Daily Horoscopes for Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

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Happy Birthday, Taurus!

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The Libra Moon is in your 7th House of marriage, legalities and serious business partnerships. You might feel excited to start a new phase of your life. You could be touched by the kindness and support you receive from your closest friends and loved ones. It's a day of surprises, in a good way, and you will find that you are loved and appreciated more so than you originally thought. The signs of Taurus, Leo and an Aquarius stand by your side and support your hopes.


The Moon is in your 6th House of maintenance and repair and health. You could find yourself occupied with your basic health and fitness routines. There is a strong possibility that you will have to attend to basic repairs and some unexpected maintenance around your home or having to do with health. Expect some unforeseen events to crop up today, Taurus. You could also notice your social and romantic life is changing as you receive a series of messages and hear comments via the grapevine. The signs of another Taurus, Virgo and a Capricorn will/can make you rethink something important.


The Libra Moon enters your 5th House of creativity and love affairs. Remain passionate and committed in whatever you are doing. It will pay off, Gemini. Work alone and research possible answers to any pressing questions you have. There could be some decisions being made behind closed doors that could affect you. Realize this and trust those instincts, Gemini. Mercury is giving you a boost to speak up and take a strong stand. The signs of Taurus, Libra and a Sagittarius will play supportive roles in your day.


The Libra Moon falls in your 4th House of home and family. There will be a heavy emphasis with regards to your family and you might be feeling overburdened in this area. People from distant places, out of state or even foreign countries could assist you in ways that will be both lucky and create a deep sense of gratitude. It might be time to pack your bags and book that flight. Let your family and friends duke it out as you have urgent matters to attend to. You might be pondering a domestic relocation, a serious commitment or taking an existing relationship to the next level. The signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius will be extra warm and supportive.


The Moon falls in your 3rd House of communication and relatives. So far this has been an intense year for Leo in his or her love. There have been some issues with regards to your love interest that might have been bothering you secretly. Yes, Leo, you are right to take a chance but you should realize your generous nature gets you into this kind of thought process when you feel uncertain about someone or something. Realize that you are not always popular and your opinions are not always well received by others. Not everyone is grateful or so it might seem. Pay serious attention to the reactions you get from an Aries, Scorpio and a Pisces.


The Moon transits your 2nd House of income and money, Virgo. While you might not realize it, now is a great time to get serious, not only about your finances but also with your love and business relationships. Today is a great time to get busy in these areas. Proceed with confidence, care and some healthy caution. This is a great time to make a serious commitment to the one you love or start a family. Only the strongest relationships in your life are meant to survive during Venus in Taurus, Virgo. New friendships can be formed and existing ones can be solidified. A Leo, Scorpio and a Pisces play roles.


The Moon enters your 1st House and finds you building a solid foundation for a better tomorrow, so if you experience any delays, know that this is only designed for the purposes of making you stronger. There could be some people who think they know how you should live your life. Tell them all to focus on themselves. You have a plan and you are executing it, both in your personal life and in your professional life as well. It's called hard work, Libra. You could receive a  message from a Taurus, Leo or an Aquarius today. You have magnetism about you that others will notice instantly. It's hard being so attractive and in demand but someone has to do it!


The Moon is in your 12th House of secrets and giving unconditionally, Scorpio. You could feel like staying in bed all day long and not leaving your house. You could also be dealing with past issues you had hoped would go away. It's time to face your fears and work on any habits or personal issues you feel are blocking you, Scorpio. Get to the source, confront it head on and you will notice that these issues will evaporate over time and with patience and logical thinking. You may feel restless, impulsive and yearn for something new. It's time to make your life what you want it to be and make sure you do it on your terms, Scorpio. An Aries, Taurus and a Libra play roles. Another Scorpio could surprise you.


The Moon is in your 11th House of friendships, organizations and possible ex-loves. Realize that you have the discipline to go after whatever you desire as long as it isn't to any one persons detriment. Your home life is a high priority today and you will notice the extreme moods of those closest to you as Moon grows Full. You could feel rushed, scattered and frustrated by the actions and words of those around you. Let these minor irritations and delays subside. You might finally see that your way is, and always was, the right way, once and for all. An Aries, Leo and another Sagittarius will play important roles.


The Moon falls in your 10th House of authority figures. You could find yourself mixing and mingling with people in high places today. Your ideas intrigue others and you could meet someone who could open a whole new world in business. Expect the best and you will get it, Capricorn. A positive attitude plus your idealism in romance can capture the interest of new AND existing loves. Be advised, though, that some secretive matters could come to light. An Aries, Libra and a Scorpio play nostalgic and serious roles.


The Moon falls in your 9th House of faraway places and exotic destinations, Aquarius. There is a strong sense of longing to be someplace else right now. You would love nothing more than escaping with the one you love- or want to love - on a secluded and romantic getaway. Keep the focus on work instead as you have made tremendous professional strides lately. You could take a relationship to the next level and start to seriously ponder what the true definition of commitment/marriage really means to you.  A Taurus, Leo and a Libra are in your corner. 


The Moon enters your 8th House of other people's money and deeply committed relationships. Where love is concerned, romance can be loaded with the unexpected and some surprises could be in store for you, for better or for worse. You are also looking very attractive, professional and commanding where the public is concerned. It's a day of winning friends and influencing people, Pisces. The signs of Libra, Capricorn and an Aquarius will help you celebrate successes. A Cancer plays a tender role.