Aquarius March Forecast

Mercury is retrograde from 2/25 - 3/17. Aquarius is an air sign and doesn't seem to be fazed by Mercury retrograde as much as other signs seem to. This month, as March opens, Mercury (self-expression, travel and intellect) will be retrograde in your 2nd House of possessions until 3/17. This is not a good time to begin any new projects, Aquarius. Wait until 3/17 to initiate new projects, goals and even any career aspirations. Also, try not to travel with Mercury retrograde if you can help it. If you do travel, you can be certain that there will be delays, irritations and missed connections or you might even lose your luggage if not careful, Aquarius. 

Mars (physical energy/travel and intellect) enters Aries and your 3rd House of siblings, neighbors and your methods of self expression. You can find this transit to bring a romance front and center. You also find you possess the physical energy to get practically everything on your to do list accomplished. You can spend more time in your dealings and interactions with siblings and family members. Try not to come across as too aggressive or possessive because these traits are not usually part of your nature. Mars in the passionate sign of Aries could make you feel as though you're in charge but it's important to consider the feelings of others during this time. You could be introduced to a new love through friends or a sibling, Aquarius. Males will be extremely helpful to you. Once Venus enters Aries (3/21) and joins Mars, your love life should really show signs of serious improvement. You will make amazing strides when it comes to any form of self expression, whether you create a new business or write a novel. You will have the ability to express yourself eloquently and others close to you will notice. Single or coupled, expect lots of admiration coming your way from others when Venus and Mars transit Aries during the later part of March. Mars will be in Aries from 3/12 - 4/20 and Venus enters Aries on 3/21 - 4/15.

A New Moon in Pisces falls on 3/11. Pisces is your 2nd House of self-expression, travel and intellect. This New Moon brings luck your way, Aquarius. There will be an unexpected sum of money arriving quite unexpectedly and you will be delighted with what transpires on this New Moon in Pisces. You can also find your intuition is active and you have the ability to know what is taking place behind closed doors. It will be an exciting day where you gain insight into the motives of others.


A Full Moon forms in Libra on 3/27. Libra is your 9th House of higher learning, publishing, people from overseas and travel overseas. Jupiter (planet of luck and expansion) is currently in the compatible air sign of Gemini, making a smooth angle to this Full Moon. You can expect to enjoy this day and matters pertaining to religion, spirituality and your worldviews can be easily expressed. You might also find that with the Full Moon in the social and outgoing sign of Libra, you will be in the mood for love. What you want is what you get, Aquarius!  Expect to see amazing developments on this date. Just try not to travel locally on this date as you could be prone to accidents.

Best Days! 3/5, 3/9, 3/13, 3/18, 3/23 & 3/28

Not so Great Days!  3/4, 3/6, 3/15, 3/22, 3/25 & 3/27

A Cancer, Virgo and a Capricorn will play key roles in your life throughout March, Aquarius! Another Aquarius will also be involved in your life this month, Aquarius.