Pisces May Forecast

May shapes up to be a milestone month for you, Pisces. There will be two eclipses and Mercury will be traveling through several signs before it goes retrograde in June. On 5/1, Mercury will enter Taurus and your 3rd House. The 3rd House rules communications, siblings and short distance travels. Pisces is popular during this transit as you find yourself on the receiving end of emails, calls, incoming gossip and social networking. You will find your powers of persuasion peaking and you can influence others via the written and spoken word as May begins.  

On 5/9, Venus enters the air sign of Gemini and brings with it interesting discussions with close friends and/or a loved one, and everyone else you converse with will bring about a seriousness, silliness and good times. You find the right company to keep you entertained and stimulated and will enjoy the transit of Venus in the sociable sign of Gemini. You surround yourself with artistic, talented and creative people and conversations flow naturally, Pisces. This transit ends on 6/2 when Venus enters Cancer, a sign which is more compatible with you than Gemini is.

In June, Jupiter will join Venus in Cancer and your 5th House of love, passion and creative ventures. June and July will be excellent months for Pisces to get their love lives in the place where they want them to be. In June focus on your home life, relatives and issues from the past that need to be resolved once and for all.  Jupiter and Venus in Gemini bring about movement, gains and expansion where your home life is involved. Once Venus enters Cancer, it will be all about children, taking risks and a love relationship or a creative project which you have been working on diligently.  Pisces will be getting attention, admiration and  praise from your friends, family and higher ups. Spend May with family members and wrap up any issues from the past past before Jupiter and Venus exit Gemini.    

On 5/9, there is a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Taurus which is your 3rd House of travel, intellect and self-expression. Siblings, short distance travels and relatives will play a major role in your life the week of this eclipse. Expect discussions about money to take place this month in regards to your career. It is advisable to keep your financial information away from prying eyes, Pisces. Even people you are intimate with should not be privy to your income, acquisitions or personal savings. There is an element to the eclipses this month that asks you to be discreet in all financial affairs. Taurus rules your home life, so it's entirely possible you could be working from home or at least partially out of your house during this eclipse week.

On 5/25 a Full Moon /Solar Eclipse occurs in the passionate fire sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is your 10th House of prestige and public acclaim and also rules your career. You will receive an offer for an assignment that thrills you the week of this eclipse. One chapter of your career can end while a more promising and fulfilling one could begin on or around this date. Keep your eyes open for offers as they will prove to be lucrative. There could also be career offers that come seemingly out of nowhere but are solid and fruitful. With Uranus (Surprises/Things you never saw coming) involved, forming a beneficial angle to this Lunar Eclipse, expect news to shock and surprise you. But, whatever transpires will be good news, Pisces, so hang in there if your career seems to be stagnant at the beginning of May. You will see movement and expansion in June, career wise.   

Good days for you, Pisces: 5/3, 5/10, 5/12, 5/23, 5/28 & 5/31

NOT so good days for you: 5/2, 5/14, 5/21, 5/24, 5/25 & 5/27

The mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and another Pisces will be involved in personal and professional affairs this month, Pisces. These signs will offer insight and advice and will be drawn to your sex appeal.