Gemini July Forecast

Mars remains in your 1st House as July begins. Take advantage of having Mars (planet of motivation/physical energy and sexuality) in your 1st House as it brings a strong physical energy and motivation into your personal, social and professional life. You may feel a desire for more love and appreciation and you find that your sexuality is heightened during this transit. Your physical energy promises to be exceptional and the opposite and same sex find you charming and beyond seductive. Mars can bring about progress where you need it most, while Jupiter (Luck/Expansion) in Cancer can bring about growth and show promise where finances and past investments are concerned. However you might not notice these effects until Mercury (your planetary ruler) resumes direct on 6/20, Gemini.
Venus (Love) begins the month in the compatible fire sign of Leo. Venus in Leo brings appreciation and affection via siblings, through taking short trips and while mingling in your community/neighborhood. You could meet the love of your life through a sibling or a neighbor. Single or coupled, Gemini is seeking a partner during this time that is compatible and on his or her intellectual wavelength. You desire beauty and brains and refuse to settle for anything less when Mars is in your 1st House and Venus occupies your 3rd House of intellect and communications.
On 7/7, Saturn (Discipline/Structure) resumes direct in your 6th House of work, health and personal wellness sectors. There could be a tendency for you to dramatize events, exaggerate facts and blow minor matters out of proportion on this day. Your career, health and daily routines begin to show signs of serious improvement, so remain patient and exercise diplomacy on this date for ideal results.
On 7/8, A New Moon occurs in Cancer. Opportunities are presented that have to do with income, property and personal possessions.
Mercury (your planetary ruler) will be retrograde for most of the month in Cancer (your 2nd House) until 7/20. Expect some tense moments when it comes to finances during this time. Once Mercury resumes direct, your finances won't be as bothersome as they were during the Mercury retrograde. After 7/20, it's time to celebrate, plan a trip, visit someone in a distant land or foreign country and move forward with plans that recently stalled. You clear up misunderstandings once Mercury resumes direct in Cancer but wait until after the full Moon to put any big plans in motion, Gemini.
On 7/22, A Full Moon occurs in Aquarius. An urge to travel/get away from it all will be quite strong and tempting on this date. Explore, do research but make no absolute decisions on this date. Focus on education, spirituality and examine your attitudes in these areas. You could find that new beginnings are crucial and cannot be avoided, especially where a romance and a serious relationship is involved.
Good days for Gemini: 7/6, 7/11, 7/19 & 7/28
Not so great days for Gemini: 7/2, 7/7, 7/9 & 7/21
 Another Gemini, Virgo and a Pisces will be supportive of your hopes and dreams throughout the month of July.