Daily Horoscopes for Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

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The Moon transits your 10th House of prestige and public acclaim, Aries. A serious relationship is going strong; you might feel tested or challenged.  A new approach will get you the desired results, personally and professionally. Streamline relationships procedures and business techniques. Make plans to see doctors and dentist(s) (if necessary) and tend to the basics under the Capricorn Moon, Aries. You achieve public recognition sooner than you might think or believe, Aries. A Leo, Libra and a Pisces are involved.


You could feel scattered and an air of confusion surrounds you today. Your popularity increases - so do your efforts to achieve public attention and you could be asked to speak for a product that increases your visibility. Public relations, a serious love relationship and getting your love and career in working order come easily and naturally to you under the Moon in Capricorn. With Venus and Mars in your sign, there is no stopping you. Taurus gets his or her own way. Just avoid any hint of possessiveness for ideal results, Taurus. Another Taurus, Scorpio and a Capricorn are involved.


Someone might be withholding something from you, personally. If you sense something is wrong, don't doubt yourself. Remember your first impressions of people today as they tend to be pretty accurate, Gemini. You can size up someone within 5 minutes of meeting them. It's a day to reach beyond your previous expectations and start something new. Jupiter (Luck, expansion and prosperity) transits your 1st House until 6/25. If you want something or someone bad enough, you can get it during this time. A Taurus, Virgo and a Capricorn will play serious roles.


Focus on rights, permissions and the legal system. There could be news regarding an ongoing contract or you find that a legal issue comes to your attention. You may desire/want to a break from past relationships under the Capricorn Moon. Single or coupled, an attractive Taurus or beautiful Libra find you beyond charming and attractive. It's a day of serious business. Time to break a love relationship off for good or commit for the long haul. There is no in between with the Moon in your 7th House. Another Cancer, Scorpio and a Pisces play key roles.


The Moon in Capricorn impacts your 6th House of health, nutrition and your daily routine. Keep your promises to one who might be alone or confined to an isolated setting, Leo. It's a day to be of service to the public, yourself and focus on your health and your diet and that of someone close, such as a child, pet or loved one. Don't get upset if plans change unexpectedly. A dispute over money plays a serious role in your day, Leo. An Aries, another Leo and a Sagittarius can play helpful roles.


The Moon in Capricorn impacts your 5th House of love, children and passion, Virgo. These areas favor you under the Capricorn Moon and relationships that were previously strained get a second wind. It's time to start thinking about a change in your life. This could involve a serious relationship or something you do for fun and good times. You find yourself in agreement and feeling content with these areas as you enjoy a romantic evening. An Aries, Cancer and a Capricorn will have something important to say.


The Moon in Capricorn impacts your 4th House of home. You couldn't be more aware that a new outlook is needed. Every time you attempt a new way of thinking, your luck pays off. Giving means teaching and so is being secure with the knowledge that everything will fall into perfect place when you put your mind to it, Libra. The Capricorn Moon asks that you put your future plans on paper where an ongoing romance is involved. Single Libra can meet someone beyond fascinating. A Virgo, Scorpio and a Capricorn play key roles.


The Moon in Capricorn transits your 3rd House of relatives and short distance travels. Your judgment, timing and sense of perception will appear spot on accurate today, Scorpio. It's time to rid yourself of relationships that have drained you emotionally and or financially. At the same time, be fair, display character and put yourself in the shoes of another before you make impulsive decisions in personal and professional affairs today. An Aries, Gemini and an Aquarius will be involved.


The Moon in Capricorn transits your 2nd House of valuables and personal acquisitions. You will be on solid ground, emotionally, financially and where your confidence in yourself is concerned. You make gains with Venus and Mars in Taurus. A special message or call relates to travel. What seems like a superficial venture has a real chance at lasting success. Know this and strike out on your own if you feel trapped, personally or professionally. A Taurus, Leo and a Scorpio will be involved.


The Moon transits your sign and 1st House of appearance, appeal and shines a bright light on your personality, Capricorn. An older person does care, will show you and wants only the very best for you, Capricorn. Pay attention to those who need your immediate attention as there will be many who depend on you for answers to their most intimate questions, for love and romance. Single or coupled, Capricorn will enjoy Venus and Mars in Taurus as overseas travel, publishing and good fortune will favor you during this transit. A Taurus, Scorpio and another Capricorn play key roles.


The Moon remains in Capricorn and your 12th House of secrets, endings and imagination. It might be time to dump a person or project that you feel is not living up to his or her/ its ideal potential. You find yourself in a serious mood and can be doubting actions you made in the past. People can seem distant and you might find that it's a good idea to take some time for yourself. Confidential information continues to come to your attention and this might create some controversy. It's a great day to keep your emotions, comments and temper in check. An Aries, Gemini and a Pisces play friendly roles.


The Moon in Capricorn impacts your 11th House of friendships, Pisces. It's time to break free from senseless ventures. You know what this means, Pisces. The status quo is shaken and recent developments have you excited and fearful, simultaneously. Be specific today, Pisces. Pay serious attention to detail. Being aware of the fine print today can save you headaches and embarrassment in the future, personally and professionally. It's time to tear down in order to rebuild, restructure and redesign. You make gains through friends and any group to which you belong today. A Gemini, Scorpio and a Capricorn play serious roles.