Sagittarius July Forecast

Mars (physical energy/drive/motivation) begins the month in Gemini, your 7th House of marriage and the legal system. Mars can bring about a new relationship, change up your daily life and bring the topic of marriage and seriously committed relationships front and center. You possess determination when it comes to making these areas all you hope them to be. Mars introduces passion and determination. Tone down a strong opinion when voicing your opinions to others as you could be mistakenly seen as impatient and aggressive when Mars is in your 7th House.
On 7/13, Mars enters Cancer and your 8th House of shared resources, other people's money and your personal financial condition. Mars will occupy Cancer until 8/27. Mercury (communications) is retrograde (delays) in Cancer for the first 20 days of July. This retrograde period can bring about some delays with travel, bring on computer issues or you could find that some home appliances can malfunction whenever Mercury (planet of communication, travel and intellect) turns retrograde. On 7/20, Mercury resumes direct and Jupiter (your ruling planet) will be in Cancer joining Mars in your 8th House. Whenever these planets travel together, you can expect expansion, growth, movement and luck where other people's money, banks, taxes, mortgages, insurance, shared resources and deeply committed relationships are involved. Jupiter can provide benefits to you in one way or another through these areas.
Venus (Love) begins the month in Leo, Sagittarius. Venus in Leo places an emphasis on your 9th House. Love, beauty and admiration come about under a Venus influence.  In your 9th House, the areas of overseas travel, religion, and spirituality, your worldviews and foreign countries and foreign faces will be areas that are fortunate for you. You could be involved with someone from a distance in a romance this month. This transit lasts through 7/22, when Venus enters Virgo and your 10th House of prestige, career and public recognition. After the 22nd, your focus will be on finances, property and investments. With Venus in Virgo, you become popular and admired at your place of employment. People in positions of power will appreciate your hard work and devotion. Expect praise from co-workers, Sagittarius. If you're seeking employment, expect a few offers and opportunities to come your way under this transit. 
A new Moon occurs on 7/8 in your 8th House. Expect this new Moon to have an eccentric feel to it. Cancer is an intuitive water sign with an uncanny intuition. You could explore an unusual topic, be dealing with supernatural areas and explore an interest in ideas that you may have previously dismissed. Expect the unexpected and the unusual on and around this date. You could question or rethink your ideas. 
A full Moon occurs on 7/22 in Aquarius, your 3rd House. You realize that you can have it all or at least more so than most do and you are beyond grateful for the support from your family on this full Moon.
Good days for Sagittarius: 7/5, 7/10, 7/11, 7/23 & 7/28
Not so great days for Sagittarius:  7/7, 7/15, 7/20, 7/24 & 7/27
A Taurus and a Scorpio will be involved in your life throughout July. A Taurus will be someone you have known for years who you consider to be family. A Scorpio will be involved in adventurous pursuits with you. A Scorpio also is involved in financial affairs and transactions while a Taurus can be involved in betterment of your health and overall wellness issues and routines.