Aquarius July Forecast

Mars (Motivation/Drive and Sexuality) begins July in your 5th House of love, creative projects and puts a stronger focus on children. Mars in Gemini is a compatible placement for you as Gemini is an air sign that complements your sun sign nicely. Mars represents sexuality, physical energy and shows where you exert the most effort. On 7/13, Mars exits your 5th House and enters Cancer and your 6th House of health, wellness and your daily career and routines. During this transit, you could feel pressed for time in your daily routines, while on the job and when it comes to getting your daily affairs completed. With Mercury (Communications) retrograde, there could be some misunderstandings and snafus with the key people in your life.  Mercury will be retrograde until 7/20.

Venus (Love) will be in Leo, your 7th House of marriage as the month begins. This is a favorable placement for you, Aquarius. Venus brings love, affection and appreciation your way. With Venus in your 7th House, love, relationships and business affairs promise to bring more fulfillment and satisfaction. Expect the unexpected when it comes to a current relationship. On 6/22, Venus enters Virgo, bringing a possible bonus through work, a family members or an unexpected check arrives in the mail.

On 7/7, Saturn resumes direct in Scorpio (Your 10th House of career and recognition from your peers). Your career begins to pick up steam or you can become consumed with a current career matter. You might decide to begin a new business, decide to dedicate more time and energy into an ongoing business and instigate changes where career matters are not fulfilling you.  Lie low on this day as everyone will feel out of sorts and the energy around you appears critical. Be especially careful with superiors and bosses around this time and especially throughout Mercury retrograde in Cancer. Those in authority could challenge you throughout the month. Take it easy and try not to lose your temper throughout July, Aquarius.

With Jupiter (planet of Expansion) in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, this powerful combination of planets promises to bring you immediate attention to the big areas of your life. Neptune draws your attention to finances, Saturn turns your thoughts to career and Jupiter finds you concerned with expanding your daily work life. You could instigate a big change in your career this month, Aquarius. With the planet of expansion Jupiter in Cancer, you could decide to start over and begin a new job or a new chapter when it comes to these areas.

A new moon occurs on 7/8. This new moon brings offers to rethink, review and revise your current work prospects. You might decide to make some key changes with regards to how you take care of yourself and when it comes to your health and personal work maters. Realize that Mercury will be retrograde during this Moon but expansive Jupiter (Luck/movement and prosperity) will make sure you are on the right track. Hold off on making any life changing decisions

A full moon falls in your sign on 7/22. You might be feeling low on energy but this moon will bring news of a highly personal and confidential matter to your immediate attention. Listen to and nurture your intuition when it comes to your closest relationships. Pay attention and be on high alert. You will know without knowing where personal matters are headed on this date.

Good days for Aquarius: 7/5, 7/6, 7/16, 7/17 & 7/19

Not so great days for Aquarius: 7/3, 7/7, 7/9, 7/21 & 7/24

An Aries, Taurus and a Scorpio will be involved in throughout the month of July. A relationship with a Libra could benefit from a heart to heart conversation. Let go of the past and aim for cooperation.