Sagittarius March Forecast

As the month begins, Venus (Love) is in Pisces (your 4th House of home, family, motherhood and the past) from 2/25 - 3/21. An element of passion, appreciation and love will play a big role where your current family life is involved. Mercury (the planet that rules self-expression, travel and intellect) will be retrograde ALSO in your 4th House of home until 3/17. For ideal results, postpone any travel plans this month, if possible, until after the 17th. If you do travel during this time, you might find that your itinerary changes and plans are subjected to last minute delays. It's not that you can't travel, Sagittarius, just be prepared for some delays for the first 17 days of March. Mercury opens the month retrograde in Pisces and will resume direct on 3/17.
During the first two weeks of March, there could be some conflicting feelings about your home life, family members or issues relating to motherhood or other things from your past. The good news, Sagittarius? Mars (physical energy, sexuality and motivation) will enter the compatible sign of Aries and your 5th House on 3/12, providing you with the necessary energy, increased sexuality and motivation to tackle all areas regarding love, an ongoing romance, children and taking risks. Mars will be in Aries until 4/20, so make sure you get out and about. Venus will also enter Aries and your 5th House this month. Whenever Mars and Venus travel together, you can expect the areas of romance, passion and love to flow your way. You receive assistance from friends, admirers and can meet the love of your life with Mars and Venus in your 5th House.
Mark 3/17 on your calendar as this will be a day to remember, Scorpio. Mercury resumes direct and any previous communication snafus tend to get resolved. This is a day to look forward to, Sagittarius. You will notice a definite shift!
Once Venus and Mars enter Aries and your 5th House, your motivation in love, with children, taking risks and anything you do for creativity will be front and center. This is your time of the year for love and a serious romance. Any time Venus and Mars travel together, you have the ability to meet the right people at the perfect moment. A love relationship gets serious enough take the next step; you could find yourself making a serious commitment to someone; or there could even be news of an impending birth during this time. You might  decide to move in with either a new or current love interest. Venus enters Aries on 3/21 - 4/15 and Mars will enter Aries on 3/12 - 4/20. This placement is considered to be one of the best in Astrology, so if you're seeking a new love, now is the time to find one. If you're looking for more income, you also find it comes your way with little to no effort on your part. It's all about what YOU desire, Sagittarius.
A New Moon in Pisces falls on 3/11. Pisces is your 4th House. With so much energy in water signs on this date, you might notice a conflict between your head and heart when it comes to a special relationship or friendship. Your heart wants one thing but your common sense tells you something else. You could be feeling conflicted on this date, Sagittarius. Best advice: Wait until late March to make any serious decisions, as you could say or do something on this date that you might regret later.

A Full Moon forms in Libra on 3/27. Libra is your 11th House of friendships and groups with which you interact. This Full Moon brings news of a positive nature and confirms a hunch you had about a certain friendship. You're in the mood to party and celebrate as exciting options for romance are now headed your way. All planets will be in compatible fire signs on this date and you will feel right in your element on this Full Moon.

Best Days! 3/9, 3/13, 3/18, 3/23, 3/27 & 3/30
Not so Great days! 3/2, 3/4, 3/6, 3/22, 3/28 & 3/31
An Aries, Leo and a Libra will play key roles in your life throughout March, Sagittarius!