Taurus February Forecast for 2013

The Sun transits your 10th House of prestige, public recognition and authority figures during February, Taurus. February is your BEST month to socialize with coworkers and associates, Taurus. Career advancement is yours for the taking. These areas will be brought into focus and take on more importance during February until Mercury turns retrograde on 2/23. That gives you 23 days to get your career affairs in order and to make a serious impression on higher ups and VIPs. Mercury (Self-expression, travel and intellect) enters Pisces (your 11th House of hopes, friends and wishes) on 2/5 and goes retrograde on 2/23). This transit can bring about a greater closeness with friends. This puts a heavy emphasis on your personal hopes and goals. You might even hear from an ex love during this transit, Taurus.
A New Moon occurs in Aquarius and your 10th House of prestige on 2/10. This Moon can bring you career recognition and brings an opportunity to increase your income. Those Taurus looking for work will hear great news on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th. This New Moon brings new opportunities where your career is involved.
A Full Moon occurs in Virgo on 2/25. This Moon transits your 5th House of children, creativity and passion. Love takes on greater meaning and it works to your benefit to spend time with children, your own children or children in general. Whenever a Full Moon transits your 5th House, sports, what you like to do for fun and love will appeal strongly to you, Taurus. Singles could meet a new love on this date while couples bond closer via shared interests such as hobbies, creative projects or engaging in risk taking activities together.
Mercury (planet of self-expression, travel and intellect) goes retrograde this month in Pisces and your 11th House of friends on 2/23 - 3/17. You might find during this time that your hopes and wishes seem to stall or you might be conflicted when it comes to your personal goals. Take it easy, Taurus. It's always a good idea to rethink these areas during Mercury retrograde.
Your BEST days on: 2/8, 2/12, 2/15, 2/16, 2/21 & 2/22
Expect challenges on: 2/9, 2/13, 2/20& 2/28
Another Taurus, Leo and an Aquarius will play key roles in your life this month, Taurus!