Aquarius in Love

Friendly, Humanitarian, Loyal, Inventive and Intellectual
Intractable, Unpredictable, Unemotional and Detached
Aquarius tend to be entrancing, exciting and unpredictable, yet somehow strangely/oddly detached from their surroundings. They are the zodiacs most eccentric personality. They are seekers of the new, unusual, innovative and challenging - which leads them in many directions. Aquarius may try several things out but without stability - they might not master anything. Aquarius are philanthropic, idealists and humanitarian by nature. They see their calling as making the world a better place for all of us.

Adventurous Aquarius are not averse to taking risks.Their optimism, friendly nature and positive outlook combined with idealism and the need to break new ground leads them into quite unfamiliar territory. Not that this bothers them for they are willing to follow any new lead to its conclusion/finish.

Aquarius are original, one of a kind and possess a universal consciousness with which they intend to drown materialism, monotony and injustice. Although Aquarius are compassionate and sympathetic to the needs of others, they prefer things to go their way. They can become very temperamental when things don't go their way. To Aquarius - freedom and exploration are VERY important. They hate to be tied down. Aquarius has a futuristic visionary style which often reflects social trends that become the standard far into the future.
One of Aquarius deepest needs is for a satisfying, complementary relationship which gives them freedom and tolerance combined with mental and physical stimulation. With the right person - they will be a passionate, uninhibited and an understanding lover intent on maintaining their bond for life. Receptivity will calm Aquarius rebellious tendencies. Unlike many, Aquarius rarely feels any pangs of jealousy. Their sex-drive is not unduly strong but their need to explore and be stimulated sometimes gives others the impression their desires are unconquerable and unrealistic.
They are very playful and attentive lovers and will put a great deal of energy into satisfying their partners. Aquarius is always ready, willing and open to all forms of experimentation (in the pursuit of new knowledge) and the fields of sexuality and relationships are no exception. Even though deep down they seek security, their love of originality and exploring unusual new fields or new endeavors gives them an attraction to partners with interesting, unconventional minds and bodies. This is someone who will never bore you!