What part of your life is transforming the most this year?

Think back to November of 2008. Where were you, in your life, during that time and where are you now? At least one area of your life should have been turned upside down, inside out and completely restructured, possibly to your horror, shock or to your dismay. Something, someone or someplace changed forever and there was nothing you could do about it. Alternatively, you could have experienced a rebirth of some sort as this planet is all about tearing down in order to rebuild/redesign and restructure that area of your life that has been most affected by this notoriously infamous planet known for causing destruction and a few tears along the way as well. Think about what Pluto represents....

Pluto (Transformation, Death,(Slow but powerful change) and personal Rebirth) entered a new sign in 2008 and transformed all of our lives, collectively AND individually. Pluto also represents: psychological probing, power and control issues, obsessions, healing and purification.
Let's see where Pluto falls in YOUR chart/horoscope:

Aries: Your 10th House. Career, public standing, recognition from your peers. This transit can cause you to be spontaneous and perhaps change directions in professional or personal areas. You may surprise yourself as you confidently make choices you thought impossible.

Taurus: 9th House of travel, people from foreign places, higher education and how you view the world are up for renewal, Taurus. Your own sense of ethics will become the foundation for your decisions during this time and you will become admired for your honesty and commitments.

Gemini: 8th House sex, power and control. Your ideas about these areas are changing slowly but surely as are other 8th House ruled areas, Gemini. Expect the properties of the 8th House to become hot topics. Since the 8th House is all about unusual, the bizarre and the dark side, expect to experience intense relationships and you WILL notice that others find you extremely seductive.

Cancer: 7th House. Pluto in your opposite sign of Capricorn and your 7th House of marriage, divorce, legalities, seriously committed relationships. These areas are highlighted for you, Cancer. You could be sought out for a position of authority. Positive energy in all areas will be available for you. Just maintain a minimal level of optimism for best results.

Leo: 6th House of daily routines, repair and maintenance. The 6th House tells all about how you earn a living, it speaks about your health and wellness and calls for the general repairs and maintenance that come with life but also can be mind boggling. With Pluto opposed to your Sun, this could be challenging but you are a leader by nature so learn to go with the flow and accept situations you have no control over.

Virgo: 5th House of children, romance and taking chances/taking risks. Everything you do for fun and pleasure will have a stronger intensity to it. There could be a change in the way you see/view love and you will want to bond closer to those that allow you the freedom to roam while keeping you in check simultaneously.

Libra: 4th House of home and family. Something has most definitely changed in your home life since 2008. What is it, Libra? You could have changed or will change your residence during this transit as the 4th House also rules where you live and where you will be living. It also deals with your parents.

Scorpio: 3rd House of Communications, relatives (siblings, if any), neighbors, neighborhood activities and short distance travel. All things mechanical such as cars, computers, cell phones and short distance travels. Expect some change/tranformation in one or all of these areas during this time.

Sagittarius: 2nd House of finance, money and how you earn it spend it and value it. Expect to be learning some serious lessons about money during this time. You could strike it rich or lose everything. You are lucky by nature, Sagittarius. Just don't push your luck or take any extreme chances with your valuables and savings etc. during this time for the best results.

Capricorn: 1st House of personality, looks and new beginnings. Having Pluto in your 1st House is a powerful time for you. While it is powerful, it can be equally challenging as well. Something you wanted, had or needed was/will be discarded in order for something or someone new during this transit. You will be leaving the past behind in order to make room for a new and improved future.

Aquarius: 12th House of Self-undoing. Secrets, the subconscious, the unfamiliar and that which you keep to yourself get revealed. Privacy exits your life under this transit. Suddenly, everyone knows EVERYTHING about you.

Pisces:11th House of friendships, ex loves, groups to which you associate and your hopes and wishes for the future. How have your friendships changed, ended, began during this time? You should notice the changes, more so than most Pisces, as Neptune also entered your sign, and is also your planetary ruler, which bestows you with foresight. These times can be eye opening and you can expect friendships and the aforementioned areas of the 11th House to play additional roles in this metamorphosis.