Venus in Aquarius - A sneak peek into your LOVE life (from 2/1 until 2/25)

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Venus transits your 11th House of friendships, hopes and your personal desires. This is a month when your friendships bring appreciation, admiration and love your way, Aries. Any group involvements, friendships and your hopes and wishes are sprinkled with all the love you could ask for. Your ruling planet of Mars transits the intuitive sign of Pisces this month and your 12th House of behind the scenes, isolation and what you do in private. The way you behave behind closed doors will be offbeat or unusual in some way during this transit that lasts until March 12. Mars represents physical energy and a heightened sexuality. It can also bring success with males, Aries. Your intuition heightens during this transit and, like Pisces, you can expect to "know without knowing" what a romantic partner(s) and the public is/are thinking. If you are single, a romance could be taking place in secret. Couples will enjoy and benefit from more private time together.


Venus transits your 10th House of prestige and public recognition and brings admiration from bosses and VIPs. You can be certain that those in power and positions of authority will take note of you and your skills. You could receive public recognition when it comes to your career and partnerships during this transit. Venus will be in Aquarius until 2/25. Mars enters your 11th House of friendships, your hopes and wishes, Taurus. You have the physical energy and wherewithal to bond closer with friends and the focus to zoom in on your hopes and wishes. You could be perceived by others as overly aggressive in your pursuit of climbing the ladder to success. Men will play an important role where personal and professional relationships blossom. More money is possible during this time and comes to you through your friends.


Venus (Love) transits your 9th House of higher learning, overseas travel and self-promotion. Love could be found overseas or with a romantic partner who lives overseas or is from a distant shore. You will find travel, your worldviews and higher education to be areas that bring you love, admiration and appreciation. You find that love and romance may begin at school or when taking a class or travelling. Mars (Physical Energy/Sexuality) enters your 10th House of prestige and your career, Gemini. You find that your career is taking precedence over all other matters but you don't mind long hours. You have the energy to work overtime and still make room for a love interest. Travel and trips bring you luck, love and what you desire most. You might be surprised at what you uncover in your love life this month. You have an attraction to exotic types this month, single or coupled.


Venus (Love) transits your 8th House of your finances; resources you share with others and deeply committed relationships. You catch a lucky break this month when it comes to financial gains, insurance, taxes and inheritance matters. These areas favor you, so be prepared for some surprises when mixing an ongoing love and your money. There could be a positive outcome from your actions in this area, Cancer. Mars (Physical Energy/Sexuality) will enter the compatible water sign of Pisces and your 9th House of overseas travel, higher education and publishing. You could feel highly motivated to get your way when it comes to travel, publishing and self-promotion. You could also take an aggressive approach to pursuing higher education on some level, Cancer. You can gain financially through a serious relationship or a marriage.


Venus will enter your 7th House of marriage, business relationships and the legal system. Women will be helpful to you. You could be making a greater commitment to an ongoing love such as getting married or spending your limited/spare time with a new or ongoing love interest. There will be celebrations, parties and appreciation headed your way through romantic partners, single or coupled. Mars (Physical Energy/ Sexuality) will also enter Pisces and your 8th House of sex, deeply committed relationships and resources/money you share with others. Be careful with Mars in your 8th House, Leo. You could become too aggressive with partners and alienate those you were hoping to impress, personally and professionally. There could be a surprise legal matter that deals with a contract this month. Be fair, honest and truthful when it comes to your marriage/commitment, money and any serious relationships this month for best results. You might be surprised at what transpires, Leo!


Venus enters your 6th House of work, diet and fitness regimens. These areas bring about a smoothness that you find refreshing. You could find that offers come your way regarding employment especially if not currently happy with your present job. You will also find issues surrounding your health and wellness bringing about good news and support from others close to you. Mars will enter your 7th House and this can really bring a relationship front and center, Virgo. Expect assistance and generosity from males, especially in your love life, Virgo. You could feel a connection with a partner deepens on a spiritual level. You enjoy the romance of this month as you find yourself taking the lead in your most intimate one on one relationships. Mars brings an aggressive quality to your personality, Virgo. Aim to please, not to demand and make unreasonable requests on a romantic partner. In other words, avoid possessive behavior during this transit. You might even surprise yourself when it comes a serious relationship.


Venus enters your 5th House of romance, creativity and taking risks, Libra. The 5th House also deals with creativity and things you do on your time off. You have your best offers this month in these areas. It's your kind of month when it comes to love, children and creative pursuits. You receive love, affection and serious admiration from a love interest, if single. You will be "in love with love" and enjoy the affection bestowed upon you. Couples grow closer and enjoy exploring shared interests and hobbies. Mars (Physical Energy/ Sexuality) will be in your 6th House of health, wellness and your daily routines. Mars can bring about aggression and a short temper when dealing with your work life this month. Co-workers could find you to be overly demanding and aggressive when it comes to spilling the details of your personal life, so be careful of a tendency to reveal too much about life away from the office.


Venus (Love) enters your 4th House of home, family and domestic matters this month, Scorpio, on 2/1. Mars will transit your 5th House of love, children and creative projects. Expect to be feeling happy with the direction your home life is going in this month. Love, admiration and appreciation from family members will please and benefit you. Your good deeds performed in the past, especially concerning family members, will be rewarded. This is a great time to work at home, if possible. You find home is where your heart is during this transit of Venus that lasts through 2/25. With Mars - your co-ruler (Physical Energy/ Sexuality) in your 5th House of Pisces, you will have the energy and motivation to tackle your love life, creative projects and anything related to children. You make gains through home affairs, love and creative projects. Mars will be in Pisces until 3/12.


Venus (Love) moves in your 3rd House of siblings, short trips and neighbors, Sagittarius. Mars (Physical Energy/Sexuality) also enters your 4th House of home, family and domestic affairs. Romantic encounters are as close as your back yard under this transit of Venus. You could be introduced to a new love through a relative or neighbor. You will also be taking many fun filled short trips where you tend to stand out in a big way! The pursuit of pleasure will appeal to you strongly with Venus in your 3rd House. Venus brings love, admiration and affection your way in these areas. Venus will be in Aquarius until 2/25. Mars in your 4th House brings luck with men and a tendency to get your home life in order, like now! There could be a nagging issue in your home life that you hope to rectify and you might tend to be forceful when expressing your solutions in this ongoing matter. Your greatest rewards involve your family, neighbors and siblings this month, Sagittarius. Just avoid what can be perceived as aggressive behaviors.


Venus moves into your 2nd House of finance and personal possessions this month, Capricorn. You find that money and your finances bring you the security you seek. Additionally, Mars enters your 3rd House of self-expression giving you the physical energy to captivate any audience to which you speak. Mars gives you the ability to sell anything to anyone and you will be effective when it comes to any form of self-expression. People take note of you and your way with words this month, Capricorn! Mercury will also be in your 3rd House of intellect this month bringing on the ability to sway the masses with your ideas and creative concepts. Once Mercury goes retrograde in your 3rd House on 2/23, you might encounter some delays but with Mars backing you up, there is nothing Capricorn cannot handle this month, financially, romantically or in your professional life.


With Venus in your sign from 2/1 - 2/25, Aquarius self confidence escalates and how! Aquarius love life is definitely looking up. Additionally, with Jupiter (Expansion and luck) moving forward in the compatible air sign of Gemini, your creativity, love life and ability to enjoy hobbies and fun reach maximum levels. If coupled, an ongoing commitment makes it to the next level. Marriage, children or moving in together are on the agenda! Other people will be drawn to your appeal and find you beyond attractive this month, Aquarius. Venus will be in Aquarius (your 1st House) from 2/1 - 2/25. If single, this is a great time for a creative collaboration with a friend or close associate. Singles need to get out and be seen!


With Venus in your 12th House of Aquarius, February promises to find all Pisces, single and coupled, feeling best working out their personal relationships behind closed doors or in private. Mars (Physical/Sexual Energy) and Mercury (Intellect/self-expression) will be in your 1st House this month, suggesting that you come across as witty, charming and able to express your true feeling to friends. With Mars in the picture, you're energized and seen as a leader. Others want to join forces with you, Pisces, personally and professionally. You will have a strong sense of your own capabilities and talents and you also have a way of getting what you want, when you want it, Pisces!