Capricorn March Forecast

Venus is in Pisces from 2/25 - 3/21. Where Venus travels, love, money and admiration follow. Unfortunately, Mercury will also be retrograde as the month opens in the same House. Mercury can create some mistakes or misunderstandings, but when it's direct, it can also bring increased imagination and the foresight to deal with each issue as it arises. Best advice, Capricorn! Try not to travel, begin any new projects or expect things to run at their normal functioning levels until March 17th. Mark this date on your calendar before you begin any new ventures. Mercury retrograde is a good time to reflect, review and redesign. Mercury is retrograde in Pisces and your 3rd House of travel, self- expression and intellect from 2/25 - 3/17.
Mars (Physical Energy/Motivation & Sexuality) enters Aries from 3/12 - 4/20. Aries is your 4th House of home, motherhood, the past, where you live now and where you will be living in the future. During this transit you become more motivated than ever when it comes to pushing your agenda and having the energy to get things done where your relatives, home life and all 4th House properties are involved. Caution, Capricorn! People close to you need to know that YOU need them. As independent as you might be, sometimes you need to share your feelings, let down your hair and show others some appreciation or they could get the wrong idea. You are independent by nature but this is a month to expose your vulnerable side.
Venus exits Pisces and enters Aries on 3/21 until 4/15, so March will have a strong impact on your home and family life. Anytime Venus and Mars travel together, you find your BEST luck with little to no effort on your part. Your home life runs more smoothly and you feel completely satisfied about this one area of your life. It will seem as though any past irritations will be done and over with. Aries is a cardinal sign and so are you, Capricorn. With Mars and Venus in a fire sign, beware of a tendency to be possessive or show aggression with partners, family members and when it comes to promoting your personal agenda. Other than that, your home life will please you immensely. Mars will enter Aries on 3/12 and stays there until 4/20.  
A New Moon in Pisces falls on 3/11. Pisces is your solar 3rd House of self-expression, travel and intellect. You might hear news about opportunities that arise regarding something you have published or created. Areas dealing with siblings and neighbors will find you feeling good about your home life in general on this date. You will have incredible timing on this date as well and will find the answer to something that has weighed on your mind for a long time. Your intuition will know without knowing and good news comes your way on this date, Capricorn.
A Full Moon forms in Libra on 3/27. Libra is your 10th House of prestige, public recognition and your career. This Full Moon brings emotions up close and center. Your career issues come to your immediate attention. You can expect to gain some type of recognition for work you performed in this past. You might also be filled with ideas for new projects. Follow your instincts, Capricorn. You will find yourself in the mood to celebrate and socialize on this date, much like Libra (also a cardinal sign) does.

Best Days! 3/1, 3/2, 3/17, 3/14, 3/26 & 3/30
Not so Great Days!  3/4, 3/6, 3/12, 3/27, 3/20 & 3/27
A Taurus, Leo and a Scorpio will play key roles in your life throughout March, Capricorn! An Aquarius will also hold a special place in your heart.