Capricorn Forecast for June of 2013

This month puts a serious emphasis on your 7th House of marriage and professional relationships, Capricorn. Venus (Love) and Mercury (Self-expression) will both transit Cancer. Mercury will also feature the second retrograde of 2013, in the same sign. Brace yourself for a month of serious progress in your personal, professional and home life. Since Cancer rules the home, you will feel the qualities of this intuitive water sign that complement your earth quality, Capricorn. Jupiter (Expansion and growth) will also change signs this month and exit your 6th House of health, wellness and your daily routine where it enters Cancer and your 7th House of marriage. Jupiter expands all it touches, so you can expect the next year to be filled with prosperity, luck, growth and movement. Wherever there has been a standstill, Jupiter will bring movement. Your personal relationships become more serious, you may get married, a friend becomes a love interest, you have a child, or get together with an ex love. You get the picture, Capricorn. Anything goes. Both Venus and Mercury in your 7th House are powerful together and put a stronger focus on your home and personal affairs. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and represents home and family life, so June is sure to be a standout month where the most important areas of your life are involved.

Mars (Sexuality/Physical Energy) will begin the month in Gemini and your 6th House of daily routines, health and wellness. Your biggest motivation and physical energy are directed into these areas throughout June. It will be important to buckle down and get to work where your career, daily routines, co-workers and your health are involved. Mars in your 6th House makes you want to be your best and you will be willing to work longer hours, put in more overtime, and since Gemini is about travel and communication, you could find that these areas enter the picture during this transit that lasts until 7/13. 

A New Moon falls in your 6th House on 6/8. This is a great day to ditch a bad habit, get your health routines organized and to make sure your health, work life and work space are all in sync.

A Full Moon forms in your sign on June 23rd. This Full Moon brings your personal life front and center. Issues in an ongoing romance or relationship become clarified. Expect to know exactly where you stand in a love relationship on this Full Moon.

Jupiter will enter your 7th House on 6/25 for an entire year. However, you might not begin to see the effects of this transit until Mercury turns direct on 7/20. Take your time at month's end and review, revise and revisit issues that might need a second or third look.

Mercury will turn retrograde in Cancer on 6/26. Get your personal and professional affairs in order prior to this retrograde that lasts until 7/20. When Mercury turns retrograde, these areas could be subject to sudden slow downs. The best way to navigate Mercury retrograde is to plan travel on either side of these dates and communicate clearly and precisely.

The signs of Taurus, Leo and Aquarius will be involved.

Your lucky colors - Brown and blue.