Virgo in Love



Fussy, Overcritical, Harsh, Perfectionist and Conservative
Modest, Meticulous, Reliable, Practical, Intelligent and Analytical

Naturally responsive to the needs of others, Virgos easily adapt to different people and changing circumstances by finding ways to make themselves useful. They do not have a desire to be in the spotlight. However, they can be very successful at promoting those who are.

 Virgos are meticulous, practical and can be known perfectionists. They abhor sloppiness, disorder and disorganization. They are sometimes seen as being far too picky. However, when you want a job done right the first time - get a Virgo to do it. Some Virgos are not above using an inability to achieve perfection as the excuse for their own idleness and unproductiveness but this rare quality is out of character with their true nature.

 Virgos have an inner drive to serve others/ to be useful, which must be met in order for them to be truly happy. They love to apply their analytical skills to solving the problems of others. They are generally witty, intelligent and entertaining but also at times way too critical. Because Virgos are worriers, they are prone to hypochondria. Virgos love material possessions and find it hard to accept anything that is not made with the best quality available.

Virgos are particular, practical and realistic as opposed to romantic. Oddly though, Virgos are skilled lovers in the art of lovemaking. Once their passion is properly ignited, love and lust can and will lead to an explosion. They are fastidious, quick and picky regarding the personal habits of others, which can be a serious turn-off for a potential mate and prevent Virgo from achieving a satisfying relationship or even participating in matters of love and seriously committed involvements.

They can be unwilling to discuss their deepest feelings with anyone unless it's a safe and trusted friend or lover. Anyone who desires to get to know Virgo deeply needs to be prepared to persevere in which case they will find a lifelong friend, ally and or lover in Virgo. Once Virgos have committed themselves to a lover, anyone showing interest in their lover is likely to spark jealousy. Overall, Virgos are devoted, make for faithful lovers and are generally readily willing to serve their mates.