Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on 4/25/13

Lunar Eclipse/ Full Moon in Scorpio



The Lunar Eclipse - Full Moon falls in your 8th House of power, transformation and rebirth, Aries. You find yourself anxious to jump back into dating after a hiatus. Now is the time to get out and mingle with those who are like minded and want to be in your company. Be sure that the feelings are mutual as aspects indicate an attraction to someone from a different background or someone much older or younger than you. It's a time of finding someone who is not the type you normally choose.

The Lunar Eclipse - Full Moon transits your 7th House of marriage and true love. You could find yourself having more admirers than you know what to do with. It's time to get serious about love with the Sun and Mars in your sign. There are changes in love on the horizon. It's all up to you, Taurus. However you handle yourself today determines the next six months where marriage, divorce and those who oppose you are involved. You will be highly desirable to many and yet you might not view it this way. Set the standard you wish to achieve and others will follow your lead.

The Lunar Eclipse - Full Moon enters your 6th House of repair and maintenance. It's time for Gemini to mix/change up as far as his or her love life. Changes have been coming for awhile now and you can find yourself in a reflective mood as you ponder roads you didn't take and analyze the path you ultimately find yourself on. There is a chance to close the door on the past and prepare to begin again. Couples should spend some quality time together which will help strengthen the bonds that bind them together. This is also a day where the spotlight falls on your health, wellness and nutrition. Health issues are clarified under the Full Moon.

The Lunar Eclipse - Full Moon enters your 5th House of sex and creativity. Additionally, with Venus in your 11th House, you might find yourself giving too freely of yourself to friends of your resources and not getting anything in return. All Cancers have excellent luck in love but avoid a tendency to stick with someone who takes but does not give back. Realize that you might start doubting yourself and your choices as you reflect back to early January. Make choices that bring about balance in your most intimate relationships or you could find yourself regretting giving so freely of yourself, single or married. It's time to put your foot down and demand equality in all your love relationships, Cancer.

The Lunar Eclipse - Full Moon enters your 4th House of family and relatives. Exercise patience with relatives and friends, especially today. Love has a way of finding you, Leo. Instead of rushing things, why not try a slow and measured pace to surprise the one you adore? It will work wonders for your relationship. A Taurus, Libra and a Scorpio could find you irresistibly attractive. Do something completely out of your comfort zone today and surprise your love with this new mind set. Keeping the one you love guessing can add mystery and excitement, but do it in a way that will gain added trust and loyalty. Issues from your past weigh heavily on Leo, single or coupled.

The Lunar Eclipse - Full Moon enters your 3rd House of communications and short distance travels. Realize, Virgo that sometimes you have to endure the rain to experience the rainbow. Don't allow distractions from work or family to interfere in your love life, not today, Virgo. There are new prospects ahead and an existing relationship could create a stronger bond and restore the intense chemistry between you. Love is heating up with the right person but you must be available, vulnerable and trusting for best results. You are naturally analytic in love - being ruled by Mercury. There is a secret admirer that will come forward in the coming months or even sooner.

The Lunar Eclipse - Full Moon enters your 2nd House of possessions and money. There is an all or nothing attitude prevailing in your love, money and personal possessions sector this eclipse. You might be baffled that your own attitude seems to be undergoing intense changes when it comes to the subject of love. You will want to make that commitment and get serious about finding someone to love, if single. A friendship can warm up to the point of a serious commitment. Coupled Libra find that they are exactly where they want to be. Don't get irritable if people don't meet your expectations today.

The Lunar Eclipse - Full Moon enters your 1st House of personality and appearance. You could find others have opinions about you, for better or for worse. Realize that you will be considered attractive, popular and in demand whenever the Lunar Eclipse - Full Moon enters your 1st House, Scorpio, so know that negative comments are a sign of envy or jealousy. It's a four star day as you get what you want and have time to spare. This is a day to be of service to others, Scorpio. Be sympathetic, kind and compassionate to others for best results. The signs of Gemini, Libra and a Sagittarius bring unexpected news, Scorpio.

The Lunar Eclipse - Full Moon enters your 12th House of solitude and things happening behind closed doors. You might find that you are ready to make a fresh start in a new direction when it comes to your love life. Your "mojo" is gaining momentum and you find yourself pondering the issues of loyalty, true love and monogamy. It's so easy for you to find love but it can seem equally hard to hold on to it, especially this year. Coupled Sagittarius have a serious conversation about whether or not needs are being met. Handle all romantic areas with extreme care today.

The Lunar Eclipse - Full Moon enters your 11th House of hopes, wishes and friendships. Love might be feeling more like friendship than excitement for coupled Capricorn. Try to tone down your high expectations and stop being so hard on yourself, Capricorn. It's time to take stock of your behavior in love and make sure YOU are reciprocating the love you believe you deserve. Are your relationships an equal measure of giving and receiving or is it a one way street? Realize that you might not be seeing an existing lover in his or her true light. Take time to seriously consider what it is that you truly desire in love, and make sure your thinking is grounded in reality, not fantasy.

The Lunar Eclipse - Full Moon enters your 10th House of people in power and prestige today, Aquarius. You make progress in love where there have recently been obstacles. Love is currently confusing for Aquarius as they are seeking some alone time but still want companionship and love. Commitments could be rethought and reexamined. There may be lessons for you to learn when it comes to love, authority figures and your public image. You could find yourself caught up in a clandestine romance which could happen quickly and unexpectedly.

The Lunar Eclipse - Full Moon enters your 9th House of travel and people and places at a distance and overseas, Pisces. You might feel as though you are giving and not receiving where love is concerned today and of late. Take a closer look at your attitudes regarding love, Pisces. There are those who you feel are not living up to their promises. This can leave you dazed, confused and wondering if you are making the right choices in love. Avoid those who might give the impression they are free, when, in actuality, they are not. Don't give up on love but get realistic about whom you choose to spend your time with, Pisces.