Capricorn July Forecast

On 7/7, Saturn (your planetary ruler) resumes direct in Scorpio. Your friendships accelerate to a faster pace and it will important that you continue to build solid foundations in personal, professional and social relationships. Lie low on this day as everyone will feel out of sorts and the energy around you could appear critical or negative.
On 7/8, A new Moon forms in your 7th House of Cancer. This new Moon brings a new take on a current romantic relationship. New offers and a fresh beginning (if that's your wish) are options for you, single or coupled. A deeper commitment in a relationship is another possibility whenever the new Moon and Jupiter fall in your opposite sign of Cancer. Expect the day to be fast paced and provide an element of longer term thinking on your end. Love can and will surprise you, courtesy of Jupiter in Cancer.
Mercury (communications) will be retrograde in your marriage sector for the first 20 days of July. Expect some possible confusion, misunderstandings and some drama during this time, Capricorn. It won't be all smooth sailing on the home and family front. On 7/20, Mercury resumes direct and you will finally begin to feel the effects of Jupiter.
Venus (love) will be in Leo until 7/22. You could receive a raise or promotion and/or someone close to you, such as a romantic partner, could boost your financial status. Remember, where Venus travels is where you are most likely to benefit. The 8th House also rules insurance, taxes and mortgages. You could get a lucky break in one of these areas and you will gain a deeper understanding of a close relationship. On 7/22, Venus enters the compatible sign of Virgo. Virgo is your 9th House of publishing, overseas travel and foreign people and distant places. You will notice that you benefit from these areas once Venus enters Virgo.
Mars (communication) will be in Gemini until 7/13. Mars enters Cancer on 7/13 - 8/27. You could get emotional, reactive or jealous when it comes to your romantic life during this time. Under the influence of Mars you will have the most motivation in your marriage and commitment sectors. With Jupiter also in Cancer, you can expect expansion in the areas of marriage/commitment, the legal system, divorce/separation and those who oppose you. During the time when Mars and Jupiter are both in Cancer relationships are affected in that you and a partner enter a new and improved dimension of your relationship. Conversely you may decide to go your own way and come to a peaceful agreement. During Mars visit to Cancer, one thing is certain. You will know who you want to be with and the certainty motivates you to be the best partner you can be or alternatively reveals the cracks in a relationship and you will know that it's time to move on. You will tend to have the final choice when it comes to love and family matters throughout July. Mars can bring satisfaction from a job well done and you can expand and exceed your wildest expectation in professional and personal relationships this month. Your sexuality will be strong and your physical energy will be attractive to the opposite and same sex. This is your time to get serious as luck and prosperity are guaranteed with Jupiter and Mars in your 7th House. Expect your popularity to be at an all time high.
A full Moon occurs on 7/22. The full Moon impacts your 2nd House of income. Expect issues involving income and finance to be revealed. Emotions will run high on this date.
Good days for Capricorn: 7/3, 7/6, 7/16, 7/24 & 7/30
Not so great days for Capricorn: 7/2, 7/7, 7/21, 7/25 & 7/27
A Cancer, another Capricorn and an Aquarius will be involved throughout July. A Cancer helps with finishing projects. An Aquarius reminds you to look at the past and rethink something in your present. Another Capricorn could demand your time and undivided attention.