Capricorn in Love


 Pessimistic, Fatalistic, Over Conventional and Rigid

 Ambitious, Patient, Careful, Humorous and Reserved
Capricorns are ambitious, hard working and never lose sight of their goals. While pragmatic Capricorn's "one step at a time" approach to getting things done may not be  that interesting - it always delivers the desired results.

It is not uncommon for Capricorns to be arrogant and overbearing while on their path to their success. Of course they will rationalize their behavior by saying a domineering nature is a natural trait of a born leader. Capricorns are industrious, practical and detail oriented. They are not ones to take risks, so they often have to wait for their success or that success comes late in life for them. Being patient and confident will help them succeed. The wait for victory is no problem whatsoever for Capricorn.

Capricorns are traditionalist to the point of often seeming ridged, stiff and or out of sync with others. They are not ones to wander far from home or chase wild dreams. They are rational and rarely have bursts of emotional displays. Sometimes they can seem greedy but their devotion to work and family offsets this tendency. Although their ambition may seem limitless, Capricorn never resorts to cheating in order to succeed. When success does come to them, they find it very fulfilling, because they attained it their way and had the patience to stick it out through the good times and not so good times.
In a relationship, Capricorns are a slow starters but prove to be infamous lovers, long-lasting and loyal partners. They are quite skilled in seduction and can surprise those they are involved with once they overcome their initial reservations. When aroused, Capricorns are enthusiastic, adventurous and loyal in the art of love and sex. They can be possessive and jealous when threatened, so they need to be made aware to avoid this type of behavior.

Partners can sometimes be overwhelmed by the intensity of their passion, as it comes out of nowhere and from such a cool exterior. In marriage and close partnerships - they are loving, good providers and strive to develop a strong, healthy and happy home environment. Capricorns tend to conceal vulnerability beneath a confident veneer of ambition and material success - but stern Saturn (Capricorns planetary ruler) is always erupting beneath the fa├žade.