) forms a conjunction suggesting that anything is possible on this day. You can expect to see or hear about things you never anticipated, while Jupiter brings expansion to events or news you receive on this date.
Another Leo, Scorpio and an Aquarius will play prominent roles in your life throughout September.


Cancer September Forecast


The Sun transits Virgo and your 3rd House of communications this month. Prepare for the unexpected where speaking, writing and your interactions with others are involved. September promises to bring awareness in love and career matters. Children will also play a bigger role than normal this month with Mars in Scorpio, Cancer.
The month begins with Venus (Love) exiting your 1st House (where it has been bringing love into your life and increased career prospects) and entering Leo, your 2nd House of possessions and valuables. Venus is the planet of love and wherever this planet travels is where you benefit most, Cancer. Venus in Leo will last from 9/6 - 10/3. During this transit, Jupiter and Venus are forming beneficial angles to your House of career. Whenever Venus (Love) and Jupiter (Expansion) join forces, there is a strong possibility that money and career opportunities will surface and benefit you, Cancer. Pay attention to professional offers and work related projects as they will come at the right time.
Mars (Energy/Motivation) remains in the sign of Scorpio throughout September, Cancer. Scorpio is your 5th House of passion, creativity and children. Mars represents energy, motivation and aggression. In the sign of Scorpio, you will find a strong focus in these areas. Try to tone down emotions as you could find that you are overwhelmed by physical desires and sudden heightened sexual energy. A new love could find single Cancer, while coupled Cancer will experience renewed attraction to their significant others.
A New Moon occurs on September 15th in the sign of Virgo and your 3rd House of communications, siblings and relatives. Virgo is a compatible earth sign that blends well with Cancer, so expect communications and the ability to communicate to soar. Writing, speaking and communications will come naturally and easily to you. With Mercury forming a conjunction to this Moon, you can be assured that the pace picks up where speaking, learning and teaching others comes into play.
Pluto (Power/Transformation) resumes direct motion in Capricorn on 9/17 where it currently has been retrograde in your 7th House of marriage and divorce. This planet has been slowly but surely changing your serious relationships (such as marriage or divorce) since 2008 and on the 17th, you find these areas coming to life again, for better or worse. Since 2008, Pluto has brought about transformation and profound inner change where love and relationships are concerned. This month brings these relationships front and center. You come to conclusions whether you are single or coupled. Try not to let surprises and unexpected news get you worked up. The more you control emotional reactions to your serious relationships, the better things will work out for you.
A Full Moon forms in Aries on 9/29. Aries is your 10th House of prestige. Full Moons bring emotions to the surface, Cancer. For you, the Moon is your ruler, so anytime a Full moon occurs, emotions tend to escalate. Uranus (Surprises/The unexpected) forms a conjunction to this Moon suggesting that news you receive occurs from out of nowhere and involves career matters. Aries is a fire sign and Cancer is a water sign. Try not to let frustrations get the best of you. You could find this to be a challenging day, Cancer.
An Aries and a Libra will play active roles in your life throughout September.


Gemini September Forecast


The month opens with Venus (Love) in the compatible sign of Leo and your 3rd House of communications, short trips and siblings. Venus is the planet of love and wherever this planet travels is where your luck shines, Gemini. This transit lasts from 9/6 - 10/3. With Venus in a compatible fire sign, the emphasis falls on relatives, siblings and communicating effectively. Single Gemini looking for love could find passion through a relative (who sets you up), in your own neighborhood or while out running errands. Coupled Gemini could feel the flames of romance burning brighter or feel as though they need to have a serious conversation with their partner. You are ruled by the planet Mercury, Gemini. You have powers of persuasion via the written and spoken word. If any tension exists between you and a partner, be sure to clarify and spell out how you feel about your relationship.
Mercury (Communications), your ruling planet, begins the month in your 4th house of family, your home life and issues from the past. You could find that your powers of persuasion will revolve around these issues. Then on 9/16, Mercury enters Libra and your 5th House of love, passion and creative ventures. During the Mercury transit of Libra, you find that you have the ability to convince others that your point of view is the correct one. Use this ability cautiously, Gemini.
A New Moon occurs on September 15th in the sign of Virgo and your 4th House. The 4th House rules home life, your personal environment and issues from the past. This Moon could prompt a desire to change locations or to think seriously about changing your home life in some way. Mercury plays a role in this New Moon creating a conjunction to the New Moon. Anytime Mercury is involved, you can expect a ton of stimulation through conversations, writing and publishing. Expect any and all types of social activity to play a strong role on this day.
Pluto (Power/Transformation) resumes direct motion in Capricorn (Your 8th House) on 9/17 where it has been retrograde. As this planet resumes direct motion, your experiences in these areas will become more concrete and less abstract. You can move forward in all properties of the 8th House. Since the 8th House rules sex and power, expect others to find you beyond attractive and be captivated by whatever you do. Expect to win at whatever you're pursuing, Gemini. Money matters, your career and power, (personal and professional) will favor you and your efforts. You notice a shift between the 18th - 20th - and any areas that previously have seemed stagnant begin to move forward. Remember that Pluto represents strong and powerful change and also represents transformation.
Mars (Energy/Motivation) will be in Scorpio for the entire month. Your energy will be focused on daily routines, daily work and the possibility of taking on more professional responsibilities. Mars gives you the motivation to tackle projects and in your 6th House, work will seem to be the major focus this month. Men can assist you and will prove to be helpful.
A Full Moon forms in your 11th House of Aries on 9/29. Aries rules your 11th House of hopes and wishes. It also rules friendships and groups to which you belong. You end the month on a positive note as the Sun enters Libra (9/23) and your 5th House, while the Full Moon occurs in your social sector. Single Gemini could have more than one love interest while coupled Gemini will find the love, passion and adventure awaiting them during this intense, romantic and creative time.
A Cancer, Capricorn and an Aquarius will be involved in key roles of your life throughout September.

Taurus September Forecast

The month opens with Venus - your ruling planet which represents love - entering Leo, your 4th House of home and family (from 9/6 - 10/3). Expect these areas to be prosperous for you. You value the security of home life and adventure is gained through romance, travel and constant stimulating conversations. There will be a cozy feel to your home life this month, and your house takes on importance as a home repair or renovation takes place. You could be decorating or arranging your home life or surroundings to suit you better. Expect others to admire your home life this month. The 4th House also rules the past and motherhood so you will be focused on these areas as well but not for too long. It will be a busy and somewhat unpredictable month. Your confidence soars on the 5th and 6th, Taurus. You will see that your hard work pays off personally and professionally.
A New Moon occurs on September 15th in the sign of Virgo and your 5th House of passion, romance and risk taking. Single Taurus could meet the person of his or her dreams quite suddenly, while coupled Taurus will feel the need to express their feelings more fully to their partner. Sometimes you need to remember your partner is not a mind reader. If there are any issues you have with a romantic partner, speak up but utilize diplomacy. A serious relationship will grow more committed by keeping the lines of communication wide open.
Pluto (Slow but powerful change) resumes direct motion in Capricorn on 9/17 in your 9th House of spirituality, worldviews and travel. These areas will be highlighted this month as you notice a transformation in your views regarding travel, distant places and foreign destinations. You will be more receptive and more importantly "open to change" as to how you view these areas. In September these areas will come to your attention on a more tangible level. With Pluto retrograde, feelings are more internalized but once this planet moves direct, experiences become more intense and take on a greater sense of reality and permanence.
Mars (Energy/Motivation) occupies the sign of Scorpio throughout the entire month. With Mars in your 7th House, expect some passionate moments in a romance and a feeling of progress and popularity where personal relationships and your home life are involved. Mars can bring some arguments, but there is nothing you cannot resolve with your partner, Taurus.
Jupiter (Luck, expansion) in Gemini (Your 2nd House of finance) brings about big changes with your income. You should have an idea of how this planet affects your life since it has been there since June. Have you seen, experienced or otherwise encountered immense movement in your finances? This transit should increase your bank account and bring in beautiful and luxurious possessions. This period lasts until next summer, so prepare to focus on what you hope to achieve via your income and get to work.
A Full Moon forms on 9/29 in Aries, your 12th House of secrets and what occurs behind closed doors. The week of the Full Moon will be a mysterious one. You could stumble upon the secrets of others or uncover something private that was not intended for your eyes to see. It could also be that you scrutinize your own beliefs and delve deep into your subconscious thoughts. Uranus (Surprises/The Unexpected) is involved with this Moon, so news or insights you gain will come to you rapidly and seemingly out of nowhere.
A Virgo and a Pisces will play special roles in your life throughout September, Taurus.