Aries February Forecast for 2013

The Sun transits your 11th House of friendships, your hopes and wishes and brings these areas strongly into focus. Jupiter (Luck) resumes direct motion this month opening the door to increased social activity and group involvements and has you examining your hopes and wishes and making sure everything in on track in these areas, Aries. Mars, your planetary ruler, enters Pisces and your 12th House on 2/2. Then Mercury enters Pisces on 2/5 and goes retrograde on 2/23. This transit can bring about doubt, confrontations and possible conflicts in your personal and private life. A strong attachment to a long standing relationship is in the spotlight during this powerful month, Aries. There could be some inner tension as you try to keep everything together. The Full Moon at the end of January brought about issues with your children, a serious relationship and any projects that are creativity based. As you navigate your way through this month, remember what you learned last month and tone down an overly independent nature. Avoid conflict with friends. Others want to see your romantic and tender side, no matter how out of character that is for you, Aries!

A New Moon occurs in Aquarius and your 11th House of hopes and wishes on 2/10. Friendships are rewarding and if you feel alone, join a group of interest. Charity work is another area that brings you benefits and fulfillment, so get out and network on this day if you feel left out. Aries who spend more time with friends will find opportunities via these friendships. Venus will also be in your 11th House this month. Where Venus travels, love and admiration follow. In your 11th House, you can expect to benefit in all areas relating to your hopes, dreams and friends or groups.

A Full Moon occurs in Virgo on 2/25. This Moon will illuminate some part of your daily routine and you find you are focused on health matters.

Mercury (planet of self-expression, travel and intellect) goes retrograde this month in Pisces and your 12th House of seclusion, dreams, secrets and your shadow side, Aries. This transit lasts from 2/23 - 3/17. The 12th House rules the past, so expect secrets, relationships and people from your past to enter the picture during this time, Pisces.

Your BEST days on: 2/1, 2/5, 2/8, 2/9, 2/22, 2/24, &2/28

Expect challenges on: 2/6, 2/13, 2/20, 2/21,& 2/26

Another Aries, Libra and a Sagittarius play important roles in your life this month, Aries.