Daily for Tuesday - May 14th, 2013 - Moon in Cancer - Sun in Taurus - Daily Horoscopes


Reach beyond your previous/original expectations. As the Moon transits your 4th House, a strong need to stick close to home is evident. It's important that you no longer be held back by a relationship or associate who lacks faith in you, Aries. Focus on your home life for ideal results today. Avoid those who dangle things in front of you but are apprehensive to share. A Taurus, Leo and a Scorpio will gladly assist you.


The Moon in Cancer transits your 3rd House of short distance travels, neighbors and siblings, Taurus. Expect your social life to soar under current aspects. Singles are making serious progress while couples are growing closer with each passing day. You might find your schedule is overbooked with friends wanting your undivided time and attention, Taurus. A Gemini, Sagittarius and a Pisces get your attention.


The Moon in Cancer impacts your 2nd House of income and possessions. You feel emotional regarding your income, your finances and might desire to expand this area anyway possible. You have what it takes to bring in more money with Jupiter and Venus in your sign, Gemini. The trick is not to panic. This is a day of ending projects, not beginning them. Avoid unnecessary purchases for best results, Gemini. An Aries, Libra and a Cancer have something to say, like it or not, Gemini.


The Moon continues its transit of your 1st House of appearance. You will feel energized and motivated today in your personal and your professional life. The opposite and same sexes notice your confidence and want to see more of you, in person, Cancer. Focus on public relations, advertising and self-promotion. Expect to get positive reactions from close friends, a love relationship and from family members. A Leo, Scorpio and a Pisces will leave a lasting impression on you, Cancer.


The Moon transits your 12th House of illusions, Leo. Now is the time to make an openhanded gesture. A secret meeting highlights romance. Light is shed on an area previously prohibited. You gain access to an inner circle. Secrets and meetings taking place behind closed doors will play a big role in your day, Leo. Try to let the past go and step into your new and improved future. A Gemini, Sagittarius and a Virgo are on the scene.


The Moon in Cancer impacts your 11th House of friendships. A good lunar aspect highlights discovery, speculation, charisma, pleasure and a serious love relationship. You might strike a financial deal or snag the love of your life. Streamline your procedures in areas that matter most tonight, Virgo. You will be drawn to glamorous and powerful people today. An Aries, Cancer and an Aquarius will play serious roles.


The Moon transits your 10th House of prestige, Libra. Expect recognition from friends, associates and strangers. You have a way with words when dealing with people in power, associates and higher ups. These people are watching you and have a secret surprise in store for you, Libra. Love could seem unpredictable at times today. This feeling can and will pass, Libra. A Gemini, Sagittarius and a Pisces will have something to tell you. A Virgo plays a supportive role.


The Moon transits your 9th House of overseas travel and religion. You could feel a close tie to your family under the Cancer Moon and Taurus Sun. An urge to break out of your routine will be evident to others today. The past plays a serious role. Today is an ideal day to find therapeutic outlets if you are or feel overworked, edgy or irritable. Stick close to home today for ideal results, Scorpio. An Aries, Taurus and a Libra have strong opinions. Another Scorpio will be supportive.


The Moon transits Cancer and your 8th House of finance, Sagittarius. You feel compelled to fulfill your promises to others and have a strong sense of duty to others today, especially those you share money or resources with. Couples will be talking marriage and kids while singles will have the time of their life with Venus (Appreciation, admiration and love) in your 7th House of personal and professional relationships. A Cancer, Virgo and a Pisces will play insightful roles.


The Moon in Cancer impacts your 7th House of marriage, Capricorn. Love relationships, family and social life take on serious importance under the Cancer Moon. You understand the importance of love and make resolutions to get your love life in tip top shape. You will be dealing with active, alert people who want you to succeed. A relationship brings smiles and zero drama. You learn more about money, how you earn it and how you choose to spend it. A Taurus, Cancer and a Scorpio will play helpful roles.  


The Moon in Cancer transits your 6th House of health, diet and daily routines, Aquarius. Make certain that you tend to your personal nutrition and keep those doctors and dentists appointments that you might be trying to delay. You can attract financial success but you will need to look your very best, Aquarius. Dress to impress and others will take note. Repair and maintenance issues or home life could bring about some apprehension. Relax, Aquarius. An Aries, Leo and a Libra have ideas that will appeal to you.


The Moon in Cancer impacts your 5th House of passion, creativity and taking risks, Pisces. Focus on creativity, emotional honesty and promotion today. A love relationship is getting serious. Single Pisces will have several options while couples grow together spiritually. A new chapter in your professional and personal life is about to begin, Pisces. A Leo, Scorpio and an Aquarius have questions for you, Pisces.