Weekend Forecasts for 19th, 20th & 21st of April, 2013

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On Friday, The Moon in Leo transits your 5th House of passion. Children and taking risks are favored activities of your day. On Saturday, The Virgo Moon could find you overly occupied in all 6th House matters this weekend. You could come across as either overly sentimental or stubborn, which is not your normal style, Aries. The areas of work, health, employment and your daily routine will take front and center. Realize that you're not responsible for the behavior and acts of others. It's time to let go of other's responsibilities and focus on your own. This weekend could bring awakenings regarding the topics of health, health related areas/issues, the attitudes of those closest to you and taking care of business. It could be hard to maintain a level of moderation where your schedules are concerned. The only real way you can be of service to others is if you are able to take care of yourself first. Try and clean out any clutter from your life, whether objects, people or toxic relationships that are doing more harm than good. It won't be easy but the results can and will astound and give you feelings of freedom. Let Taurus, Leo and a Cancer say what they have to/want to say, Aries.


On Friday, The Moon continues its transit of Leo and your 4th House of home and family members. A parent could play a seriously important part of your day, and your family life is the most important thing to you under the Leo Moon. On Saturday, The Moon in Virgo enters your 5th House of love and romance, luck, gambling, taking chances, creativity and children. You could feel less burdened where these areas are concerned this weekend. Where there have been obligations and frustrations in these areas, you will notice a shift in the air as lightness overcomes you and you suddenly feel relaxed and able to let your guard down. With the Sun and Mars now in your sign, avoid stubbornness and aggression. You could be prone to outbursts during this Mars transit. On the flip side, you focus on creativity, children, hobbies and share these passions with people from all walks of life. There is a sense of luck, timing and good fortune when you least expect it. Love will be clarified and you instinctively know when to hold on versus when to let go. This is your kind of weekend, Taurus. Just make sure you tend to all correspondence and health matters and wrap up any unfinished business in all areas of your life, including health, family, friends and loves. A Libra, Sagittarius and a Pisces will support your hopes and wishes.


On Friday, The Moon continues its transit of Leo and your 3rd House of intellect, travel and self-expression. Matters from long ago could still be impacting you, Gemini. An issue from your past resurfaces and demands your attention. You might find yourself becoming emotional as the Sun changes from Aries to Taurus. On Saturday, The Moon in Virgo enters your 4th house of endings, beginnings and home and family affairs. This is an ideal time to make peace with the past and any family members if there has been tension. You might be concerned with a certain member of your family and want to reach out to this individual. Do it, Gemini. There is something of value to be learned from every issue/problem or conflict we experience. Realize that which we despise in others is really that which we don't like in ourselves. Sometimes we have to just make peace with the way things have turned out, like it or not. It might feel harder than normal to let go this weekend, Gemini. You are naturally adaptable, fluent and always efficient. Use these qualities when you need them the most. There is someone close who needs more love and support, Gemini. Expect the issues of motherhood, the way you were raised and where you are now (as it relates to you) to be extremely compelling issues this weekend. Secrets and things that you don't want disclosed are highly likely to be exposed under Mars in Taurus. The signs of Scorpio, Virgo and Pisces will play starring roles. Try to forgive, forget and move on. Save some quality time for yourself on Sunday if possible, Gemini.


On Friday, The Moon in Leo transits your 2nd House of valuables and possessions. Expect to be feeling extremely emotional about your current finances. You tend to equate financial security with emotional security, Cancer. On Saturday, The Moon in Virgo enters your 3rd House of siblings, gaining the edge in conversations/debates and winning arguments in a logical way. Just avoid aggressiveness or impatience with others for ideal results. You find yourself in a mood to bond closer to family members and siblings and are willing to eve take short trips to see your family. You may feel compelled to have detailed discussions with those closest to you. Keep it real and always be upfront and honest. Tone down any need to be right or have the last word under Mars in Taurus and your 11th House of friendships. This behavior can be detrimental to you. The comings and goings of others and yourself will be a big part of the weekend activities. You could also find the subjects of cars, computers and anything electrical to play big roles. Issues regarding these areas could make you overly focused on the past. Someone or something from your past continues to play a serious role on Sunday. The signs of Leo, Virgo and Pisces will have something to say.


On Friday, The Moon remains in your sign and you radiate sex appeal, kindness and an open heart. You will also appeal physically to the opposite and same sex, Leo. Friday is your kind of day. You feel rested, rejuvenated and ready to tackle anything that comes your way and you manage to pull it all off and then some.On Saturday The Moon enters Virgo and your 2nd House of money, valuables, what you own and what you consider to be significant come into play. During this weekend, the urge to indulge yourself takes precedence over everything else. You could be on the receiving end of gifts/presents from your various admirers or you could make gains with and through your significant other. What you value, personally and financially, will come into clear and sharp focus this weekend. With Mars entering Taurus, your career takes the limelight until 5/31. During The Sun and Mars in Taurus, your 10th House of prestige is elevated and will thrill you immensely, Leo. A Libra, Capricorn and a Pisces will say the right thing at the perfect moment, Leo.


On Friday, The Moon in Leo remains in your 12th House of isolation, secrets and the past. You might be feeling out of sync with others and it will serve your best interest to keep private matters private. Your opinions could be misunderstood and create arguments if you are not entirely careful. Make "less is more" your motto on Friday, Virgo! On Saturday, The Moon enters your sign and 1st House of appearance. The Sun and Mars will enter the compatible Earth sign of Taurus and your 9th House of higher education and overseas travel. You could find love with someone from a foreign country or be dealing with issues connected to long distance travels. The Moon in your 1st House emphasizes personality, assertiveness and physical appearance. You notice that your beauty, personal charm and popularity suddenly and without warning will make you extremely attractive to the opposite and same sex. It's a great time to purchase new clothes, get a new haircut, be charming, outgoing and work that sex appeal. This Moon puts the spotlight on you, for better or for worse, Virgo! Be on your best behavior, as others will sense your magnetism and charisma and will let you know it! Make sure you don't ruin what could be a great weekend, especially when it comes to love and your tribe by being too outspoken about your opinions and letting any criticism get the best of you, Virgo. Better yet, best to back off and not criticize anyone for even better results. Sunday finds you adjusting to fluctuating moods. A Taurus, Cancer and an Aquarius are involved. 


On Friday, The Moon in Leo influences your 11th House of friends. Friday is all about your closest friendships and finds Libra beyond thrilled with the status quo where group involvement and friendships are involved. It's a good day and it is equally important to examine your hopes and wishes and make sure they are an extension of your authentic self, Libra, not what you think/believe other people expect from you. On Saturday, The Moon in Virgo enters your 12th House of secrets, fears, psychology, self undoing and brings an intense need to unwind and seek solace in a private place. This is an excellent cycle for you to study an esoteric topic such as Philosophy or Astrology and apply it to your life. Whatever it takes, it is extremely important to gain some insight into your deepest needs and fears, and ultimately to face your inner self - for better or worse. Work on that which motivates you and examine and discard what does not. The 12th House also rules places of seclusion. Take some time this weekend to study and understand the very nature of why you do what you do and how you do it. It will be imperative for you to avoid aggressive and forceful behaviors, as Mars in Taurus impacts your 8th House of extremes, sexuality and deeply committed relationships. Ask the signs of Aries, Leo and an Aquarius for insights if you harbor any doubts, Libra.


On Friday, The Moon in Leo transits your 10th House of career and recognition. Bosses and authority figures notice your contributions and reward you accordingly, Scorpio. Friday is a day of celebration where your career is involved. On Saturday, watch those emotions of yours and avoid aggressive behavior or any hint of impatience. The Sun and Mars (Physical Energy) will enter your 7th House of marriage and serious business partnerships and brings about contracts, legal documents and puts the spotlight on a serious relationship. On Saturday, the Virgo Moon influences your 11th House of friends, hopes, ex loves and people who assist you on any creative projects or in any social groups to which you belong. There is relief waiting for you at every corner, Scorpio, just avoid trying to do what could be perceived as controlling behavior. You need to take advantage of the opportunities being made available to you now, Scorpio. You are in one of the very best cycles to completely restructure your life from the ground up, personally and professionally. In fact, the sky is the limit for you now on every level imaginable, despite what you might perceive as a lack of energy at times. Take advantage of offers being presented to you now. A Taurus, Sagittarius and a Pisces will be tremendously helpful, as long as you control your emotions and come from a place of common sense. Think about it, Scorpio.



On Friday, The Moon transits Leo and your 9th House of foreign travel, higher education and a possible love interest or someone born in a foreign country. The 9th House also rules foreign countries, people from distant shores, advertising and publicity. You could find your mind overly occupied with these subjects on Friday, Sagittarius. The 9th House also rules overseas travel, religion and publishing. On Saturday, The Moon in Virgo transits your 10th House of career, power, status, authority, reputation, fame, fortune and prestige. This is a time to show others what you are capable of in terms of your professional and humanitarian talents. The 10th House rules authority, so use yours wisely or you could experience a faux pas, embarrassments or unpleasant surprises if you are not careful. While superiors could admire your talents, they could also think and feel that you may have taken some short cuts. So while it's important to show others what you are made of, it will become equally important to be honest and forthright when it comes to all dealings in any area related to publishing, your career and your past AND present career performance. Honesty should prevail in all aspects, which comes naturally for you, so this should be a breeze for you, Sagittarius. You desire recognition in your career and will be putting a ton of energy into how you can accomplish optimal health and a daily routine that brings you the recognition from superiors and VIPS that you are seeking. The signs of Aries, Leo and Capricorn will hold you to your word, so honor all existing contracts and agreements carefully this weekend, Sagittarius.  


On Friday, the Moon in Leo transits your 8th House of the metaphysical, Capricorn. You could surprise yourself with your interest in controversial topics this weekend. On Saturday, the Sun and Mars enter Taurus and your 5th House of children, passion and anything you do for fun. Expect this to be a promising time for these areas, Capricorn. You could also get assistance from males during this placement. It will be a creative and romantic time in your life. Singles meet a potential serious candidate for a long term love, while couples may decide to move in together and spend more time together. A relationship can also become more solidified. Mars will heighten your sexuality and stir up your passions - whether they be creative or technical, Capricorn. Mars will be in your 5th House until 5/31, so enjoy this compatible and exciting time in your love life. Just tone down any aggressive or what could be perceived as bossy behavior under Mars' influence. On Saturday night, the Moon enters Virgo and your 9th House of overseas travel, higher education and people from foreign countries. The 9th House  also rules travel, legalities, new experiences, higher education, testing, writing, religion, spirituality, publishing and foreign travel. Sunday will be exciting and will help you realize the value of love, children, taking risks and how these areas can contribute to your ultimate success, Capricorn. Also, focus on different cultures and new experiences as these are areas that will appeal to you on Sunday. If you feel like you need to further your education, this is an excellent time to look into your options, Capricorn A Cancer, Virgo and an Aquarius will play key roles.


The Moon in Leo finds Friday a day of excitement where love is involved for you, Aquarius. This weekend, marriage, intimacy, love affairs, joint finances, your partner's financial affairs, major changes, your home life and death play key roles. It's time to make peace with your past and those who might have misunderstood or are currently misunderstanding you, your motives and your integrity, Aquarius. There are some close to you who insist on changes which you have no control over. You might have no choice but to simply go with the flow and accept that which cannot be changed. It's called compromise, Aquarius. Others could perceive you as stubborn on Saturday and your family life and home renovations top your "to do" list. Realize that you might find others coming across as superior and insisting that their way is the right way. You have been down this road before, Aquarius. You might find that you are facing your deepest fears now and that courage, more than anything else, will be expected of you. On Sunday, the Moon will be in your 8th House of sex, power and control. The 8th House is a power house so expect this weekend to feel extremely intense, emotionally and physically. A serious relationship is involved. You could be restless and in serious tune with your intuition. Listen to it for ideal results, Aquarius. The signs of Leo, Libra and a Sagittarius will be supportive and understanding, Aquarius.  


The Moon in Leo transits your 6th House on Friday. Health, work, associates and wellness will play a huge role in your day. On Saturday, the Moon enters Virgo and transits your 7th House of marriage, significant relationships, partnerships, popularity, business, the legal system and open enemies. Be on the lookout for new business projects as your popularity increases significantly. This is one of the best weekends for you to get out of the house and seek out new relationships, personal and professional. Take advantage of gatherings where you could meet friends/associates who might be instrumental in offering you the keys to fame and fortune. With Mars in Taurus, it will be important to hold your temper - especially when dealing with family members. Recognition is definitely coming your way, if it hasn't already, Pisces. Make sure it is the kind you are seeking, as others will be observing your actions, words and performance, in every which way. The opposite/same sex finds you attractive, competent and popular. This weekend offers the chance to make the right impression and correct all mistakes made recently in love, business or family relationship. A Virgo, Libra and a Capricorn see the value of your efforts and dedication.