Virgo March Forecast

Venus (Love) is in Pisces (Your 7th House) from 2/25 - 3/21. Serious business partnerships, marriage and people who might oppose you will be a part of your life this month, especially where love and romance are involved. With Venus in your 7th House, you might find appreciation, admiration and love coming your way, especially if single. Loves from your past can reappear during this time. Couples could experience some communication breakdowns but those with solid foundations can work through any issues that arise.  With Mercury retrograde, you might notice some miscommunication with associates and this may also extend to a close partnership. There could be days this month where you feel like you might need a time out.
Circle March 12th and 17th on your calendar as these days will feel like welcome relief for you, Virgo. With Mercury retrograde in your 7th House, the first half of March can feel as though you're living in a surreal world, especially when it comes to your marriage, relationships, business partnerships and ESPECIALLY where money is involved. These areas can benefit you yet restrict you and it will be confusing during the first two weeks of March. The Sun, Venus and Mars will be in Pisces and Mercury will retrograde in the same sign. Luckily, Jupiter in Gemini protects you on the career front. You are being guided/assisted secretly by the planet of prosperity (Jupiter) in your 10th House of career, public standing and prestige. There will be obstacles but these irritations tend to work themselves out, so focus on your most important love relationship this month and keep the lines of communication open.

   Mars (physical energy/sexuality and motivation) enters Aries on 3/12. Aries is your 8th House of sex, power and money. You will be extremely motivated and can expect assistance from males during this time. You find you have physical energy and a heightened sexuality when Mars is in your 8th House. Physical chemistry between Virgo and a love interest will be explosive. Singles can expect to take a relationship to a new level, while couples might need to spend some special time together on this date. Mars will be in Aries (your 8th House of taboo, taxes and insurance matters) from 3/12 - 4/20.

Mercury is retrograde in Pisces as the month begins. You begin March in a bit of a haze as others seem to be irritable and out of sorts. It will be imperative that you tone down any reactions or responses when dealing with private matters. It is best to say as little as possible during this time. Once Mars enters Aries on the 12th, you can spring into action and pursue your goals; but if you wait until after the 17th, you have a much better shot at achieving your hopes and wishes as they relate to your love life. You will find out where you stand in love this month and you will be happy about it, Virgo.

A New Moon in Pisces falls on 3/11. Pisces is your 7th House and this is a day to circle on your calendar, Virgo. As the month progresses, your love life improves drastically. Singles could take the leap and make a greater commitment while couples might be feeling torn by conflicting feelings.

A Full Moon forms in Libra on 3/27. Libra is your 2nd House of valuables, the past and the things you keep to yourself, Virgo. Financial matters come to the surface on this date. Keep your emotions and responses in check.

Best Days! 3/1, 3/7, 3/10, 3/11, 3/17, 3/21 & 3/30

Not so Great days! 3/4, 3/5, 3/12, 3/20, 3/22 & 3/31

An Aries, Libra and a Scorpio will play unusual roles in your life this month. A Taurus will play a special role where your heart is involved. This individual can be the light in your life and will stand by your side throughout March, Virgo.