Taurus in Love


Patient, Reliable, Warmhearted, Loving, Determined and Security Loving
Jealous, Possessive, Resentful, Inflexible and Greedy

Taurus love pleasure and material gain. For Taurus the outcome is all that matters and it only matters if they have gained something.They are physically sensual, tender and love to bask in their accomplishments. Their ultimate pursuit is "the good life" in every sense of the word.

 Like the bull that represents them, Taurus can often be seen as stubborn. However, what some see as stubbornness is actually Taurus will to stay on their chosen course to reach their ultimate goals. Taurus are pragmatic, dependable and left to trudge along at their own speed.  They usually and always achieve that which they are seeking.

 Born under Venus, it really should come as no surprise these self-indulgent pleasure seekers are also great lovers of the arts and all things beautiful/harmonious. Taurus need to be surrounded by beauty and beautiful things to be 100% happy. This is someone who values tradition, stability and loyalty. At times - they may seem highly sentimental and overly emotional. Conversely, there is nothing impractical about the slightly conservative Taurus. They are not risk takers. Nor are they likely to fall for get rich quick schemes. While the ways of stable Taurus may not suit others, this very trait ensures that they find the rewards they seek in life.

Taurus are deeply romantic, affectionate and highly loyal. They value the harmony a happy home life creates. They tend to go to extremes to keep their mate happy, which when it comes to love- is no sacrifice to the sensuous Bull. The Taurus need for the great life is equally matched by their desire to share that life and those pleasures with someone special. In love, Taurus are straightforward, seductive and down-to-earth.

A no-nonsense approach is what they seek and too much verbalizing, complaining or complex fantasizing is not their strong trait. This does not mean Taurus is not capable of feeling love. Indeed, the depth of a Taurus's passion may not be ever understood by others. Music or other forms of sensual, non-verbal expression will strike a chord in the Taurus nature. Beyond faithful to friends and family, Taurus prefers long-lasting relationships and seeks to build strong alliances. This comes with maturity and often Taurus can be misled by their sensual natures when they are young.